”If I am in your world, I dont want any part of it.„

Vital statistics
Title The Six-armed incomplete, twisted, grotesque genie demon
Gender Genderless (Reffered to be male)
Race God creature-Genie
Faction Evil??
Health Unspecified
Level Night palace
Status Alive,Furious
Location Night Palace,Arabian sands

In-Depth story

Alf-Layla-Wa-Layla translated as ”A thousand nights and one night„ in arabian language , were a incomplete, twisted, grotesque genie demon and a god creature.Its story was reffered having these important elements: Rage,sadness,happyness,joy,wishes,power,demonic, life and death.Whit all these elements, it can be a danger.He says that he hate and despise Lord C.


”-I am Alf-Layla-Wa-Layla!-„

  • Its history stands in a powerfull, demonic arabian creature that lives in a palace called ”Night Palace„.

”-The histories of this world are..Mine!!-„

  • He pretends that he is ”The creator„ .


-I am...The creator...the stories of these worlds are...mine!
-Gwaah, how could you have this power?! (If hitted powerfully)
-Hahahahah, you would need a miracle to avoid my attacks!


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