In the shadows of a town named Extist, there lived a boy. this boy's name was Jarred. jarred was a Normal Navi. One day Jarred went to run an errand for his mother at old man richard's farm. He ran as fast as he could, feeling the cyber wind in his face. When he arrived he went to the door and rang the door bell three consicutive times. After the farmer did not answer Jarred went around back where the door was always unlocked. When jarred arived behind the house he saw that the back door was lieing in the back yard. Jarred Quickly rushed in to see what had happened. When jarred came in he saw blood splattered on the dining table. Jarred ran further into the house. When Jarred Reached the farmers room he saw two men standing in the doorway. Jarred Slowly backed away. Jarred turned and ran out of the house and back home. When jarred arived at home he told his mom everything. His mom didn't believe him and sent him to his room. That night before Jarred could fall asleep  he heard a ring at the door. he waited for the light to come on and to hear his mom come down the stairs. Nothing happened. The bell rang again. This time Jarred got up and went to the front door. He opened it and saw the men that were at the farmer's house. Jarred closed the door and screamed for his mother. One of the Men (Fireman) Burnt the door down. The other man (Hatman) Attacked him. Jarred screaned again. Nothing happened. Fireman came down close to Jarred.  "Your going to die for what you saw." "How did you know i saw anything. You didn't see me, I made sure nobody saw me." "We have people to do the seeing." All of a sudden Jarred's life flashed before his eyes. He thought about everything that has evr happened to him. How he had always wanted to Fly, Fly in SKY. All of a sudden, a light emerged from Jarred. Jarred  had transformed, Into a giant bird. (Larkman) "Wh-what happened." Asked Fireman. Jarred stood. He then said, "Your gonna die for killing the farmer." Jarred unleashed a hurrican, blew them away and then fainted. Jarred woke up in bed the next morning and thought it was all a dream.

More Legends await... Whatch for the Darkest Legened... Comeing to a Web page near you...

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