In the fangame Megaman Masters Dr. Wily created 8 new robots to take over the world these brute soldiers were built with no regerd for the feelings or troubles of others these robots were known as the BDN. series (Bassium Destruction Number) and the first in this series was BDN. 001 a.k.a. Archman.

Megaman Masters

Archman is a robot built with a cannon arm that shoots jis main attack the Arch Laser which has the ability to knock rocks down from ceilings if it hits a wall and blast through even the helmet of a Mettaur he was built to only care about his objective and for him specifically Wily built a device in him to prevent him from turning to good as he did with King.


Wily Card Data

A robot built with Bassium to take control over a city he enjoys playing video games and target shooting and torturing others his weapon the Arch Laser is powerful enough to make certain rocks fall from the ceilings it can also be shot in any direction.
"Do you know who I am Megaman, I'm your worst nightmare."
Good point: Strong
Bad point: Slow
Like: Being surrendered to
Dislike: Surrendering