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Robot Masters created by fans:


Chinese Man

Sphinx Man

Weapon Man

Fighting Man

Mega Man Type-2

Mega Man Mk-II

Roll Zero

Arsenal Man

Arsenal Man is the 9th Robot Master created by Kalinka. He was originally built to fight in wars. He has 7 guns placed around his body. Arsenal Man is by far Kalinka's most elaborate Robot Master, harnessing the ability to transform into an operational tank. Whether he's in tank form or normal form, he still is able to launch a Crash Bomber that endlessly homes onto a locked target that the player can choose. However, on multiple occasions he has found his guns to be a little too wide, as birds may fly right into them and explode, because Arsenal Man is usually too heavily concentrated on winning the war to notice them. The feathers left over would cause more friction, meaning that his bombs would have a slightly smaller distance, which could end up being a saving grace for the enemy. Arsenal Man resembles Commando Man, but his main color scheme consists of dusky green, dim green, and rusty orange. Mega Man's color scheme when he gets his weapon is dim green and rusty orange.

Echo Man

A robot master created by drrandom and designed to confuse enemies by blowin soundwaves into mirrors which bounce around.However,he relies too much on his soundwaves instead of his own body and is really weak to he mega buster.He looks like Sheep Man but he isn't with the wool and fur and is more menacing a bit.

Sea Man

A robot master designed by Dr.Blowhole to clone and catch the fish population for his master,however he recently began to be an operation control and combat robot.He attacks by shooting random blasts at random directions,he also can use an burning hot sumpor liquid egg which bounces off walls and is potent to touch.He also will use his harpoon to attack with good aiming accuracy,although it is fairly easy to dodge.If below 50 percent of his lifebar,he will begin shooting his harpoon quickly when swimming to the other side.And when having less then 20 percent of his life he will begin to throw his harpoon at fast speeds spinning it to the wall causing an explosion which hurts enemies or the harpoon itself too. After the harpoon is destroyed,he however shows he has a huge suply of others to use.

Breath Man

A robot master created by zephyere and designed to help by blowing using super powerful bellows in his chest he resembles a human with sky blue armor and a blue helmet with a cloud on it he can blow winds up to 100 mph and inhale with a lot of force and hold his breath forever and can blow freeze breath and heat breath.

Compute Woman

Designed specifically to help the video game industry, Compute Woman is Kalinka's second Robot Master. She is, humorously, pixellated, built actually as a walking hologram more than anything else. She looks just like an 8-bit model. Her voice chip is very low-quality and usually accompanied by an ambiance of static. Likewise, she has to be very careful around electricity and water. Compute Woman is actually an excellent programmer, even though one hand is a drill and another is a gun. She is mainly purple, with a lot of black and red as well. Her whole face is shown and she actually has a ponytail. She has a large purple crest on her purple helmet. She has red hair to work with her 3-color limits. She has purple boots with white feet, and purple gloves with a red drill and a black gun tip. She also has a purple breastplate with red shoulder pads. Mega Man's weapon color scheme is purple and pink.

Cyna Man

Cyna Man is a rather kind Robot Master, is a good friend Mega Man and Proto Man, and has a powerful dark transformation. Cyna Man has never told Mega Man or Proto Man that he is actually a Wily # who escaped. Cyna Man has the appearance of a siberian husky dog breed, not a surprise as cyna means dog (ex. cynadont=dog tooth). Wily experimented with Evil Energy again on Cyna Man (at the time was created only a day ago) against the fact that Cyna Man refused to be his guinea pig in his experiment. The result of the experiment caused Cyna Man to go completely insane, almost killing Wily. Cyna Man rampaged for a day, until he calmed down and fainted in front of Light`s lab where Roll found him. Dark Cyna Man has an appearance more alike to that of a gray wolf than a dog, especially that he is much bigger. Mega Man, Dr. Light and Roll are unaware that he was created by Wily, but Proto Man knows. Wily regrets ever creating Cyna Man due to the incident. He attacks with claws, biting, a powerful tail, and while Dark, has a powerful dark beam. He also copies any ally`s and foe`s attacks. His personality is that of a rebel that is quick to help friends, a love of dogs, cats, and reptiles, and is quick to anger.

(Note to self: Ask myself why my robot master has a connection with Megaman and Protoman, although Wily is evil and I should be making this Robot Master evil. I also broke the "NO Robot Master backstory with main protangonist" rule in the Megaman series)


Felis is a Wily # who escaped after Cyna Man escaped. Felis and Cyna Man share a sibling relationship, which is why she left after Cyna Man. Felis`s appearance is that of a pink tabby cat (she and Cyna Man walk upright and wear armor). Felis went in search of Cyna Man after deciding to quit being in Wily`s army before she was told to do an assassination mission to kill Dr. Light while Mega Man was not around to protect him. Proto Man found her and took her to Dr. Light`s lab where Cyna Man was recovering. She attacks with claws, copy ability, and ninja weapons. She is secretive, has ninja skills, shy, and can be gentle. Also likes dogs, cats and only the bearded dragon lizard as a reptile (especially tiger design bearded dragons).

Metal Melissa

D.W.N. 001 Metal Melissa:
She was created by Dr. Wily, and she was very nice to the robot masters. She likes playing with her dolls and Mr. Meaty. She has a prince named Plantman. She's a little robot master and younger. She brings her pet named Yamiko the orange Bon Bonne baby. She likes to call the robot masters Mister. And she can be games and manga. Sometimes her good point is adoration and her bad point is crybaby, she enjoys drawing pictures and dislikes Punk. She can also throw Yamiko at each enemy target and sometimes things can get her into trouble. Or she can be in the megaman cartoon show in every episode. And she does have her cute personality and giggles alot. She likes Hana-chan from Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan. And she can also transformed into an ojamajo. She sometimes like Dr. Wily.

Disco Man

Disco Man is nice when he sees everyone except for megaman. His attacks are dicso throw and rainbow discos.

Surf Man

A robot created by Wily. His appearance is based on California surfers. He is rude and inconsiderate.His attacks are Beach Dash and Sand Ball, he will always alternate better his attacks.


A Stardroid themed after the recently discovered planet Orcus. His appearance is that of a robot with a planet for a head, shoulders and body but due to a lack of parts Wily had to replace his legs with the treads of a Blader tank. Instead of a left hand he has three blasters attached to his gauntlet. He is extremley dangerous, showing little regard for the robots working under him and will destroy them if necessary or even if they annoy him. The only armour he wears are on his planet torso and uses gauntlets to protect his arms. He attacks opponents with his tri-barreled blaster, a space time sword, a freeze ray and sending out modified mets to do his bidding. He was originally designed to give tours of a planeterium but Wily captured and reprogrammed him.

Delta Man

A shape shifting Robot Master under the control of Sigma. He has 5 forms. His normal form has a striking resemblance to Bomb Man.

Delta Man Devil Form

A red version of the Yellow Devil. He attacks in a similar way to Magnet Man and Shade Man.

Delta Man Probes Form

Red laser shooting probes. They attack like miniature weak versions of the demon dragon. Theres about 9 probes in total.

Delta Man Mashup Form

A red robot master recycled from scrapped robot masters. He attacks in a similar way to Drill Man, Proto-Man, Disco Man, Galaxy Man, Tornado Man and Bomb Man.

Delta Man Super Devil Form

A stronger version of Delta Man's Devil Form.


A female Robot Master with the power of sound. Siren's real name is Sonia, but she got her name because of her powers. Her appearance is a young but very attractive female robot with purple hair that is worn in a ponytail and light blue armor. Siren's hands have retractable speakers built into her palms that are more than just for show because she can transmute her arms into sound-amplifying cannons. She also has large mechanical bat-like wings that can melt into her back when not in use. Siren wears high heel-like boots that can convert into energy talons. She can amplify her voice transmitter at will to attack. Siren can attack with sound pulses, a sonic scream, and slashing with her energy talons. She is gentle when not in battle, and fearsome in battle. She likes Greek Mythology and any kind of music.

Vulcan Man

A male Robot Master with the ability to control energy. Vulcan Man is DVN-001(Daejien Vulpes Number 001). His appearance is that of an attractive teenage male, with long blond hair in a ponytail and purple eyes. Vulcan Man is a partner of Mega Man, as that was his original function until he was modified to think for himself making him the base for X and Zero. He tends to form his energy into a sword which is his favored method of attack, but he can also use the V-Buster (a modified version of the Mega Buster) and the variable weapons system, just like Mega Man, but he only needs to see the weapon used once to use it in battle, but the problem is that it takes twice as much energy as it would Mega Man. Vulcan Man doesn't really like Proto Man as he is rather annoyed by the whistle, even though his creator thinks it's a catchy tune, and frequently he and Proto go at it, while Mega Man and Rush watch. He tends to take after his creator as he is fond of the human race and views Dr. Wily as nothing more than a person who took a step backwards instead of forwards like Dr. Light is doing and views Bass as a renegade that must be reprogrammed before he causes more harm to humans. Vulcan Man's weakness is any high pitched sound and if Mega Man ever defeated him... he would get the Vulcan Cannon, a powerful attack that can be charged.

This is not the Vulcan Man seen in Mega Man EN.

Pyro Man

The fourth Fire-themed Robot Master. He uses the Fire Storm and Atomic Fire, as well as his own attack, the Pyro Burst. He is, quite easily, the most powerful of the Fire RMs. He is a pyromaniac who burns everything in sight, even his fellow RMs. He has a head that appears to be Mega Man's head mixed with Fire Man's, with vents on his shoulders and buster cannons that shoot out fire. He has two arm cannons.

Scrap Man

The third junk-themed Robot Master. Scrap Man was created by accident when Wily decided to throw a wrecked Sniper Joe into the "trash pit". However, the scrapped Sniper Joe was still alive. He saw that he was most definitely beyond repair and thus decided to make a new body for himself. He drew remains of robots in the "trash pit" to himself using his still-functioning communication system, and attached them to his body. However, he didn't know that he drew an Evil Energy crystal into himself, and the crystal's radiation was "affecting" the junk. Over time, the junk transformed, and Scrap Man sprung forth. Scrap Man looks like a pitch black humanoid mecha with an eye visor. His Sniper Joe eye is still visible underneath his visor. Scrap Man's body is decorated with glowing purple technological designs. These serve more than just decoration, though. The designs indicate where his black Evil Energy-constructed armor can be detatched. Underneath his armor, the mass of scrap robots that make up his body are revealed. At the front of his chest is his Evil Energy Reactor, which is a small capsule that contains his power crystal. Scrap Man's body is constantly churning Evil Energy. Scrap Man wears his armor because he believes his armor hides his imperfect body. Scrap Man is half the size of Frost Man, but is as twice as strong. The only attack that can dismantle his armor is a Charge Shot. He is weak to weapons that can easily clog his Evil Energy Reactor. His special weapon is the Scrap Sphere, a weapon that mimics the Dust Crusher when uncharged, and mimics the Junk Shield when charged.

Sound Man

The second sound-themed Robot Master (Shade Man was the first). Sound Man was originally one of many karaoke robots. Wily stole him because he thought that he would make a great Robot Master. Wily then modified Sound Man beyond his original specifications. Sound Man looks like Napalm Man, only blue and gold, has hands instead of Napalm Bomb launchers, no shoulder missile launchers, no treads, and has an actual head. Sound Man's head is square with a gold mouthplate and a light green "V" shaped visor. Next to Sound Man's head are two speakers (one on either side of his head) that retract when not in use. Sound Man's shoulders also contain speakers. His chest contains a large speaker which he only uses for his ultimate attack, which is a sonic boom. Sound Man has the ability to deploy speaker drones, which emit sound pulses which temporarily disable his opponent's ability to attack. Sound Man himself uses a barrier of sound to defend himself. He also uses his speakers to fire reflecting sound waves. Sound Man's special weapon is the Sound Pulse, which is similar to the Noise Crush, except it reflects off surfaces.

V Man

V Man was somewhat of an oddity, being a Light robot created from stolen Wily plans. Using his V Cannon, an average buster that can fire shots that split in a V pattern, and the Blinder Beam, a weapon that can paralyze any foe for a short time, he mixes offense and defense well. V Man is red, with a V theme extending from his head to his legs. His head is an average shape, except for the two protrusions coming from the sides of his head, and a V on his forehead. He has a narrow torso, with a large V adding bulk to it and creating shoulder pads. His V Cannon is on his left arm, and his Blinder Beam is on his right arm.

Hydro Man

One of the latest Wily RMs, Hydro Man is Dr. Wily's most powerful water RM. His Hydro Cannon fires water at massively high pressure, high enough to erode rock and cut metal. He can extinguish any flame. He considers himself far superior to Bubble Man and Wave Man. His head has a constant torrent of water erupting from the top.

Spam Man

Spam Man was created by Dr. Wily, to serve his guests. His Spam Launcher launches 5-Tons of spam at people. His head is a can of Spam. He was eventually cooked by the Fire Robot Masters and fed to Dr. Wily. He is quite cynical and a great cook.

Stealth Woman

She is a black ops robot who infiltrate enemy bases to do missions like rescue missions and reconaissance. She's also a fan of the Konami series Metal Gear Solid, idolizing the main protagonist of the series, Snake. She was created by Dr.Madison, and is the oldest sibling of her mother's creations. Her form fitting armor and the sound absorbing material on the bottoms of her feet allow her to move stealthily.


Her stage contains a laser tripwire gimmick. There are lasers of three different colors. The red lasers are instant death as they are wired to semtex, a powerful explosive. Green tripwires are wired to automatic turrets. Blue tripwires send tellies out.


Stealth Woman has two methods to attack. Her first and primary attack is her buster that shoots uncharged dark purple shots that behave much like Rockman's shots. Her special weapon in the stealth sheild which makes her impervious to laser attacks but it is unable to withstand other attacks in it's first state. At half health, Stealth Woman will charge her sheild, making it able to take a few hits from Rockman's other attacks.Stealth Woman is weak to fire and ice weapons because extreme temperatures mess up her energy core.

Assist Woman

Stealth Woman's younger sister and the second oldest sibling of the Madison family. Assist Woman is a robot literally capable of doing 101 different jobs from lab assistance to photography.

Cyber Man

Cyber Man was created by Dr. Wily to hack into government computers in order to steal information. He is capable of traveling through cyberspace much like Net Navis. However, he can also exit out of cyberspace into the real world. His weapon, the Matrix Missile, causes a stream of 1's and 0's to be left behind in the air and electrocute anything that touches them. After a while of being suspended in the air, the 1's and 0's eventually dissolve away. He likes surfing the net and he dislikes firewalls.

Earth Man

He is one of the most crucial robot masters assembled by Dr. Light as his job is to maintain sustainability especially the environment within the planet. Earth Man has the ability to control the earth, sandstones, rock, lava, vegetation and minerals. He could survive in any environmental hazards whether its water pressure or high intense levels and rate of temperature. In attack mode, channelling opponents powers is his specialty and it's used to gain advantage. He could jump high lengths and reach further distance in a large/small scale, depending on the environment. Also he can regenerate and heal other robots and organics. He is much of a loner and neglects most offers for assistance.

Bransrubar's Robot Masters

I have created several lists of Robot Masters but this is my earliest. They are listed in order of weakness (each one weak against the last).

Warrior Man

A fighter type who believes in fighting with honor. He is very human like in appearance with a white gi, black belt, flat top brown hair and a red headband. His main attack is the Dragon Punch which sends a dragon shaped energy pulse from his fist.

Cyclone Man

A tall, thin robot with a blue body and black wings that stretch from under his arms to his body. The overall appearance makes him seem like a kite or a hang glider. He is rather selfish and haughty, not having any sympathy when his comrades are defeated. His main attack is Torado Juggernaut; a wind attack very similar to Tengu Man's Tornado Hold.

Puzzle Man

His body is made up of colorful, detachable parts and he has a child-like mentality. His body can break apart and form into various shapes and weapons. His main attack is Gamepiece Shuriken; he flings razor edged puzzle pieces.

Media Man

His torso is a large computer complete with keyboard. One arm is a normal arm while the other has a satellite dish for a hand. Media Man has a tail shaped like an electrical plug with which he can recharge himself. He is rather hyper and is obsessed with media based technology (computers, TV's, and such). His main attack is Data Storm which is simply a wave of electrical energy. He has a secondary attack called Lightning Tail where his tail wraps around his enemies and electrocutes them (secondary because it's harder to use).

Ocean Man

Reminiscent of Wave Man in appearance. He cares very much for the oceans and hates humans for polluting them. His main attack is Kraken's Wrath; water tentacles attack his enemies and hurl them around. The room in which he fights Mega Man sometimes floods and is sometimes dry. When it's flooded he gains the extra attack Bubble Hold where he'll shoot bubbles that attempt to trap Mega Man and hold him in place.

Summer Man

He is basically similar to Proto Man in appearance but with no scarf. He has a calm, philosophical personality. His main attack is August Sun which is a ball of fire he forms in his hands then throws. He also has the attack Fire Trail where he speeds past his enemies leaving fire in his wake.

Winter Woman

She is Summer Man's younger sister and her appearance is a cross between a figure skater and a doll. Her body is adorned with various shades of blue and her feet are ice skates. She is proud and enjoys taunting her enemies. Her main attack is Arctic Shield which protects her from damage while freezing whatever it touches. She also has her Dash Slash where she charges her enemies and kicks at them with her sharp feet.

Chaos Men Twin human looking robots, one white and one black. They both have amazing agility and jumping power as well as the ability to momentarily hover. Their joint main attack is Chaos Magic which will stop time. While time is frozen everything appears black and white. They each have a simple laser attack (Light Beam and Darkness Strike). They are actually weak to each other's lasers, so freezing one with Arctic Shield with good timing will cause him to be hit by his brother's attack and take damage.

Pikmin Master's Robot Masters

Wow, I already made two games' worth of RMs and then some, not counting Century Man.

Century Man, AKA Pop


Century Man is not a fightable RM.

Drs. Light and Cossack want to make a time travelling robot and guess who wants the idea? Since the good Doctors knew what's coming, they personally asked Wily to assist. He is incapable of fighting and is a master of disguise, stealth, and holograms to make sure no one from the past or future. He can travel way into the Zero series, but is unsure if he can go further without malfunctioning. He has a predominantly white color scheme and has the appearance of a college student with a lab coat. His "weapon" is called "Temporal Illusion", which makes the user invisible and invincible, draining energy like Time Stopper.

Game 1

Stun Woman

Has the appearance of an attractive (by Robot Master standards) woman wearing a gold Ancient Egyptian-style dress. She makes sure other Robot Masters don't become defective with Stunning Heart. The move can also be used to reprogram other Robot Masters (yes, even Mega Man), but chooses not to because she finds it far. Her weapon is called "Stunning Heart". The user launches a heart that deals electric-elemental damage and paralyzes those that don't OHKO. Deals massive damage to "male" Robot Masters and does not work on "female" Robot Masters. The reason for this is because this weapon makes the target think the user is Stun Woman. Some say she and Pharaoh Man have something going on, but that's a rumor.

Hot Woman

She has the appearance of a belly dancer and is a fire-themed RM. Her dances build up temperature, so he's pretty much a moving heater. Her weapon is "Fire Dance", which is effectively a fire shield, but instead of the typical shield animation, Fire Dance is a twister of fire aroud the user. Flame Man has a huge robot crush on Hot Woman.

Awesome Man

When all else fails, Awesome Man comes to the rescue. Is pretty much a superhero with a very...hammy...personality. His weapon is "AWESOME LAZAR", in all caps. It mimicks the Shoop Da Whoop, as it charges a lot before firing a beam so strong and wide, it OHKOs anything not immune to it, even Robot Masters. But it can be used once before energy is drained and can not be used again until all energy is restored. Better pick up some Weapon Tanks!

Glacier Man

Just another Ice-themed RM. Does pretty much the opposite of Hot Woman, minus the dance. That means he can generate cold temperatures, enough for water, and even nitrogen, to freeze. Looks like an older Ice Man, wearing a Polar Bear fur coat. His weapon is Glacier Rise, which makes a giant rectangular-ish glacier appear from the floor. Mega Man can walk on the glacier, but it's slightly slippery.

Guard Man

If the name of this Robot Master doesn't tell you what it does, I don't know what will. Has the appearance of a British guard. All he does is attack and defend with Wave Guard. He doesn't jump or move, unless necessary. However, he has strong rapid-fire multi-directional attacks from his buster. His Weapon is Wave Guard, a strong shield attack. The user cannot move when this shield is active, even in midair, which makes it a psuedo-platform. The shield is active by holding the attack button. When the button is released, a circular wave of energy is released all around the user, attacking anything in its way.

Virus Man

The actual RM doesn't like the name for obvious reasons, but is stuck with it. Virus Man is actually a nice RM, but the idiot who named him (Wily) wants the general public to think he's a menace to society. His weapon is Venom Shot, which is poisonous to robots, doing the classic RPG status ailment "Poison" to enemies. Virus Man is cursed with this weapon, as he has nothing else to defend himself with and only uses it as a last resort.

Surf Man

Guess the element. Originally programmed to be a professional surfing teacher, guess who showed up to reprogram him for combat. Has a typical Surfer Dude accent and the weapon is Sweet Tide. Surf Man looks like a typical surfer dude and has an awesome surfboard attack. Surf Man has no buster and can only attack with the surfboard and Sweet Tide. Sweet Tide can only be used on the ground. The user does a mini-jump and two huge waves of water appear in front and behind the user. When Surf Man uses it, he rides on his surfboard.

Game 2

Thermo Man

Thermo Man is pretty much Hot Woman and Glacier Man combined, regulating temperature while using extreme heat and cold for attack. The design is somewhat similar to both as well. He's good friends with Freeze Man from 7. His weapon is Cold Flare, where the user throws an ice ball to the ground, releasing multiple fire balls upwards.

Twist Man

Top Man has nothing on this. But then again, Top Man has nothing on anyone but Toad Man. Twist Man loves to multitask and it turns out he loves baseball, tennis, and figure skating for some reason. Has a mostly yellow color scheme and runs on pretty much itself, meaning the more he spins, the more energy it produces. His weapon is Super Spin. Like Top Spin, the user spins and is a melee attack. The huge difference is that the user can use it on the ground, is invulnerable during the spin, and solar energy, as in what the Mega Buster is made of, spins around the user, having more horizontal range. The attack still cannot easily kill enemies above and below the user. When the move is used on the ground and moves, the user moves faster. Can be used to reflect projectiles, as Repel Magnet can only reflect physical attacks.

Boom Man

As the name states, Boom Man loves explosions: Bombs, fireworks, whatever; if it explodes, or even implodes, then Boom Man likes it. Actually, Boom Man used to be a very serious explosives specialist, but then he met Bomb Man while at work. The rest is history. Looks like a big cluster of dynamite with arms and legs. The weapon is Self-Destruct. The attack itself surrounds the user in an explosion that hurts the user as well as anything affected by it. It's a dangerous weapon, as it can deplete the user's hit points (of course, Boom Man is immune). The longer the charge, the more hit points lost. By itself and no charge, Mega Man takes 1HP and the explosion is short, but slightly effective. The longest charge takes up half of Mega Man's health and OHKOs most powerful enemies. When HP is less than half health, the attack can not be fully charged and the max damage will leave Mega Man at 1HP.

Bounce Woman

Her name was originally "Bunny Woman" and know...Whoever created her originally programmed her to be...that... Because she can no longer stand her own programming, she willingly turned to Wily so he can turn her into a weapon. Her looks did not change that much and has higher acrobatics. She looks like a Playboy Bunny (you know the rest). Her weapon is Bouncing Bunnies. It functions similarly to Spring Man's Wild Coil, but with bunnies.

Empty Man

A Robot Master from outer space, Empty Man thinks that he is the strongest robot ever because he has possibly the best weapon ever. Obviously, this ticks off Bass. Empty Man looks like Alien X from Ben 10: Alien Force, but minus the horns and star spots, with the legs and arm cannons of traditional humanoid RMs. His weapon is Spacial Reverse. It absorbs attacks and releases them in a stronger state. Because of the function of this move, the user cannot move and can still be attacked by physical strikes.

Liquid Man

Scientists tried to emulate Wily's Devil series and produced a replica called Liquid Man. What the scientists don't know is that because Wily made the Devil series, he has a sort of control over them, including Liquid Man.

Unlike the devil series, Liquid Man is capable of things other RMs can do, like speech. Also, Liquid Man doesn't want to destroy stuff, although by nature is still loyal to Wily.

Like the Devil series, he attacks by splitting his body into spheres and move around to reform. His weapon is Liquid Sphere, which launches a sphere of the substance Liquid Man is made of. For unexplained reasons, it's the only long-ranged move that isn't affected by Empty Man's weapon.

Liquid Man himself can only be hit with Push Man and Beam Man's weapon. The Repel Magnet can hit Liquid Man while in sphere form without hurting the user and Laser Beam is the primary weakness.

Push Man

A magnetism-based RM. He creates a magnetic field around him made to repel things. Push Man seems to have difficulty finding a job recently because the way he uses magnetism isn't exactly what others need. Looks similar to Magnet Man, but with various elements moved around and changed.

His weapon is Repel Magnet, which is essentially the magnetic field mentioned. It's a shield weapon.

Beam Man

The laser guy. Simple as that. He can concentrate energy (mostly solar) into a laser, called Laser Beam. There is nothing particularly special about the looks, other than being humanoid and with several colors.

The Laser Beam fires a straight line of concentrated solar energy, doing piercing damage, meaning that if an enemy gets destroyed by this move, the laser continues.

Dr. Banana's Robot Masters

This Sugar Man Made By Dr. Banna RM, I Don't Copy I Just Draw It

I've made about a game of Robot Masters. If you see any of these and think 'Hey, I thought of that first!' I did not steal the ideas from anyone. All these RMs were made when I was bored in Science/English class.

Volt Man

Volt Man is an RM created from old parts of Elec Man that didn't get used. Dr. Light created a robot out of them, but good ol' Wily stole and reprogrammed him. Being made from spare parts, he's a little clunky and quite easy to defeat, but he's confident anyway. He has a one-sided rivalry with Elec Man, who just ignores Volt Man most of the time. Volt Man's weapon is called the Volt Wisp. It's a ball of electricity that travels along the floor, but not in a rolling way. If you've ever used Pikachu's special attack in Super Smash Bros., you know what I'm talking about. Volt Man has a yellow-orange body, with a black head, hands, and feet. He has a lightning-rod-esque spike on his head. He doesn't have an arm cannon and his weakness is Crunch Claw.

Harpoon Man

Harpoon Man is a water-themed RM. He is modeled after both a stereotypical whaling ship captain ("Thar she blows!") and Wave Man. He has a line of short hair-like spikes going down the back of his head, and a long white beard that is actually a radar device. His chest is large and durable, and his shoulders provide extra protection. He is shades of blue all over, and his hands are both arm cannons, designed to shoot his Liquid Harpoons. He is weak to Volt Wisp.

Dragon Man

Dragon Man started out in life much like Mega Man: Wily, lonely, lonely evil mastermind he is, created a son to call his own. Bass had become much too obsessed with gaining power to be like a son, so Wily built a replacement to look after him. He called his son Canon (in keeping with the whole music-name thing). When Wily decided to try to take over the world again, Canon volunteered to fight to keep Mega Man from harming his father. Wily fitted him with all the best armour and weapons, and Dragon Man was born. Dragon Man has red and orange armour, with a helmet shaped like a dragon's head and a tail coming down the back of it. He has two bat-like wings on his back, and his right hand has been modified into an arm cannon that shoots his weapon, Dragon Breath. It's essentially a straight flamethrower. Dragon Man believes that Wily is in the right, and Mega Man is evil for trying to stop him. He is weak to Liquid Harpoon.

Judo Man

A kung-fu fighting robot modified from a kung-fu teacher. Judo Man was improperly named, but Wily doesn't know too much about martial arts, and Kung-Fu Man didn't sound as good. Judo Man is a bipedal, somewhat humanoid turtle with a black bandana around his head (sound familiar?) He also wears black wrist guards and boots. Judo Man attacks with kung-fu moves, and his favourite (Judo Chop) can break boulders. He is weak to Dragon Breath.

Hammer Man

Hammer Man was built for construction, much like his 'little brother', Guts Man. He considers Guts Man his big brother because of the similarities in their design: they are made from the same dense material, they have the same colour scheme, and they wear the same Met hat. Hammer Man looks a lot like Guts Man (yes, I know I just said that), but with large steel mallets on the ends of his arms. His arms also have tons of joints, making it possible for him to get into hard-to-reach places. The hammers also come off, and have special anti-gravity devices that allow them to fly. He uses this in his attack, Chuck Hammer. His weakness is Judo Chop.

Fan Woman

Fan Woman is a master of air, like Air Man and Wind Man. She carries twin paper fans, and uses them to whip up her Fan Gust attack. She has the same helmet as her personal idol, Splash Woman, but it's green with a pair of feathers. For some reason, Wily gave her a cape with a paper fan motif, but she hates it and only wears it outside of battle. She is somewhat smitten with Mega Man, much to Wily's dismay. She is weak to Chuck Hammer.

Sugar Man

The idea for Sugar Man came when he told one of his robots to go buy some groceries while he was thinking of new RMs. When the robot returned with the groceries, Wily saw a bag of sugar and got an idea. Sugar Man is a small robot shell coated in 100000 layers of sugar, kept on him by static electricity. His eyes are pointed in different directions, and his teeth (which are always in a permanent sugar-high grin) are few, and the ones that are left are yellowed. That was his design. Otherwise, he's a giant blob of sugar with hands and feet. His attack, Sugar Rush, involves him speeding around insanely, hoping to smash into someone. He loves his sugar and doesn't want any of it to fall off, and thus hates strong winds. Guess what his weakness is.

Crunch Man

A ferocious RM, Crunch Man is all white and black. His eyes have no pupils and his giant teeth are kept in a perpetual sneer, giving the impression of a scary robot, but he's quite nice to his friends. His enemies, though, get ripped to shreds in seconds. On the back of his head are long, black teeth, that do nothing except look good. On his chest is a large fanged mouth, which he grabs his enemies in and smashed them into the ceiling and floor repeatedly. His main weapon, though, is his claw, a spitting image of his head that he shoots at Mega Man. It does not fall or stop until it hits something, and they regrow fast. His weakness is the Sugar Rush.

BeamLaser7890's Robot Masters

I haven't created or have an idea of any game, but I use my imagination to draw Robot Masters; if you want I'll post my drawings, talk to me on my User Page. ENJOY............NNNNNNOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

Static Man

The first RM created by Dr. Know Around. His theme is static: on his boots he has a static glass ball, on his chest too; he also has static glass balls on the hands and on his head. He has an arrogant personality and he thinks he is better than all others RMs. His gloves, boots and globes are purple, his arms and legs are black and he has a silver mouth and nose. His weapon is the Static Pulse.

Candy Man

The second Dr. Know Around's RM. His theme is the sugar and/or candy, he looks like a cook and he is very fat. He has claws on the place of the hands, and no legs but he has a rocket. He wants everybody like his candys, he always have a lollipop. His attack is the Candy Wave.

Temperature Man

The third Dr. Know Around's RM. His themes is fire and ice, he use the two (fire and ice). He have a thermometer on his chest, he is one side blue and the other side is red. He have thermometers on his boots. His weapon is the Temperature Meter.

Dynamite Man

The fourth Dr. Know Around's RM. He's the second most powerful bomb-themed RM (the first is Grenade Man); his chest looks like a grenade he have danger-lines on all his body. On his cannon he has a dynamite and his head is a torch (like the head from Fire Man). His weapon is the Dynamite Crusher, who mimics the Star Crush from Star Man.

Pyro Man

The fifth Dr. Know Around's RM. He is the most powerful fire-themed RM, his feet looks like rockets and he has two Buster cannons called Psychotic Firer. His personality is similar to Burn Man. Basically, he's very, very similar to Fire Man. Otherwise, he's a copy of Fire Man.

Jello Man

The sixth Dr. Know Around's RM. His torso is a cube of gelatin and his gloves and boots are, too. His personality is very charismatic and he is a cool RM; the only thing he doesn't like is peoples who say to him: "you are a piece of jello!". His weapon is the Jello Spray.

Dog Man

The seventh Dr. Know Around's RM. He looks like a canine, but he looks like more a wolf than a dog. He is very violent and hostile, but he's a good friend of who give him food and love (Dr. Know Around). His weapon is the Midnight Bite.

Cat Woman

The eighth Dr. Know Around RM. He is the "good friend" of Dog Man, but in reality, she likes him. Like Jello Man, she is very charismatic and she is a good friend of every people. His weapon is the Midday Bite (the reverse of Dog Man's weapon).

Puff Man

The first Dr. Now Around (son of Dr. Know Around) RM. Puff Man has a kid mentality just like Puzzle Man. His weapon is the Puffer Cannon, which shoots some puff gums. Basically, Puff Man is a walking gum, he is very generous to his friends, he don't like to fight with Mega Man, Proto Man and Bass because he's not truly evil.

Zombie Man

The second Dr. Now Around RM. He is a walking dead body, basically, hes a ZOMBIE! His weapon is the Zombie Shot, which looks like the Search Snake.


He is a Stardroid created by Dr. Now Around. He looks like a rocket and a starship fused. He is a good strategist and a war commander and... a good friend, too (for those whom respect him).

Somarinoa's Robot Masters

Somarinoa has well over a hundred robot masters, although they are far from all being added to the wikia. For a categorized list of these as they are added, see this page.

Copy Masters

The Copy Masters are a group of sixteen Copy Robots created out of spare parts of the various robot masters which Mega Man had to face.

Copy Sextant, robo-hippie.

  • Unnamed Copy Master 1: Built out of parts of the robot masters seen during the events of Mega Man PC, combined with the Genesis Unit.
  • Unnamed Copy Master 2: Built out of parts of the robot masters seen during the events of Mega Man 3 PC.
  • Unnamed Copy Master 3: Built out of parts of the robot masters seen during the events of Mega Man V.
  • Unnamed Copy Master 4: Built out of parts of the robot masters seen during the events of Rockman & Forte.
  • Unnamed Copy Master 5: Built out of parts of the robot masters seen during the events of Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha.
  • Unnamed Copy Master 6: Built out of parts of the robot masters seen during the events of Rockmen R: Dr. Wily's Counterattack.

Dr. Grenouille's RMs

The four similarly-designed RMs of the Anura Unit - Toad Man, Frog Man, Gold Man and Hylid Man. The other 4 do not resemble these RMs.

Dr. Grenouille was commissioned by a trio of allied RMs - Toad Man, Frog Man and Poison Man - to build another 5 robot masters to compliment themselves and form the Anura Unit. She complied, and thus these five RMs exist, although they do not follow her direct order as she is not evil and was simply privately contracted, they still have a certain respect for her due to her being their "mother".

Dr. Kojiro's RMs

Worm Man.

Dr. Kojiro's Scovillains

The Scovillains are the personal bodyguards of Dr. Kojiro. Being bodyguards, each was replaced in turn as they were soundly defeated over the course of Kojiro's rampage.


The Encryptids are a group of mysterious Robot Masters built by <a currently unknown individual>. They are based on the idea of mythology and especially, cryptozoology.

  • Beast of Buscoaxial (Beast of Busco)
  • Chupacabot (El Chupacabra)
  • Dragulan (Vampire)
  • Dropcon (Dropbear)
  • Hackin (Kraken)
  • Lagviathan (Leviathan)
  • Mokelemodembe (Mokele mbembe)
  • Mothmatrix (Mothman)
  • Sasquery (Sasquatch)

Galaxy Droids

The Galaxy Droids are a group of Stardroids built by an unknown interstellar agency which built each on the theme of various alien races throughout the cosmos. While there are likely hundreds of these, only one group has ever shown up on Earth, where they attempted to wreak havoc on the surface.

  • Hunts Man: Based on the Predator franchise's Yautja.
  • Kero Man: Based on Sergeant Frog's Keronians.
  • Xeno Man: Based on the Alien franchise's Xenomorphs.

The Wily Rejects

Cutter Man faces off against Mega Man.

  • Bat Man: RM removed from official Wily lineups after his discovery of Batman.
  • Brick Man: Prototype of Stone Man*Cement Man: Prototype of [Concrete Man
  • Cutter Man: Emo-themed RM built off of the blueprints of Cut Man.
  • Dreidel Man: Prototype of Top Man.
  • Flasher Man: Prototype of Flash Man.
  • Friction Man: Prototype of Wood Man.
  • Frog Man: Prototype of Toad Man
  • Icecube Man: Prototype of Ice Man. *Iron Man * RM removed from offical wily lineup after his discovery of Iron-Man
  • Kool-Aid Man: RM removed from official Wily lineups after a cease-and-desist order by the Kraft Foods Company.
  • Lamp Man: Prototype of Bright Man.
  • Pack Man: RM removed from official Wily lineups after his discovery of Pac-Man.
  • Statue Man: Prototype of Hard Man.
  • Spider Man: RM removed from official Wily lineups after his discovery of Spider-Man.
  • Stay Puft Marshmallow Man: RM Removed from offical Wily lineups after his discovery of Ghostbusters.
  • Trojan Man: RM removed from official Wily lineups after his embarrassing discovery of a certain product on the market.
  • X Man: RM removed from official Wily lineups after his discovery of the X-Men.

Caramelangel714's Robot Masters

Celt Man

Helix Man

Rose Woman

Seismic Man

Tetro Man

Wicked Man

Narci Man

Dr. Kasuga Azure's Robot Masters

  • Lepus Woman

Lepus Woman is a bunnygirl-themed Robot Master originally built to herd rabbits. Her weapon, the Mallet Strike, is made entirely of reinforced wood. When not in battle, she enjoys nothing more than playing tricks on unsuspecting robots. Despite this, she has a playful nature that makes her fun to be around.

  • Ermine Man

Ermine Man is a ermine-themed Robot Master originally built for expedition in climates with low temperatures. His weapon, the Ermine Fang, fires a spreadshot of 5 icicles that fly at a very fast speed towards foes. He's also got a flexible body which enables him to slide through tight spaces with ease, making him a very tricky opponent to deal with. His cocky nature does tend to get him in trouble with others often, though he's very resourceful and has a vast knowledge of different animals one can find in the winter.

  • Depth Man

Depth Man is a Robot Master originally built to help preserve aquatic life, he works at an underwater colony and checks on the endangered species while chasing off any poachers angrily. His weapon, the Depth Bubble, fires a bubble composed entirely of high-pressurized water capable of crushing even concrete. Thanks to being underwater for the majority of his time, he has grown irritable and snarky towards others, often lashing out at them for making any jokes referring to his job and lifestyle. However, he simply does his tasks with no questions asked.

  • Onion Man

Onion Man is a short onion-like Robot Master originally built to manage a solar greenhouse. His weapon, the Onion Bomb, throws large onion-shaped bombs that, upon exploding, release fumes capable of messing with his foe's eyes. He tends to make puns often and comes off as a total braggart often, though he tends to get emotional easily.

  • Zap Man

Zap Man is a stout and battery-shaped Robot Master originally built to regulate energy in power plants and recharge them in case of emergency. His weapon, the Zap Ball, fires a spark of electricity which can electrify the ground/walls/certain obstacles upon contact. He's rather eccentric and can get flabbergasted with others at times, but he's actually very eager when it comes to his work.

  • Silphy Woman

Silphy Woman is a female jet-themed Robot Master originally built to serve as aerial traffic. With her built-in jet engines on her back, she can fly up to speeds rivalling that of Quick Man. Her weapon, the Silphy Tornado, enables her to release devastating tornadoes from her hands, though she can fire it from behind her to make herself go even faster. She has a tomboyish nature and sees Jupiter as a rival, obviously because of one thing they have in common: they're both obsessed with speed. Despite this, she's willing to do her job and usually prefers to finish things as fast as possible

  • Tanuki Man

Tanuki Man is a Robot Master based off the tanuki from Japanese folklore. He was built to be a tour guide for a popular Japanese theme park attraction revolving around Japanese folklore. His weapon, the Stone Defender, summons stones that surround the user's body while protecting their body. Also, the stones that were summoned by the user can be thrown one at a time at foes as well. He can even transform into anyone he desires as long as he keeps his leaf on his head. Personality-wise, he's very joyous to be around, though he's also quite gullible and mischievous as well (but not as mischievous as Lepus Woman).

  • Flint Woman

Flint Woman is a female Robot Master based off the designs of Splash Woman and Solar Man, she was originally built to salvage metal and have it made into various parts for machinery. Her weapon, the Flint Spark, fires a spark of flame that bounces along the ground while leaving behind smaller flames in its wake, making it perfect for burning down wooden obstacles and lighting fuses. She's quite restless and talkative as well, though she doesn't get along well with Depth Man...mostly because of his normally grouchy demeanour. When she's not working, she enjoys collecting volcanic rocks in her spare time and takes great pride in said collection.

Fighuasss' Robot Masters

  • Squid Man

Squid man is a underwater fighter created by Professor Fighuasss. Fighuasss was lost on a sea and stranded on a island with only robot mechanics. Fighuasss slowly became hungry, so invented Squid Man to hunt for fish for him.


GreenyMeia86's Robot Master Ideas 1. Sky Man 2. Beach Man 3. Cheetah Man 4. Military Man 5. Dark Man 6. Scorch Man 7. Cold Man 8. Combo Man

1. Jump Man 2. Inferno Man 3. Thunder Man 4. Pirate Man 5. Pale Man 6. Hedgehog Man 7. King Man 8. Sun Man

Wily II Serial Numbers


One Of Wily II's Skull Towers

1.DW2N-001 Insomnia Man

2.DW2N-002 Rainbow Man

3.DW2N-003 Random Man

4.DW2N-004 Rambo Man (Naplam Man's More Epic Brother)

5.DW2N-005 Boogie Man

6.DW2N-006 Blaster Man

7.DW2N-007 Pungent Man

8.DW2N-008 Reflector Man

Wily II's Big Generals

Wily II's Central Fortress

1.DW2N-FB004 Moonstar

2.DW2N-FB007 Omega Joe

3.DW2N-FB005 DreadLock

4.DW2N-FB008 FrostBite

Poisonshot's Robot Masters

  • Hex Man: His weapon is the Hex Block. He is weak to the Melt Toss.
  • Plane Man: His weapon is the Plane Missile. He is weak to the Sidecar Bolt and the Mega Buster.
  • Bottle Man: His weapon is the Bottle Bomb. He is weak to the Flail Breaker.
  • Sidecar Man: His weapon is the Sidecar Bolt. He is weak to the Hex Block.
  • Flail Man: His weapon is the Flail Breaker. He is weak to the Aurora Freeze.
  • Pebble Man: His weapon is the Pebble Blind. He is weak to the Plane Missile.
  • Melt Man: His weapon is the Melt Toss. He's weak to the Bottle Bomb.
  • Aurora Woman: Her weapon is the Aurora Freeze. She is weak to the Pebble Blind.

MegaFan8's Headline-less Amazing Robot Masters! ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––—–––––————

•Fan Man- Fan Man is a robot master with a body shaped like a flower.He has a blue body, arms, and legs. He is the thing in the middle of the flowery thing, and the petals are fans. He attacks Mega Man in 3 ways. One is to shoot one of his blades at you. The next is the traditional jump, and lastly, he uses his version of the weapon, the Whirlwind Fan, where he blows Mega Man in to the wall, damaging him. Granted beating him, you get the Whirlwind Fan, which turns Mega Man a blue and turquoise Mega Man which can blow enemies away, repelling them.

•Moon Man- Moon Man is a Robot Master shaped like a Crescent Moon. He has a nightcap, light yellow body, arms and legs. He attacks in 3 ways 1. He jumps. 2. He sticks to the top wall and does a funky wall jump between the floor and wall. 3. He uses the Moonlight Barrier, which blocks all attacks. Defeating him will grant you with the Moonlight Barrier.

TheChaosEmerald's Robot Master Ideas

•Chaos Man - He is a robot master shaped like a chaos emerald, and is able to shoot multiple chaos spears at the same time doing about 5 bars of damage. He is very powerful, and if his energy is charged enough, he can become completely invulnerable. His pattern involved shooting three chaos spears at different heights giving you the option to either slide under or carefully hop to avoid them. After jumping across the room he creates a energy orb that flies fast across the floor and if you get caught in it, you will be stuck in a grab attack. He will absorb your life energy and you must mash the shoot button to break the orb.

The weapon you gain from him is Chaos Blast, allowing you to create a small explosion around you instantly destroying all enemies on screen. However, since it is a very powerful weapon, you can only use it three times before running out of energy.

•Network Man - A robot master built to scan networks in order to prevent viruses and malware from spreading through video sharing sites, government websites, and others. Because he was sent out many times to fix computers as well, he has some electric cables for arms with USB ports at the end. His stage would be very internet based, with the scenery resembling a web browser with a background that's filled with random text. When you fight him he begins by stretching the cable and flicking you upwards with the USB. It takes out half of your health bar, so be careful. After this, he climbs up the wall and onto the ceiling with his arms and controls the cables within the boss room. A few obstacles fly out, as well as some platforms giving you the chance to shoot him a few more times. Afterwards, he falls back to the ground and repeats. He is an easy boss as long as you do not get caught by the USB-Flick.

The weapon you obtain from defeating Network Man is the Cord Slasher. It allows you to create an electricity-charged cable that you can whack enemies with. It electricutes them, stunning them for about two seconds giving you time to shoot the enemy and take them out. This weapon would be the weakness for a water-type robot.

•Golf Man - This robot master was built to retrieve golf balls that were hit out-of-bounds during game sessions. Sometimes he also acted as a player alongside another golfer. His stage is in a grassy golf course area and when you enter the boss door to fight him, he appears with a golf-ball-like torso and short legs. He holds out a golf club and during battle he hits a golf ball around the room in hopes of you running into it. It moves quickly, so stay on the move. It does minimal damage when you touch it. Another attack is for him to charge towards you and smack you into a wall with the golf club. If he successfully lands the attack,you will lose a fourth of your health bar. His land attack is for Golf Man to jump in the air repeatedly towards you while spinning the golf club to deflect shots. Slide under him and shoot him from the back to cause damage. Your buster is very effective against him and counts as 3 damage per shot.

The weapon received from Golf Man is the Golf Cannon. When you use this weapon, it bounces off walls twice before going offscreen. It is good for hitting out-of-reach enemies. The large, jumping enemy types are weak to this weapon so if you want to take them out quick, fling some golf balls at it. This weapon is the weakness of any fragile robot.

MegaPhantaze's Robot Masters

Sport Man

A robot created to raise the interest to take a sports as a hobby among children. When reprogrammed, he now works as a couch, who trains other robots to be prepared for Mega Man.

The special weapon, "Touchdown shot" is a new type missile, which is launched by kicking it. It can break through the glass made object, such as shields, until it meets unbreakable object and explodes.

" I make the rules here from now on"

Good: Energetic


Likes: Ball games

Dislikes: Goalkeepers

Glass Man

A robot, who can make glass. Glass Man has the most lasting glass than other glass producers has. Sadly, it's now used to evil purposes. Glass Man has a mirror on his hand, which he uses to reflect sunlight. It can also catch sunlight and release it as a beam.

His main weapon "Light screen" creates a barrier of several mirrors, which reflects and collects sunlight like Glass Man's right hand making an impact more dangerous. It's suggested to have something, which breaks the barrier quickly before it comes dangerous.

"Don't you know, how valuable glass is?"

Good: Curious

bad: Financial about glass

Likes: Glass tables

Dislikes: Football

Slime Man

This robot is created from real slime and it's created to resemble a ghost. Slime Man uses toxic fire as an engine to make himself work. It helps him to fly in the air and use his poisonous powers.

His special weapon is Poison bomb, which power isincredible: It can kill almost anything with it's smell. It only faints humans when using it against them.

"Slime time!"

Good: Spooky

Bad: Sticky attitude

Likes: Trash cans

Dislikes: Cleaning tools

Scythe Man

He is created to communicate with bugs. He can now summon new kind of bugs and make them attack. It's said, that Scythe Man has managed to summon even Kongamato, a legendary worm.

Scythe Man's special weapon "Razor boomerang" launches several blades, which are extremely sharp as his teeth. These boomerangs can also ricochet from the walls.

"That's the bug's life"

Good: bug professional

Bad: Doesn't talk english

Likes: Ladybugs, drums

Dislikes: Grasshoppers, Mowing

Galvanic Man

Created after the boss of the Chigago's pits. He has a whip, which has energy for a whole town. He is a leader of "energieves" , whos steals energy for galvanic Man's generators.

"There's no such a thing as law"

Good: Well protected

Bad: unfair, doesn't know law

Likes: Generating electricity

dislikes: rules

Aurora Woman

Ice skater and Figure skating master. Capable of creating two copies of herself. She likes lapland and it's peaceful atmosphere.

"Enjoy my skating performance"

Good: Kind and fair

Bad: stubborn and unsuspecting

Likes: skating

Dislikes: Swimming

Barrier Man

Claimed as the strongest robot of the group. He cannot be hurted from front. The weak spot is behind. Barrier Man however doesn't let anyone get behind him and has good reflexes.

"I am the strongest robot ever created"

Good: Good reflexes

Bad: Sensitive for crashing

Likes: breaking through walls

Dislikes: queues

Groove Man

A robot, who knows much about music and even runs his own club. He is even claimed as the king of knowing music with only few seconds tapes.

"Maybe Sibelius is good music choice for you?"

Good: Groovy

Bad: He can't possibly hear you since he listens music almost all the time

Likes: Disco music

Dislikes: Rap

Mire Man

A scientist created to make different kind of liquids on many purposes. He has even created dangerous liquid, what he calls as "Berserk liquid", what can cause victim go berserk. Rumors even says, that he is good in making drinks and mainly works as the tender at Groove Man's club.

"Have a free sample of my strong liquids"

Good: Experienced

Bad: Little crazy

Likes: Chemistry

Dislikes: Fertilizer

Pole Man

Created as fighting robot. He masters an unknown martial art called as Polemerang, which allows him to throw his pole and it comes back for him. Pole Man enjoys spending time alone and seeks opponents, who also knows Martial Arts.

"Sneaky as the shadow in the night"

Good: Thoughtful

Bad: Forewarning

Likes: Skating (Since his halfpipe strike obviously)

Dislikes: ???

Temperature Man

An alien who was part of Caliber masters called group of unique teenagers and adults. He was modified by Pilot as the fighter with ability to combine heat and cold and use it as weapon called as "Heat Ice" He is the most iconic robot master of 1X series having many forms: Netnavi form, Alien form and robot form.

"Freeze right there and feel the heat of the night" Good: Well-balanced Bad: Cross-minded Likes: Pizzaburgers Dislikes: Shadow Man

Flush Woman

A female robot designed as the poker champion. Flush Woman's name comes from the term in card games, where you lose all your money. She knows how to "count" legal way thanks of her believable program installed on her brains. She uses her full house barrier to clean any opponent on her way.

"Ill strip you... from the weapons!" Good: Pokerface Bad: Too determined Likes: Blackjack Dislikes: Fishing

Moth Man

Designed after the terror of Point Pleasant. Many people fears Moth Man because his appearance. The truth is, that Moth Man is not seeking to scare people. Instead, he is explorer who is interested of mythologic creatures. His mission is to find them and gather them. Moth Man himself has a Moth Ray, which causes fear in the opponent.

"I'm not the bad guy" Good: Heroic Bad: Horrifying Likes: Fictional monsters Dislikes: Daylight

Chaz4eva's Robot Masters

I've created some of my own Robot Masters. Enjoy!

Nova Man

Nova Man is eccentric, as he is not constantly trying to impress Dr. Wily or is on the lookout for a chance to destroy Mega Man unlike his brothers. Instead he is floating high in Earth’s atmosphere, observing the beauty of the stars and naming any new ones he finds. He wishes one day to visit distant galaxies and encounter alien civilisations, but many of his brothers see this as a stupid fantasy. He also loves festivals, firework displays or anything that explodes. Even if it implodes, Nova Man will love it. With this love for all things that pack a bang, it is no consequence that his weapon is Nova Bomb.

Nova Man’s special weapon Nova Bomb is similar to Bomb Man’s Hyper Bomb, the only difference that Nova Man’s bombs contain the energy of a miniature supernova. Nova Man is able to quickly create and throw Bombs with startling accuracy, capable of destroying most of his targets with ease. His weakness is Volt Beam.

Cyclone Man

This Robot Master is hot-blooded and arrogant and loves to annoy his younger brothers. He demands recognition, usually making long-winded speeches of how powerful he is. His mischievous nature does tend to get him in trouble with others often, though he’s very resourceful. Cyclone Man, being an Air Robot Master, loves flying in his free time and having races with Gyro Man, who he has a friendly rivalry with.

Cyclone Man’s special weapon is Air Barrage, which has his opponent gets attacked with rapid barrages of powerful whirlwinds. His weakness is Sonic Boom.

Beat Man

This Robot Master loves any type of music that gets his feet moving but his favourite music by far is dubstep. He enjoys practicing his DJ skills by holding a mini rave party in Dr. Wily’s basement, many Robot Masters coming and participating in dance-offs. But, these parties often get silenced by Wily pulling the plug, complaining the music is too loud. That doesn’t daunt this music loving Robot Master though.

Beat Man’s special weapon Sonic Boom has Beat Man emit high frequency soundwaves from his speakers, which inflict physical pain and temporarily stun his enemy, giving him the chance to take them out. It is also able of reflecting off surfaces. His weakness is Scorch Cannon.

Scorch Man

Scorch Man is able to wield flames that can reach 7000-8000 degrees. A hot-blooded and charismatic, albeit fiery individual, Scorch Man sees himself as the ultimate Fire Robot Master, often bragging of his abilities to his workers, who express little interest in it. He is obsessed by the beauty and power of fire and enjoys dancing with it to observe its elegance. When he is not working, he relaxes in a pool of molten magma while one of his workers brings him an Energy Tank.

Scorch Man’s special weapon Scorch Cannon has his cannons create a massive fireball and he launches it at tremendous speed, making it difficult to avoid. His weakness is Hydro Pump.

Tsunami Man

This Robot Master works at an underwater colony which happened to be surrounded by a coral reef and because of this, the desire to protect and preserve the beauty of the aquatic life formed within him. He regularly checks upon the fish that live in the coral reef and chases off poaches angrily. Whenever scuba divers visit the reef to observe the exotic species of fish that inhabit it, Tsunami Man ensures that they don’t harm the fish or damage the coral by following them, his colour scheme allowing him to merge with his oceanic surroundings.

Tsunami Man’s special weapon Hydro Pump blasts a jet of ice-cold water at an immense pressure and is capable of eroding the toughest of rock. His weakness is Slash Fury.

Claw Man

Claw Man’s design is similar to Slash Man’s and views him as a rival. This often leads to arguments between them and his brothers struggling to separate them. He is calm and collected and when confronted with an opponent, he leaps around with catlike elegance and attacks with long, sharp claws. He has a liking for peacefulness and a dislike for nail clippers.

Claw Man’s special weapon Slash Fury has Claw Man repeatedly strike at his opponent with his claws at an incredible speed. His weakness is the Mega Buster.

Volt Man

Volt Man tends to be the most quiet and sensible of his brothers and follows orders without hesitation. The generator in his back is capable of generating electrical power surpassing that of Elec Man. Beneath his cool and standoffish personality lays a darker side. When his dark side is in control, he is extremely maniacal, always laughing madly and electrifying the ground of his stage to electrocute his opponents, all the while relishing in their suffering. He has a liking for thunderstorms and a dislike for rubber.

His special weapon, Volt Beam, fires off devastating beams of very high-voltage electrical energy in multiple directions, with sufficient power to go through multiple enemies with one shot and even break through solid rocks. His weakness is Air Barrage.

PaperPizza's Robot Masters

Color Man

My second Robot Master I created. He is a water type, because he is called Rainbow Man by some. His weapon is the Sonic Boom. His weakness is Forest Man's Rotting Roots.

Gas Man

Also known as Toxic Man, Gas Man is a Robot Master that looks a lot like Bubble Man. His weapon is the Pollution Plot. His weakness is Color Man's Sonic Boom.

Butter Man

Yes, you finally came to the point. My first Robot Master I created. He dislikes Squid Man because he steals Butter, and he's weak to Squid Man's Ink Explosion. His weapon is the Butter Cannon.

Squid Man

If you're looking for the lamest Robot Master ever, I present to you... Squid Man! He's enemies with Butter Man. However, he's not weak to the Butter Cannon. He is actually weak to Gas Mans Pollution Plot. His weapon is the Ink Explosion.

Forest Man

Huh. What a weird Robot Master. His design is similar to Air Man's. His weapon is the Rotting Roots, and he is weak to Butter Man's Butter Cannon.

Poseidon Man

Poseidon Man is a little not like the other Robot Masters. He has no limbs, and he is a floating piece of water with eyes, a mouth, and he can shapeshift! His weapon is the Whirlpool Swirl. He is weak to Energy Man's Automatic Zapper.

Energy Man

Well, we finally came to my electric Robot Master. He has 4 arms that are actually cannons. His weapon is the Automatic Zapper. He is weak to Poseidon Man's Whirlpool Swirl.

Token Man

A coin Robot Master? No way! Sorry, but that's the point. He is very yellow. He is strong against Mega Man, but guess what? He's weak to the Mega Buster!

So, there you have it. My 8 Robot Masters. Hope you enjoyed!

HydronicFlamez's Robot Masters

Hydro Woman, without Helmet and Full body

DJN:001 Hydro Woman

(I only just noticed there was a Hydro Man with the same weapon- My god That's creepy-)

Being equiped with Hydro Cannon, she can melt any object. She is well known for her art. Her right arm was ripped off by Forte/Bass when the two had gotten into a fight. (<-- RP)

"Hold still! You're movin' to much!"

Good Point: Accents

Bad Point: Sweet-Tooth

Likes: Nature

Dislikes: Large crowds

DJN:002 Vine Man

Using the many vines on his body, he can navigate around citys and forests very easily.


Good Point: Smile-bringer

Bad Point: Plant Man Rip-off

Likes: Sunlight

Dislikes: Global Warming

DJN:003. Cobra Man

His tail is coated in poisonous liquid. He is very flexable.

"You're gonna be devoured, Rockman!"

Good Point: Camouflage

Bad Point: Frightening

Likes: Massive jungles

Dislikes: Slash Man

DJN:004. Race Man

Hydro Woman and Race Man, without their Helmets

Being a fan of sports he loves to cheer and train his own siblings.

"Come on! Faster! Heh- That's what she said~"

Good Point: Up-beat

Bad Point: Perverted

Likes: Stop-Watches

Dislikes: Lazy people

Apihedron's Robot Masters

Douse Man

DTN-002 Douse Man is a robot created by Dr. Torvalds. He was created to play with and entertain children at a water park. Douse Man enjoys playing games, but hates to lose. Unlike most robots, Douse Man runs on water coursing through his body, so he must be wary of electric shock.

ArgonTrooper's Robot Masters


  • TFN-001 Tide Man (Water Cutter)
  • TFN-002 Atom Man (Beta Particle)
  • TFN-003 Molten Man, formerly Bellows Man (Metal Melter)
  • TFN-004 Flak Man (Flak Cloud)
  • TFN-005 Engine Man (Engine Ignition)
  • TFN-006 Tape Man (Tape Whip)
  • TFN-007 Cannon Man (Cannon Ball)
  • TFN-008 Hide Man (Hide Cloak)
  • TFN-00A Fuze Man (Short Fuze)


  • CMN-01 Chrono Woman (Chrono Disrupt)
  • CMN-02 Omen Woman (Bad Omen)
  • CMN-03 Prism Man (Prism Crusher)
  • CMN-04 Mirage Woman (Mirage Camo)
  • CMN-05 Aero Man (Aero Dive)
  • CMN-06 Tesla Man (Tesla Barrier)
  • CMN-07 Crater Woman (Mass Driver)
  • CMN-08 Hertz Man (Gamma Hertz)

FNAF other's robot masters

These robot masters were made for a distraction so wily could finish his doomsday wepon.

SLIME MAN: A slime based robot master, Wily got the idea from some sticky putty he was messing around with. He is very sarcastic and likes to make puns during his pastime. He gets along with the others, exsept Triple men, who he says is "3 times more annoying." His wepon is the Slime Slick.

"Watch your step, or you'll slip!"

TRIPLE MEN: This robot master is unusall, because he is 3 robots insted of 1. Wily thoght because Gemini man did such a good job with his clones, he made Triple men. They like to annoy everyone they see, but shut's up when Wily is in the room. Why is unkown, but mabye they respect him. There wepon is the Triple Bullet.

"We! Are! Your! DOOM!"

NUKE MAN: Wily, being a anti-nazi, made Nuke man to show his love for amarica, thogh in reality he just ran out of ideas. He is very stricked, talking like an army genaral, and takes slack from no one. He also really, really, really likes pushups. His wepon is the War Turret.

"Drop an gimme 20!"

SCORTCH WOMAN: Due to complaints from robot masters, Wily made another female robot master, Scortch woman. She, dispite being programed to be kind and sweet for some reson, has a tomboyish nature. She hates being hit on, which most robot masters do, and the only one she really has a crush on is metal man, a past robot master. Her wepon is the Molten Hammer.

"I'm hot, in more ways then one!"

DUCK MAN: Wily, out of ideas, randomly thoght of something to build. He imedeatly thoght of ducks, so he got to work. Not much is known about Duck man, as he only speaks in quacks. However, he is somewhat of a power house, gaining the others respects. His wepon is the Quack Bazooka.

"(random duck noises.)"

SCREW MAN: Made to assist Wily in building, Screw Man is a hacking expert, able to hack into anything. However, there is a downside-he is a looney. Randomly, when upset or exsited, he does semingly random crud, much to the other robots confusion. Wily stated that it was due to him missing a personality chip to give him, so he rushed one up. His wepon is the Gear Chain.

"I'm nuts and bolts!!!"

RECYCAL MAN: This guy was made on accedent when Wily started mixing spare parts of Heat man, Bubble man, Metal man, and Wood man. Recycal man, while still evil, likes nature and is very good freinds of Trunk man. He is also a little slap happy, prefering to do close combat then shooting. His wepon is the Parts Throw.

"I'll put you to waist!"

TRUNK MAN: Trunk man was the prototype for Wood man, but was brang back by Wily. He has a obsesion with nature, leading to Wily promesing him that when he takes over the world, he will leave some parts for him. He is good freinds with most of the group, but does not like Cut man very much, due to his porpus to be made is to cut down trees. His wepon is the Bark Toss.

"Just letting nature run its course!"












CaptainRustbolt21’s Robot Masters


This is my first time joining this wiki and I have not checked out the entirety of this page, so if any of my fan Robot Masters already exists in this wiki, I apologize. Oh, and images will be added later...

Robot Masters

Science Man

Science Man was a research robot who was programmed to know many, if not all, fields of study known to man (EX: Biology, Oceanography, Botany). In terms of appearance, he wears a standard white Mad Scientist suit, black pants and boot, metal shoulder pads, and a pair of swirly sunglasses. He also has white hair and blue eyes. Personality-wise, he is very kind and considerate, always working hard to try and make new discoveries, and is basically married to his job. When he was remodeled for combat, he has a tank on his back that is filled with acid-like gack, with tubes that are connected to his two busters. His glasses also grants him the ability to study and learn about various life forms. His Weapon his the Gack Shot, a acid bubble that can be shot like a projectile.

Loot Woman

Gas Man

Kitten Woman

Soldier Man

Chef Man

Color Woman

Lava Man

Zerukin's Robot Masters

These are robot masters that I had made for a fan fic that I had started and did alongside some people on the mighty no. 9 forum and posted on tumblr. Said fanfic was never completed sadly, but I still hope to one day utilize these robots in a possible fan game. Alongside the robots are the two doctors who made them. I'll have them listed by the doctor that made them. I opted to changing the first names of the doctors after deciding it would be better for their first names to be based on real life scientists. Certain descriptions may change as well.

Robots made by Doctor Jennifer Bridget

Noir Man DBN-001

Jennifer Bridget was a big fan of noir films. As such, she built Noir Man. Noir Man was her first successful robot. He was built to aid in detective work. Noir Man proved to be quite a success as he was even able to take down an entire mafia all on his own. Noir Man has even proven to get along with other robot masters. This includes ones that were built by someone other than Dr. Bridget. Robots such as Cut Man, Splash Woman, and even Mega Man all manage to appreciate Noir Man’s work. Noir Man is often focused on his work, and he rarely talks with anybody without reason. Nevertheless, Noir Man is a Robot Master that has proven to be one of Dr. Bridget’s more popular ones.

Wire Man DBN-002

Mole Man DBN-003

Mole Man was a robot built to aid in excavations. He was designed for digging and was modeled after a mole stature hence his name. He is actually capable of digging through more than just simple dirt however, and he is capable of cutting solid gold into pieces. The reason for this is because of the material his claws are made out of. Dr. Bridget had discovered this material back when she first built Mole Man, but never got around to giving it an actual name and simply calls it Knife Claw. Another problem that Mole Man has is a malfunction in his voice chip which makes him speak in poor English (though he is capable of speaking some French and Japanese). Nevertheless, humans and other robots manage to figure out what he’s trying to say. Dr. Bridget has yet to build a replacement voice chip for Mole Man.

Fox Woman DBN-004

Titan DBN-005

Jazz DBN-006

Pillow Man DBN-007

Nurse Woman DBN-008

Nurse Woman was constructed by Dr. Bridget as part of her campaign to display her emotional capacity—in Nurse Woman’s case, her capacity for love and care. Nurse Woman was designed as a caretaker Robot, capable of treating sick and injured humans with great speed. Her signature tool is the Nurse Bandage, a long coil of adhesive bandage coiled around her left arm, which she deftly uses to patch up multiple injuries with rapid speed. Although untrained to handle serious cases by herself, or to treat Robots at all, she makes up for it with her big heart—after treating a patient, she often stays with them, to offer them someone to talk to during their recovery. Nurse Woman is excessively human-like, even having an internal heater dedicated to keeping her metal body comfortably warm like a human’s. Most people, after being treated by Nurse Woman, grow fond of her, and remain friends with her after they are well again. She presently finds work in a hospital across the city from Dr. Bridget’s Laboratory.

Yarn Man DBN-009

Snap Man DBN-010

Robots made by Doctor Bill Menton

Marble Man DMN-001

Marble Man was Dr. Menton’s very first creation. He is a construction robot who was built for the purpose of installing marble surfaces in houses, gardens, and other requested places. His body is extremely durable, and he is capable of withstanding extremely tough hits. Despite how physically tough he is however, he is emotionally fragile as he will often become all mopey and depressed when folks mistake him for being a toy robot. He is also known to think of the worst case scenario for whenever he messes up on a task. While these flaws are known to hinder him extremely badly, Marble Man is still a force to be feared and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Toon Man DMN-002

Inspired by children’s cartoons of the old days, Dr. Menton constructed Toon Man in a guise of friendliness. He was the second robot master that Menton had constructed, and he was the last to be built using kickstarter funds. Toon Man is visually silly to look at, with his entire body being white and a vibrant pink color, reminding others of a clown or an old cartoon character. His notably short body defies the rules of anatomy, his arms and legs being thin and spindly, ending in large hands and feet. He wears a top hat at all times, concealing a multitude of objects within it.

Toon Man has displayed a multitude of quizzical abilities, most of which are also based on old-school cartoon humor—the ability to make objects spontaneously fall from nowhere, warping through spontaneously appearing black holes on the ground, and his top hat, under which many objects can be and are hidden. His signature weapon is the Toon Revolver, a revolver that, instead of bullets, fires a flag bearing the word “BANG!” to stun opponents. Although fragile, Toon Man also seems to be able to put himself back together with ease—detaining him for a moment is easy, but killing Toon Man completely is incredibly difficult. Sneaky, smart, and far more cunning than his innocent guise would appear, he is one of Dr. Menton’s most resourceful machines.

Hydro Man DMN-003

Blaze Man DMN-004

Trance HCN-001

Trance was constructed by Dr. Menton as the first of the two installments in his incredibly deadly Hyper Combat series. Built in the image of Menton’s deceased daughter, Tracey, the deceptively-appearing Robot was designed to be able to destroy entire armies all on her own. She appears as a simply dressed, small, petite girl with skinny limbs, a black dress, and long spring-green hair parted down the middle. The only offsetting thing about her are her piercing, golden eyes, more often than not accompanying a sadistic grin. She has exhibited behavior that is best described as “demonic,” going to great lengths to inflict pain, misery, and fear upon her foes. She does this by virtue of her apparently-psychic abilities, which include stopping projectiles in midair, picking foes up and throwing them about with no visible object doing this for her, and even knocking people unconscious with simple eye contact. Mentally unstable and clearly sadistic, many people who have ever seen Trance have a very hard time forgetting her.

Chimera HCN-002

This deadly machine was constructed by Dr. Menton in a conscious effort to strike back against the government. Made to be as hulking and intimidating as possible, it comes as no surprise that he is often classed as using fear tactics. Chimera is a steely, looming figure entirely made out of a chromic, reflective metal, towering over all Robots before him even when slouched over. His feet replaced with massive tank treads, his left hand a cannon, his right eye a glowing red honeycomb of laser sights, his bulky form is sometimes likened to a massive mechanical football player. He battles using his sheer size to his advantage, causing shockwaves when he stomps on or slams his fist into the ground. His cannon fires multitudes of ammunition, including large explosive rounds, blasts of napalm, and, most devastating of all, globs of pure acinium (colloquially called “Blue Death”)—a blue liquid substance made by Dr. Menton through means unknown, it drains the electric power from machines, rendering them helpless against its onslaught. He is not unintelligent, but he often has trouble articulating his thoughts, leading him to speak mostly in one-word sentences. Slow to move and slow to act, Chimera mostly appears as a shadow looming in the distance… but when properly angered, it is all too late.

Warp Man DMN-005

This highly advanced, extremely dangerous Robot was constructed by Dr. Wily and Dr. Menton in part of their new world conquest. He is of an average height and slender build, and projects a curiously discombobulated appearance, with his dark purple and bright cyan clashing with one another as they circle his arms and legs in a candy-cane pattern. He displays an array of abilities, including radar technology to detect other Robots’ presence, instant teleportation, reconfiguring his appearance and voice to whatever he pleases, and, most notably, being the sole carrier of Roboenza Beta, a successor to the previous Roboenza virus. Spending extended periods of time in Warp Man’s presence or coming into direct contact will cause a Robot to contract Roboenza Beta. Typical infectants of Roboenza Beta short out upon contracting it, and then, upon regaining consciousness, will experience random bouts of irrational behavior. Warp Man himself shows no sign of being infected, but he, too, will behave irrationally at times. He always has an air of mad whimsy, rarely disclosing secrets to even his allies and occasionally even disobeying direct orders. He may be equipped with Menton’s great technologies, but he definitely lends himself more to Wily’s insane nature.

Psuedo Woman DMN-006

Cyberman18's Robot Masters

Robots made by Doctor Gustav Fry

Shining Man DFN-001

Shining Man was the first Robot Master constructed by Dr. Fry. The idea for him came when Dr. Fry took a vacation to Japan, where he rented a hotel. There, he was fascinated by all of the super robot cartoons of the 1970, 80s, and 90s that were on TV, his favorite being Mobile Fighter G Gundam. His love for those shows resulted in him making a Robot Master based on the robots featured in those shows, and thus, Shining Man was created. Shining Man is notably humanoid, with no arm cannons. His body is primarily dark blue with white upper limbs. His torso has a green orb in it. His torso and helmet resemble that of a samurai. Shining Man's face is covered by a red mouthplate, and he has green eyes. Shining Man is a very friendly and calm Robot Master, yet when angered, he can become very hot-blooded and filled with determination to defeat his worst enemies. His special weapon is the Light Hand, which creates a fist made of energy that is then shot out at enemies.

Cryo Woman DFN-002

Cryo Woman was constructed by Dr. Fry to work in arctic conditions, as well as analyse dinosaur DNAs, much like Cold Man. Unlike humans, she is equipped with a cooling system that allows her to survive cold temperatures and keep her alive. Cryo Woman's design resembles that of a humanoid blue and white coloured female vixen, with a gold chestplate, wrists, waist, and legs, as well as a blue lower torso, arms, hands, and feet, along with a tail (sounds familiar?). Cryo Woman is known to be rather delicate and kind, much like Plant Man. She is very caring towards animals, yet hates seeing them harmed. She is also good friends with most of the other ice Robot Masters, mainly Ice Man, Freeze Man, Chill Man, and Tundra Man. Strangely, Cryo Woman has a special device built into her body that enables her to speak both English and a mysterious language known as 'Dinosaur Language', though none of the other Robot Masters can figure out what she is saying when she speaks that language. Her special weapon is the Cryo Tower, which causes several ice towers to rise up in a line.

Sand Man DFN-003

When Dr. Fry found himself washed up on a beach, with some technology left with him, he used this, along with most of the beach's sand, to construct the colossal Robot Master Sand Man. Sand Man was basically Dr. Fry's attempt to re-create Wily's Devil-series Robots, but with intelligence. As his name implies, Sand Man's entire body is made out of sand, arranged in the shape of a muscular humanoid figure with Robot Master-like arm cannons and legs. His internal robotic 'skeleton' is actually a special device that keeps the sand together, and thus, can allow it to morph into different shapes. Sand Man's special weapon is the Sand Sphere, a weapon similar to Dust Man's Dust Sphere. It shoots out a ball of sand that explodes on contact with whatever it hits, and thus the remains of it can also damage opponents. Sand Man is known to be a deep thinker, much like Ground Man, and often enjoys having time to himself.

Inferno Man DFN-004

Dr. Fry felt that he wanted to create a Robot Master that would act like a husband towards Cryo Woman. Thus, he created his first fire-themed Robot Master, Inferno Man. Inferno Man was built to melt down metal and make it into new material, as well as help with burning tires. When he is not doing his jobs, he often likes to practice Torch-Jitsu with Torch Man. Inferno Man's body is mainly red in colour, with flamethrower-like arm cannons and two torches on his shoulders, much like Torch Man. Inferno Man's head is coloured silver, with two fiery 'horns' rising out of it. His special weapon is the Inferno Blaze, which shoots out a massive fireball at enemies.

Satellite Man DFN-005

Phantom Man DFN-006

Nature Woman DFN-007

Reaper Man DFN-008

Planet Man DFN-009

Quake Man DFN-010

Soda Man DFN-011

Tide Woman DFN-012

Dr. Fry created Tide Woman to work as a lifeguard at a beach. The result being a Robot Master who can be described as both beautiful and friendly at the same time. Tide Woman resembles a woman dressed in a purple bikini top and bottom, with black hair and a purple tiara. Her lower legs and wrists are colored purple. Her special weapon is the Tidal Wave, which creates a wave of water that travels out in a straight line. Tide Woman is known to be friendly to anyone she meets, but hates seeing people harmed. She is also good friends with Sand Man. Bubble Man and Wave Man both have a huge robot crush on Tide Woman.

Element Man DFN-013

Dr. Fry had been trying to think of new ideas for a Robot Master, one that had a theme that none of his others had had before. Thus, he immediately thought of a Robot Master that could manipulate five elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Lightning, and so he created Element Man. Element Man is one of the strongest and most powerful Robot Masters created by Dr. Fry, and he lives up to his name by being able to manipulate fire, water, earth, air, and lightning all at once. Element Man is primarily humanoid, with a gold and black colored torso and helmet with light-blue eyes. His right arm is colored red and orange, with a flamethrower-like arm cannon. His left arm is colored both dark and light blue, with an arm cannon that resembles a water tank. His right leg is colored yellow and brown, while his left leg is colored light blue and green. Element Man normally is a calm and friendly Robot Master, yet he has a strong sense of honor in himself. He sometimes believes himself to be the strongest of Dr. Fry's Robot Masters and is always willing to have a good fight.

Mixer Man DFN-014

Radiation Man DFN-015

Illusion Man DFN-016

Swagachu102's Robot Masters (RMs)

Note: This is very much still under construction. Don't edit without my permission.

Weather Man (DLN-089)

Weather Man was made by Dr. Light to help better forecast the weather. He was re-purposed by Dr. Wily to create the storms, not forecast them. His design is based on Dr. Light's early design for Tornado Man during the events of Mega Man 9. The only notable differences are his sleeker body and the weather dish on top of his head. He is a very serious robot that has a similar voice to stereotypical news anchors making the action sound more intense. His main means for defense and offense are his Tornado Rush, which allows him to zip across the arena, and his Hail Crush, which is a shield that deals moderate damage. He holds the Speed Gear, which makes him faster then a Category 5 tornado. The individual pellets of hail can be shot forwards in the direction they are facing when shot. He is weak to Homing Missile, Tank Man's weapon, because he can't outrun or redirect the missile.

Good Point: Serious and dramatic voice

Bad Point: Voice can sometimes be annoying

Likes: Male news anchors and news channels in general

Dislikes: Warfare, for some reason...

Tank Man (DWN-090)

Tank Man was made for warfare by Dr. Wily. His main purpose is to help the side he's on win. In this case, his goal is to destroy Mega Man. His body is similar to Napalm Man's body, having treads instead of feet, making him more versatile at the cost of his speed. Unlike Napalm Man, however, Tank Man has arms, though no one knows quite for sure what he uses them for, considering that he's a tank. He talks like a war general, giving him little room to work with his dialog options. His main attack is his Homing Missile, which homes in on Mega Man. He also drives around the arena to try and ram Mega Man. He uses the Power Gear to try and blast Mega Man's processors away, and quite literally at that. He is weak to Pyro Blast, which detonates the missiles inside of him.

Good Point: Never jokes around

Bad Point: Never stops shouting

Likes: Anything that explodes and war

Dislikes: Fire

Pyro Man (

Swoopy's Robot Masters

Note: Sorry if some of these already exist.

Platinum Man (DVN 001)

Platinum Man was originally created to hunt fish for the Mega Man family to eat, but when Dr. Vex stole and reprogrammed him, he started trapping everything around him. His weapon is Platinum Trap, which traps enemies if they walk over it, and he's weak to Bug Man's Cyber Reflection.

Electro Woman (DVN 002)

Originally created to power machines in the Mega Man house, she now zaps anyone who enters her stage. Her weapon is Electro Thunder, shooting a spark that creates vertical electricity beams, and is weak to Growth Man's Vicious Growth.

Puzzle Man (DVN 003)

This Robot Master was used to put broken things back together. When reprogrammed, he could damage enemies with his own body parts and cutters. His weapon is Puzzle Cutter, which tosses a cutter that can grab items and damage enemies, and is weak to Seperate Man's Instant Seperate.

Minnow Man (DVN 004)

Don't worry, Platinum Man didn't hunt Minnow Man! He was used to find fish for Platinum Man to hunt. He now uses pods that dispense killer minnows. His weapon is Minnow Attack, which dispenses a pod that flops minnows out of it, and is weak to Platinum Man's Platinum Trap.

Marker Man (DVN 005)

He loves drawing on everything. Using poisonous markers, at that! He attempted to blow up all the crayons in the world due to the beauty of markers. His weapon is Marker Bomb, which throws a bomb that leaves a trail of damaging marker behind, and his weakness is Electro Thunder.

Bug Man (DVN 006)

He was used to decipher binary codes and fix bugs in the computers the Mega Man family use. After being reprogrammed, he reflects shots back at the enemies with his powerful rays of energy. His weapon is Cyber Reflection, which puts a ray in front of Mega Man, reflecting shots. He is weak to Puzzle Cutter.

Growth Man (DVN 007)

Before, he was used to grow Energen Plants so Mega Man wouldn't be too tired. Now, he grows plants that shoot shots. His weapon is Vicious Growth, which creates a plant that shoots 2-4 shots up and down, and his weakness is Minnow Attack.

Seperate Man (DVN 008)

He likes to seperate himself into pieces, confusing enemies. He also has a stash of orbs that seperate into two and damage enemies. His weapon is Instant Seperate, which creates an orb that splits into two rays that travel across the screen, and is weak to Marker Bomb.

Launch Man (UNN 001) Boomerang Man (UNN 009) Appear Man (UNN 017) Dream Man (UNN 025) Soft Man (UNN 033)

Overdrive Man (UNN 002) Locker Man (UNN 010) Wheel Man (UNN 018) Morph Man (UNN 026) Code Man (UNN 034)

Toxic Man (UNN 003) Tunnel Man (UNN 011) Neon Man (UNN 019) Brick Man (UNN 027) Glass Man (UNN 035)

Cyber Man (UNN 004) Jet/Heli Man (UNN 012) Web Man (UNN 020) Split Man (UNN 028) Stream Woman (UNN 036)

Shine Man (UNN 005) Spiral Man (UNN 013) Spike Man (UNN 021) Crescent Man (UNN 029) Tidal Man (UNN 037)

Infinity Man (UNN 006) Blaze Man (UNN 014) Rain Man (UNN 022) Shield Man (UNN 030) Chicken Man (UNN 038)

Soldier Man (UNN 007) Ride Man (UNN 015) Sniper Man (UNN 023) Vanish Man (UNN 031) Where's My Buster, Man! (UNN 039)

Earthrock Man (UNN 008) Gigabolt Man (UNN 016) Avalanche Man (UNN 024) Bamboo Man (UNN 032) Pitchblack Man (UNN 040)

Lava Man (DNN 001) - Weapon: Lava Ball - Weakness: Waterfall Crush

Nebula Man (DNN 002) - Weapon: Nebula Suck - Weakness: Granite Block

Kilowatt Man (DNN 003) - Weapon: Kilowatt Bulb - Weakness: Sharp Slice

Wolfram Man (DNN 004) - Weapon: Tungsten Cutter - Weakness: Lava Ball

Dynamite Man (DNN 005) - Weapon: Dyna Blast - Weakness: Nebula Suck

Waterfall Woman (DNN 006) - Weapon: Waterfall Crush - Weakness: Kilowatt Bulb

Granite Man (DNN 007) - Weapon: Granite Block - Weakness: Tungsten Cutter/Lava Ball

Slice Man (DNN 008) - Weapon: Sharp Slice - Weakness: Dyna Blast

Battery Man (DNN 009) - Weapon: Electric Battery - Weakness: Haste Attack

Stove Man (DNN 010) - Weapon: Stove Heater - Weakness: Pool Barrage

Gust Man (DNN 011) - Weapon: Strong Gust - Weakness: Nature Satellite

Speed Man (DNN 012) - Weapon: Haste Attack - Weakness: Ice Glacier

Pool Man (DNN 013) - Weapon: Pool Barrage - Weakness: Soil Crasher

Nature Man (DNN 014) - Weapon: Nature Satellite - Weakness: Electric Battery

Glacier Man (DNN 015) - Weapon: Ice Glacier - Weakness: Stove Heater

Dirt Man (DNN 016) - Weapon: Soil Crasher - Weakness: Strong Gust

Monster Man (DNN 017) - Weapon: Spooky Shield - Weakness: Light Spark

Nuclear Man (DNN 018) - Weapon: Explosive Nuke - Weakness: Mantle Magma

Wasp Man (DNN 019) - Weapon: Wasp Attack - Weakness: Chopping Blade

Flood Man (DNN 020) - Weapon: Town Flood - Weakness: Spooky Shield

Cliff Man (DNN 021) - Weapon: Cliff Rocks - Weakness: Explosive Nuke

Light Man (DNN 022) - Weapon: Light Spark - Weakness: Wasp Attack

Mantle Man (DNN 023) - Weapon: Mantle Magma - Weakness: Town Flood

Chop Man (DNN 024) - Weapon: Chopping Blade - Weakness: Cliff Rocks

Cannon Man (DNN 025) - Weapon: Cannon Bullet - Weakness: Plane Wing

Laser Man (DNN 026) - Weapon: Force Laser - Weakness: Cannon Bullet

Spear Man (DNN 027) - Weapon: Spear Barrage - Weakness: Force Laser

Wrap Man (DNN 028) - Weapon: Liquid Wrap - Weakness: Spear Barrage

Hot Man (DNN 029) - Weapon: Fireball Blast - Weakness: Liquid Wrap

Igloo Man (DNN 030) - Weapon: Igloo Brick - Weakness: Fireball Blast

Tree Man (DNN 031) - Weapon: Tree Trunk - Weakness: Igloo Brick/Fireball Blast

Plane Man (DNN 032) - Weapon: Plane Wing - Weakness: Tree Trunk

Aim Man (DNN 033) - Weapon: Aimed Missile - Weakness: None

Hunt Man (DNN 034) - Weapon: Hunting Trap - Weakness: None

Cyclone Man (DNN 035) - Weapon: Air Tornado - Weakness: None

Diamond Man (DNN 036) - Weapon: Diamond Eye - Weakness: None

Towering Man (DNN 037) - Weapon: Tall Tower - Weakness: None

Goo Man (DNN 038) - Weapon: Goo Gun - Weakness: None

Dash Man (DNN 039) - Weapon: Ferocious Dash - Weakness: None

Shell Man (DNN 040) - Weapon: Protective Shell - Weakness: None

Torpedo Man (DNN 041) - Weapon: Explosive Torpedo - Weakness: None

Lightning Man (DNN 042) - Weapon: Thunder Burst - Weakness: None

Mine Man (DNN 043) - Weapon: Steel Pickaxe - Weakness: None

Creep Man (DNN 044) - Weapon: Jumpscare - Weakness: None

Meteor Man (DNN 045) - Weapon: Meteor Barrage - Weakness: None

Ray Man (DNN 046) - Weapon: Reflective Ray - Weakness: None

Silk Man (DNN 047) - Weapon: Silk Web - Weakness: None

Chain Man (DNN 048) - Weapon: Ensuring Chain - Weakness: None

Fang Man (DNN 049) - Weapon: Drill Fang - Weakness: None

Hooray Man (DNN 050) - Weapon: None - Weakness: N/A

Ball Man (DNN 051) - Weapon: Bounder Ball - Weakness: None

Copy Man/Mega Man β (DNN 052) - Weapon: Mega Buster β - Weakness: None

Digger Man (DNN 053) - Weapon: Dig Drill - Weakness: None

Mix Man (DNN 054) - Weapon: Junky Mix - Weakness: None

Force Man (DNN 055) - Weapon: Strong Force - Weakness: None

Chase Man (DNN 056) - Weapon: Homing Drone - Weakness: None

Barrier Man (DNN 057) - Weapon: Robotic Barrier - Weakness: None

Silver Man (DNN 058) - Weapon: Silver Attack - Weakness: None

Bolt Man (DNN 059) - Weapon: Nuts 'n' Bolts - Weakness: None

Balloon Man (DNN 060) - Weapon: Helium Balloon - Weakness: None

Bazooka Man (DNN 061) - Weapon: Spread Bazooka - Weakness: None

Trident Man (DNN 062) - Weapon: Sharp Trident - Weakness: None

Salt Man (DNN 063) - Weapon: Salt Shaker - Weakness: None

Card Man (DNN 064) - Weapon: Grab Card - Weakness: None

Switch Man (DNN 065) - Weapon: Light Switch - Weakness: None

sweet_cherryade's Robot Masters

Tempest Man (DCN 001)

A Robot Master designed with the purpose of studying, and controlling, high-altitude wind currents. Being stationed in a flying research facility, Tempest Man often finds himself rather lonely, but believes his research is far more important than making connections with others. Even so, he has a love for classical literature, particularly the works of Shakespeare.

His Special Weapon is the Tempest Headwind, which turns the Mega Buster into a large, propeller-like attachment. This attachment is then able to create a gust of wind that pushes opponents away, and can be angled in four directions to allow Mega Man to jump at great height, or to provide a boost of momentum when in the air.

Anchor Man (DCN 002)

Originally designed with the intention of running tugboats in order to aid in open-sea rescues, Anchor Man is stationed inside a large boat, complete with all the equipment one might need to rescue boats out in the ocean. He notably has a love for aquatic life, and can often be found tending to the reefs on the ocean floor. Not only this, but he has a dream of one day becoming a successful news reporter.

His Special Weapon is the Anchor Toss, a heavy anchor that Mega Man can throw in one of three arcs by pressing the attack button, or holding slightly forwards and backwards. It notably has some similarities to the Axe Toss seen in the Castlevania series. Even so, Anchor Man himself is able to attach chains to these anchors, using them as grappling hooks during his battle with Mega Man.