Dj Brandon
"I'm Dj Brandon"
Vital statistics
Title Dj Brandon
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction none
Health Medium
Level 3
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Dj Brandon(Homika Hatune)is an chataer from Megaman Starforce:XD as protagonist.She maybe 12 or 14

Basic Information

Dj is known to be one of the greatest idols in the world.She appered in geo hometown to sing in her concerts.One day afther her concert she told her maid that she was bored of being an popstar,until she saw megaman flying by the Limo and told her to stop it and went outside,admiring megaman.Later she attended Geo school,she said that Geo reminds her of megaman who past by the Limo yesterday.Later she meet an differnt type of EM-ian named Aeroblitz who was afther omega-xis,But she didn't know anything about him and he toke her as an hostage and sent an letter to omega-xis to come alone and unfinish buniness,He went and let Geo scecrtly follow him a to find aeroblitz,who was on top of the raido tower.Dj demaned to know what's going on,but Aeroblitz told her to wait and see and omega-xis came (wll Geo was hiding)But Aeroblitz knew he was there by blasting him,nearly killing him.Dj got angry at him and asked him so many question and said:"Why did you do that?!You nearly killed him!" Aeroblitz said that he and Omega-xis em-wave change into megaman shockiung her and then they em-wave change into megaman and started fighting against Aeroblitz.Some of the acctacks nearly hit Dj which made her very angry and was free from the ropes spacking both Aeroblitz and Megaman to knock it off.Aeroblitz said that she was hyper when he toke her as hostage,which made Dj alittle more angry,but was calmed down by Aeroblitz when he said sorry.Aeroblitz told Megaman that he was an bonuty hunter from planet DM and saw an wanted poster of Omega-xis and Omega-xis told Aeroblitz that there was an big misundering standing and Aeroblitz ended up as Dj wizard for the rest of the serios.

Outfit  descrtion

She has green eyes and blueish green hair.She wears an black necklace,yellow earrings and an pink hat.She wears an white and pink robe with an bluu belt and pink boots.She wears Tom Dubius new invention,The tranfer organge watch and pink gloves.


  • Sometimes people mistoke her for an boy by her name Dj.
  • She likes the color brown by having an brown Tranfer v2.
  • She dosne't like Omega-xis surpising her.



  • The dark clan:Jin(Formly),Chi(formly),King Naga,Ryuga(Formly),Dharark and Lightning(Formly).
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