Cyber Man
Cyber Man (known as Saiba on his home planet) is a Jinzun from planet Zemikuron. He fought against Dr. Wily alongside Mega Man and Tornado Man. Even though he came equipped with advance weapons, he fought much more like a Kung-Fu warrior. He visits Japan every once in awhile since Tokyo's his favorite place to be in. He spends his spare time making new inventions, like the NetNavi converter or the Transer V2 (the Transer V2 is like a PET and a Transer in one, it also has the functions of a Star Carrier and Hunter). Being a master of Saidai sento (meaning "Maximum combat"), he taught Mega Man and the other Lightbots what it was like to be Saidai sento warriors (Splash Woman is pure-awesomeness when releasing energy attacks such as the Bakuryuha, and Tornado Man became a "Wind Weaver" type, his moves are TRICKED OUT). He travels the world after Wily is defeated. Also, every once in a while, Proto Man challenges him (mostly because Cyber Man's the second most worthy opponent he's met).