Zephyere Reploid

A reploid created by Zephyere with the same powers as him, such as: super breath, ice breath, weather control, being full of hot air, tornado transformation & weather transformation.

Vulcan Cannoneer

A UH-Class Reploid that was modified from Vulcan Man. He is distrustful of Zero and Axl, but works well with X. He has the same appearance as Vulcan Man... except this time he wears a helmet with a gem in it and has more armor. Vulcan Cannoneer is incredibly powerful and fast... with near limitless potential. His V-Buster was upgraded to be the VX-Buster while his systems were given a complete redesign, as one of the most powerful reploids in the world... he knows that he has to be careful with his power, so he rarely goes on Maverick hunting missions, but will work with the Maverick Hunters if necessary.

Lightning Samurai

An Ex-Maverick, PA-Class reploid... and was designed and built by Lightning Joshua. He doesn't trust the Maverick Hunters because he was almost destroyed by Zero and even though X took him to Dr. Cain to be repaired... once repaired... he went freelancer... he looks a lot like Zero, because he was designed after Zero... but he has a samurai blade instead of a beam sword... which he energizes with electricity. He's very good at using it, able to slay even the most powerful of enemies with it. He and Vulcan Cannoneer go at it many a time... he considers the older reploid a rival while Vulcan sees him as an annoyance... but in reality... they work well together.

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