Air Man (Pop'n Music Form)

Air Man was the most powerful robot ever created, to the point no one can defeat him. Some say that the fan on his belly is his mouth and that he can even blow dialogues away (wierd). He is in rivalry with Wind Man because of his fear of being replaced. He is in constant battle with him as well as Ice Man. In fact, everyone seems to be his enemy. The nly person his true loyalties lie with is Dr. Wily and him only. Air Man does not seem to trust anyone around him but his master. He's more powerful than he looks, despite being all windy talk. Now, his life has been transformed into an endless battle with Tornado Man, the evil wizard of the wind. Everytime Air Man lost to Tornado Man, he became angrier and angrier. When he held in enough anger, he unleashed his ultimate attack...Bermuda Nova. Anything within Air Man's range was destroyed entirely. As if that weren't enough, he took the Bermuda Triangle itself as well as finally demolishing Tornado Man. Air Man then learned of what he possessed and realized how easily he could conquer the world...or even reality itself.-Mega Man: Fire in the Sky

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