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Blackjack Man

MRN-003, the Gambler
Vital statistics
Title Bet the Devil his Head, and Won
Gender Male
Race Robot Master
Faction Maximum Robotics Industries
Health 28
Location Death Dealer Casino - Las Vegas Downtown

Blackjack Man is one of the eight Robot Masters summoned by Maximillian V. His abilities include a detailed rulebook on civilized gambling, and an automated shuffler and dealer in his body that can project cards at 50 miles per hour, a somewhat crazy speed.

He is a cheerful yet well-mannered person when it comes to his personality. He dreams of having his own casino one day.


Blackjack Man was originally to work at a casino to manage otherwise hectic gambling games such as Poker. However, he usually tried to make games with twists - give the advantage to one player then suddenly give another a Royal Flush - that made him unpredictable.

When summoned by Maximillian V, he was given a casino to work with, the Death Dealer Casino, as to make money for Maximillian's cause.


Blackjack Man will be one of the initially selectable Robot Masters at the start.


Blackjack Man will start not moving at all until your character shoots, at which point he jumps and fires several cards that can steal the Metals you collected. These cards will home in on you three times and do entirely randomized damage.

At low health, the stage switches gimmicks around, from slick floors to vision-obscuring fog to flaming walls. He will also fire even more of those cards, including the Joker that explodes on contact with you.


"My, if it isn't Megaman. I've heard all about you. Would you by chance wish for a game of Poker?" (Prebattle dialogue) "What a lucky shot! Hmm... I must've underestimated your resolve." (Postbattle dialogue)


  • This robot master is similar to Magic Man in design, specifically the decks of cards on his shoulders.
  • His design also resembles the King of Spades card in a traditional deck of cards.

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