Hey guys its me Axl. If you wanted to ask me something ask it here:

Email 1: Girl (incomplete)

Dear Axl hows everything herd of the new transformers movie? By the way do have any girlfriends? Also I wonder have you pulled any pranks anyone? Have you ever been caught peeping during X and Alia's "Spare Time"?

From your fan, The A.C.


Axl: Well, its time to check my emails.

Opens Email:

Hey Zero! I have some things to tell you/ask you..

1. You are hot.very sexy.your hair turns me on,i love long blond hair.. (I am a straight female human)

2. You are really cool and a good hunter

3. Your saber is awesome (reminds me of Luke Skywalker hehehe)

4. Do you listen to music? Specifically heavy metal music?

5. Do you ever get crunk and then do crazy stuff and partee hard?

a rockin' metalhead headbanger 

Axl: Uh yeah, I knew I was hot, and now I not old enough to drink so I can't get drunk.

Axl: Wait a minute I'm my name is not Zero.

(Axl stomps to Zero's room)

Zero: Axl, why are you pointing your gun at me?

Axl: What kind of joke is this?!

Zero: Aw, crap, I forgot to edit some parts of that email? Basically, some girl is desperate for a date.

Axl: Hello?! I'm with Pallette!

Zero: Right. Hey, to make it up to you, how about we collaborate this to {whispers in Axl's ear}

Axl: Perfect!

{D-Boy says "I'll let you decided which Reploid guy to send it to. I hope you don't mind that I was here."}

{To be continued}

Email 2: (below)

Axl, I've got 2 questions: 1: Since you're an "next generation reploid", can you go Maverick at will? 2: WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE THEY THINKING when they created an entire new breed of reploids just for a space elevator? Signed, Ultimate godzilla.

Email 3

Dear Axl, I sent Zero an Email yesterday. What's taking him so long? Ready and Waiting, C.S.

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