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Capcom.jpg Co., Ltd. is a leading Japanese international video game developer and video game publisher of video games headquartered in Osaka, Japan. It was founded in 1979 in video gaming as Japan Capsule Computers, a company devoted to the manufacturing and distribution of electronic game machines.


According to Capcom, "The name CAPCOM is an abbreviation of CAPsule COMputer. This was a phrase symbolic of an internal company objective to create a new gaming experience that would exceed that of rival personal computers which had also been increasing in popularity during the same period."

("CAPCOM" takes it name from the same word used for the capsule communicator at NASA, such as during the Apollo era).

Over the years, Capcom has created some of the biggest and longest running video game franchise in video gaming history. The company released their first arcade game in 1984: Vulgus. Their early games were mostly arcade games such as the scrolling shooter 1942.

They went on to create many popular franchises, including Street Fighter, Mega Man, Phoenix Wright, Final Fight, Breath of Fire, and Resident Evil. They have been responsible for successful new titles in recent years including the Viewtiful Joe games; Okami; Onimusha; Devil May Cry; and Dead Rising.


Mega Man has superseded Captain Commando, the company's previous symbol, as Capcom's official mascot, primarily because of the immense popularity of the Mega Man series. He has shared the spotlight with Ryu from Street Fighter, and at times, characters from Resident Evil and Devil May Cry.

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