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Crypt Man is one of the eight robot masters in Mega Man Rock Force. He was created to repel graverobbers from the ancient tomb of a wealthy family, although visitors have noticed his dislike of his work which has led him to search for a better purpose. His eloquence led to him being the spokesperson for his fellow rebels. His serial number is JMN-001. He wields the Crypt Cloak, which can turn users invisible and let them perform a stomp attack that unleashes fiery shockwaves. He is weak to the Photon Flare.


Crypt Man was created to repel graverobbers from the ancient tomb of a wealthy family. Visitors have noted that he seems to dislike the depressing atmosphere of his workplace and longs for a more uplifting purpose in life. His eloquence and nobility are well known, which is why he serves as main spokesman for the rebels. Despite this, he prefers to work in the shadows and hates when light sabotages his stealthiness. Since his recent refusal to work, the ancient tomb has become infested with many dangerous, thieving robots; though, many boobytraps are still active.


Crypt Man wears a white mask that covers his mouth, a red cloak, a white breastplate, a black shirt and black trousers, white gloves, skull-esque leggings, and black boots. His eyes are black with red pupils.


Damage Chart

Mega Man Rock Force
Mega Buster Tango Beat Charade Clone Circuit Breaker Crypt Cloak Phantom Fuse Photon Flare Pulse Stopper Shock Gauntlet Virus Outbreak
1/3 2 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1
Bomb Man Cut Man Dive Man Elec Man Fire Man Knight Man Nitro Man Tornado Man
1 1 1/4/2 1 1 2 1/1 1/2/2

* numbers following slashes indicate charged shot or alternate attack