Vital statistics
Title Cindy
Gender Female
Race EX-evil
Faction Faction
Health medium
Level 2
Status Still alive
Location Old Presidential

``I just spent years of hiding that accursed hunters, now let them hide of us!``

Cindy (Cynthia ``Cindy`` Jentra Britland) is the daughter and the first child of the jentra family (the last is FlapJack but he is renegade).She remaked herself in the family by having much qualities of Her father.


  • In anime, she stated that her real name as well is Cynthia but for unknown reasons, shhe does not wants to everyone (including Lord C), to call her so.
  • Its unknown how old Cindy is, altrough Lord C says she is still at childdhood but she contradicts him.
  • In Megaman X:World Of X, Mylene Farrow shortly mentions that Cindy is adopted however this is not proven to be real.
  • In anime, It was shown that Cindy has a sister, called Hallie.
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