Aero Man is a robot master built by Dr. Eclipse to help research aerodynamics


Aero Man is covered in silver armor and has 2 "wings" that he uses to fly. He has a gas mask-like machine over his mouth resembling the ones jet pilots use.

Background info

Aero Man was built to help research aerodynamics. When Dr. Wily tried to take over the world or whatever the amount of times he tried to takeover the world are, he took Aero Man and 7 other of Dr. Eclipse's robot masters. He fought Mega Man and lost and returned to helping research aerodynamics


Aero Man tries to dive-bomb Mega man and shoot his Aero Blast at him. He sometimes flys higher in the air to hide or go for a stronger dive-bomb attack. Basically it


"What's this? Can't fly, you say? It won't be that fair of a fight but close enough"

"You fight well, I'm impressed!"

"You're stronger than I thought!"

"Worthy battle"


  • Aero Man was originally named "Jet Man", but since it was used by multiple people, he was renamed Aero Man
  • As you can tell by his quotes, he has a strong sense of honor
  • I'm working on perfecting an image for him, same for Beetle Man
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