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Absolute Zero Man (0K Man for short)

MRN-001, the First Experiment
Vital statistics
Title Eternal Shadowy Frost
Gender Male
Race Robot Master
Faction Maximum Robotics Industries
Health 28
Location Glacier of Reflected Light (Somewhere in Antarctica)

Absolute Zero Man is one of the eight Robot Masters summoned by Maximillian V in Megaman: A New Age. He appears like an armored humanoid with a visor of ice covering his eyes and his armor frozen over, literally covered in ice. Also his 'hair' has ice particles forming on it.

His powers include the ability to freeze ice so much it would dissapear, and he was also modified to project sub-zero ice from an arm cannon, the 'Glacial Floe'. His personality is 'cold' befitting his theme, and he'll obey orders without question.


Absolute Zero Man was originally built to work in subzero temperatures and undo the effects of Global Warming on certain terrain. His armor froze over in one of his missions, which boosted his original abilities but that meant he would never work in temperatures above 65 degrees Fahrenheit again.


Absolute Zero Man will be one of the eight Robot Masters selectable at the beginning.


Absolute Zero Man will teleport around the room, sometimes behind Megaman, and use his Glacial Floe move. This creates a projectile that moves across the floor to damage enemies, until it hits a wall. Also note that the floor is slippery to affect your traction. Icicles also form on the cieling to drop down on unsuspecting foes.

At low health, the area starts freezing over, meaning if Megaman stands still at all for three seconds he will freeze solid. The Glacial Floe will also leave a short trail behind to freeze opponent's feet, Freeze Man-style.


  • "How can a world exist without the ice caps to cool it off? Melting the ice changes your whole lifestyle, and I think humans should be reminded of it." (Absolute Zero Man during the prebattle dialogue against him.)
  • "Sigh... Megaman, even the fires of greatness must be doused after a while. As when Ice melts, Water is formed." (Absolute Zero Man, again, in his prebattle dialogue.)


  • The fight against him resembles that against Freeze Man, especially during the second phase. His design is also similar to Freeze Man's and Chill Man's, except with actual hair.

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