Fan characters made by users from the Mega Man Knowledge Base and the Mega Man Fanon Wiki.


Revolver Wolf

By anonymous user (June 2008)

Magnum Wolf is a home built reploid, he is 6'0 tall from foot to the top of his head, his body style is slim and athletic with his face, hands, feet, and tail similar to Blizzard Wolfgang, his armour style is similar to the basic reploid hunters in the Day of Sigma video with a dark and light blue coloration, but his combat abilitys far excede any normal reploid,(his personaility was based on his creator's) He has a kind hearted personality and tries to make friends with everyone he meets, he is very trusting and extremely loyal (as long as it doesnt interfer with his moral programming). He has a love for old guns just like his creator and has a love for prototypes (why this is noone can find out) (His dream is to find the prototype for the busters that X and Zero use someday) .He was created by Remi Vander, a human who ran a repliod repair shop and a gunshop. Orginally Wolf was made to just help carry parts, clean parts and guns..etc but as time went on Remi started to upgrade Wolf by adding military surplus parts as the Maverick Wars started, he also started upgrading his combat programming and gave him a moral program that he hardwired into Wolf to help protect him from the Maverick Virus. As Wolf's upgrading wasnt consistant, Remi desgined a primitive Variable Weapon System for Wolf. As so Wolf started to learn how to use the guns in his creator's shop, giving his combat ability a immense boost. One day Remi made for a him a custom revolver (Remi has a love for ancient style guns) that had 2 functions depending on the cylinder installed, it could fire normal laser blasts, or it could fire old .45 pistol rounds. In the course of the Maverick Wars Wolf's creator was killed, leaving him alone in the world and forging a immense hatred for Mavericks. He gathered his revolver and headed out on his own, looking for companionship, and revenge.

Blade Man

By Neo Blademan Seed Cross

Blade was originally supposed to be a Wily Robot Master but before activation Mega Man attacked the lab and took him. He was then reprogrammed to fight for justice and defeat Wily. He's a combo of Mega Man and Proto Man in looks but green. He also has a Beam Sword that would be the Proto-Type of Zero's. When Zero was activated the first time he fought bravely against him.


(By Homsar?)

  • Callum: A Megaman Clone created by Dr. Wily after Mega Man 6. Callum has all the abilities that Megaman has and can even kill people.
  • Crush: Something that was activated after Zero was turned good.

Darkman V

By anonymous user (August 2005)

The ultimate Dark Man. Darkman V is stronger than all Darkmen combined. He looks like Darkman IV, but his armor is dark silver, his buster is Darkman III's, and he has light green eyes. His powers are a chargable shot cannon, a full-body barrier, a electric net, a flame thrower, and a LARGE beam saber.

Tooth Man

By Brick Man

Some crazy-type guy who walks on roofs at night trying to stop cavaties and crap. One of the origonal RMS, he was kicked out. Mega Man and all are embarrassed to have him as a brother.

Dirt Man

By Brick Man

Made when some Sniper Joes dumped dirt down the Robot parts chute. Programmed to follow Wily and Doppler to the end (in this case, its when Zero decides to end Wily), making him very evil. His current status is unknown, but word is that hes been working with Ryo....


By anonymous user (September 2005)

The incarnation of Bass' hatred and the rencarnation of the Evil Energy's source. He was awakened when Bass first used his Chaos Boost (using Evil Energy when fusing with Treble) He looks like Bass when he first used the Chaos Boost, but without the wings.


By Mitchell00

Gunman is a super hero that does everything Megaman isn't able to do. He fights crime whenever Megaman is too busy. He is like a substitute hero.

  • Gunman.EXE: Gunman.EXE is Mitchell's NetNavi.
  • Something Man: Something...
  • Gunner: When Megaman died and X was activated, Gunman also had a turn at fighting Project Zero (Dr. Wily's Ultimate Creation). Gunman died and woke up in a capsule a century later. In 21XX, He is no longer a human. He is now a complete reploid. But, He never met Zero again ever since that day. He looks over the town and fights what Megaman X can't. But in 23XX, X has died and reploids take over the world. Gunner upgrades he's armor to do what Zero cannot. In other words, Gunner/Gunman pretty much does what the main character can't do.


By anonymous user (May 2006)

Xero is Zero's dark side. He looks like Zero, but with red eyes, silver hair, silver claws instead of hands, T-Rex feet, a purple saber, and black armor. He seeks to make every Reploid Maverick and destroy every original Maverick so he can end the world of Reploids.

Xero X

By anonymous user (May 2006)

Xero's 23XX form. He looks the same, except he's Zero's 23XX form.

Xero Omega

By anonymous user (May 2006)

Xero's ultimate form. When Xero X found the Underground Labratory, he copyed the data of Chaos Omega. He now has Chaos Omega's wings, Chaos Omega's arm armor on his arms, and Chaos Omega's leg armor. He now seeks to bring the end of every Reploid, and make the remaining ones Mavericks.

Xero Model V

By anonymous user (July 2006)

After Ragnarok crashed, Xero was thought to be dead. But several years later at the time of Mega Man ZX, Xero reawakened(Very cunningly as Model XZ), this time with the rest of Dr. Weil's data (The part that contained Ragnarok data (Serpent just got a fragment of it).) He then telekineticly built a new body for himself, called Xero Model V, by rebuilding his pre-Omega body and combining it with Model V Prime, which he built from Dr. Weil's data. His resulting body turned out to look like Xero X in Model V form. He can switch between his Live Metal form and his Reploid form, kinda like Mega Man X from Mega Man Zero.


By anonymous user (February 2007)

Xero's EXE form. He looks like Zero.EXE, except his armor is black, he has silver hair, claw hands, and he has a purple saber. He was created from the data of a prototype of Zero.EXE and Bugfrags. He has no operator, and seeks to send the cyberworld into ruin. His sword is called the X-Saber. He has the power to heal himself with Bugfrags. He has an aura similar to the Life Aura called the X-Aura. He is mainly found in the deepest, darkest part of the Undernet.

Nova Man

By anonymous user (May 2006)

Nova Man is the ultimate fire Robot Master. He only has one problem: He has the mind of a 4-year-old. He ran away from Dr. Wily because he thought Wily was a bad father. He now lives with Megaman, who is embarresed to have him as a little brother.

Mega Man Gaia

By anonymous user (May 2006)

The new guardian of the Main Gate. He looks like a cross between Omega from Mega Man Zero 3, CosmoMan.EXE from MegaMan Battle Network 5, and MegaMan Juno. He thinks eradicating life is wrong, and looks over Kattelox Island instead. He can also control Elysium.

Mega Man Chronos

By anonymous user (May 2006)

One of Mega Man Gaia's generals. He looks like a Mega Man Legends version of Time Man. He can speed up his allies or slow down his enemies.

Mega Man Prometheus

By anonymous user (May 2006)

Another of Mega Man Gaia's generals. He looks like a Mega Man Legends version of Duo. He can compress pure energy into any weapon.

Mega Man Helios

By anonymous user (May 2006)

Mega Man Gaia's third amd last general. He looks like a Mega Man Legends version of Heat Man. He can use fire that burns only evil.


By anonymous user (June 2006)

One of Gate's "Nightmare" robots. When Gate saw that Download couldn't infect Reploids, he kicked him out. When X found Download, he decided to have pity on him and brought Download back to the Maverick Hunter HQ. X, Zero, and the Maverick Hunters are embarrassed to have him as a member.


By anonymous user (June 2006)

BondMan is a Navi whose past is a giant enigma. All that is known is that he uses stealth, speed, and his ability to summon duct tape out of thin air to destroy his enemies. BondMan is property of RockMan Synergy and will be used in their upcoming RPG.

Metal Melissa and Yamiko

By anonymous user (July 2006)

They were both built by Dr. Wily, she is high spirted little android. She made friends with Astorman and the other robot masters. She always brings her Bon Bonne baby named Yamiko. Sometimes she was scared of Punk because he bullies her.


By anonymous user (August 2006)

When the Bonnes found some Reaverbot parts, they tried building one. The result was a humanoid Reaverbot with the head of a Zakobon, the body of a Juraid (except with no eyes or "mouth"), the arms of a Hanmuru Doll (except with the hands of a Warut), the legs of a Jaiwan (except the lower legs are made from Zakobon lower bodies), and the feet of a Wojigairon. He is obediant to the Bonnes, and is thought as Bon Bonne's big brother. He acts as a mechanic.

Megaman CXL

By Jesie

Megaman have Rush but it has its own mind. So he begged Dr. Light for a new pet that soon will be called 'Controlled X Lilo'. It was called Lilo since it has the color of lillys.

Mega Man Forte/Bass Trigger

By RingManX

Bass Trigger is the Mega Man Legends version of Bass. It is secret that he is both the Air Pirate King and the ruler of the Terran Ruins. No one knows that they are both one and the same. He became ruler of the Terran Ruins after Yuna went and occupied Matilda's body. He is also the most feared Air Pirate in the all the skies. Even the Bonne family pirates fear him and his crew.


By anonymous user (March 2007)

Gospelus is a Reaverbot version of Treble. He looks like a stylized wolf Reaverbot with Servitor Unit eyes. He is the only non-Servitor Reaverbot capable of speech. He ferociusly attacks anyone who enters the Terran Ruins, and is Bass Trigger's closest associate.

MM1 Reaverbots

By RingManX

Mega Man Cutter/Cut Man Trigger

Cut Man Trigger is a Reaverbot version of Cut Man. An ex-Purifier Unit who is now the guardian of one of Mega Man Forte's Sub-Gates.

Mega Man Muscle/Guts Man Trigger

Guts Man Trigger is a Reaverbot version of Guts Man. An ex-Purifier Unit who is now the guardian of one of Mega Man Forte's Sub-Gates.

Mega Man Chiller/Ice Man Trigger

Ice Man Trigger is a Reaverbot version of Ice Man. An ex-Purifier Unit who is now the guardian of one of Mega Man Forte's Sub-Gates.

Mega Man Blaster/Bomb Man Trigger

Bomb Man Trigger is a Reaverbot version of Bomb Man. An ex-Purifier Unit who is now the guardian of one of Mega Man Forte's Sub-Gates.

Mega Man Ignite/Fire Man Trigger

Fire Man Trigger is a Reaverbot version of Fire Man. An ex-Purifier Unit who is now the guardian of one of Mega Man Forte's Sub-Gates. He looks very similar to FireMan.EXE.

Mega Man Lightning/Elec Man Trigger

Elec Man Trigger is a Reaverbot version of Elec Man. An ex-Purifier Unit who is now the guardian of one of Mega Man Forte's Sub-Gates.

M Man

M Man was created by Dr. Murie (Guy), but a power surge dissrupted his internal thought mechanism and caused him to turn evil, he now abandoned Dr.Murie and created 8 Robot Masters and called them Hydrus Man (An edit of Spark Man), Western Man (An edited Colton), Volt Man (An edit of Gravity Man), Rush Man (An edit of Gyro Man), Lava Man (An edited Flame Man), Iron Man (Edited Hard Man, Nuclear Man (Edit of Skull Man and Wing Man (Another edit of Gravity Man)., After Mega Man destroyed the eight bots, he stole 8 robots from Dr.Wily and reprogramed them, the bots he stole were Centar Man, Flame Man, Elec Man, Cloud Man, Aqua Man, Dynamo Man, Heat Man and Air Man. He also made the Hopper231 (Like a Big Eye, Rev (A Tire), Flame Devil666 (Giant Boiler-Like Golem) and The Destructobot1000000 (Large robot used to destroy cities with devistating missiles, bombs, rockets, lazers, nukes and guns.)

Mistress Krisna

By RingManX

Mistress Krisna is the Mother Unit of the Luna System. Her hair is between the lengths of Sera's and Yuna's, about shoulder length. She is shorter in height compared to Sera and Yuna. Mistress Krisna and Kurtz appear neutral, although helpful toward Mega Man Trigger, Yuna and Sera. She later goes "Maverick" only to return back to normal. This is very similar to Lumine from Mega Man X8.


By RingManX

Kurtz is Mistress Krisna's Servitor Unit. He is taller in height compared to Geetz and Gatz. He has the ability to transform into a large bronze dragon-like Reaverbot. He leaves Mistress Krisna when she turns "Maverick" and joins Sera and Yuna as their Servitor Unit.


By RingManX

The Stardroid that represents the dwarf planet, Ceres. Her weapon, the Boomerang Sickle, is a Cutter type weapon.


By RingManX

The Stardroid that represents the dwarf planet, Eris. Her weapon, the Discord Drop, is a Time and space type weapon.


By anonymous user (April 2007)

The Stardroid that represents the minor planet Sedna. Her weapon, the Static Storm, is a Electric type weapon.


By RingManX

Moondroids are Stardroids that work for the planet Stardroid that their moons orbit. For example, Ganymede works for Jupiter and Titan works for Saturn. There are 14 male Moondroids and 14 female Moondroids.

  • Phobos: The Stardroid that represents Mars' moon, Phobos. He works for Mars.
  • Deimos: The Stardroid that represents Mars' moon, Deimos. He works for Mars.
  • Amalthea: The Stardroid that represents Jupiter's moon, Amalthea. She works for Jupiter.
  • Thebe: The Stardroid that represents Jupiter's moon, Thebe. She works for Jupiter.
  • Io: The Stardroid that represents Jupiter's moon, Io. She works for Jupiter.
  • Europa: The Stardroid that represents Jupiter's moon, Europa. She works for Jupiter.
  • Ganymede: The Stardroid that represents Jupiter's moon, Ganymede. He works for Jupiter.
  • Callisto: The Stardroid that represents Jupiter's moon, Callisto. She works for Jupiter.
  • Epimetheus: The Stardroid that represents Saturn's moon, Epimetheus. He works for Saturn.
  • Janus: The Stardroid that represents Saturn's moon, Janus. He works for Saturn.
  • Mimas: The Stardroid that represents Saturn's moon, Mimas. He works for Saturn.
  • Enceladus: The Stardroid that represents Saturn's moon, Enceladus. He works for Saturn.
  • Tethys: The Stardroid that represents Saturn's moon, Tethys. She works for Saturn.
  • Dione: The Stardroid that represents Saturn's moon, Dione. She works for Saturn.
  • Rhea: The Stardroid that represents Saturn's moon, Rhea. She works for Saturn.
  • Titan: The Stardroid that represents Saturn's moon, Titan. He works for Saturn.
  • Hyperion: The Stardroid that represents Saturn's moon, Hyperion. He works for Saturn.
  • Iapetus: The Stardroid that represents Saturn's moon, Iapetus. He works for Saturn.
  • Puck: The Stardroid that represents Uranus' moon, Puck. He works for Uranus.
  • Miranda: The Stardroid that represents Uranus' moon, Miranda. She works for Uranus.
  • Ariel: The Stardroid that represents Uranus' moon, Ariel. He works for Uranus.
  • Umbriel: The Stardroid that represents Uranus' moon, Umbriel. She works for Uranus.
  • Titania: The Stardroid that represents Uranus' moon, Titania. She works for Uranus.
  • Oberon: The Stardroid that represents Uranus' moon, Oberon. He works for Uranus.
  • Larissa: The Stardroid that represents Neptune's moon, Larissa. She works for Neptune.
  • Proteus: The Stardroid that represents Neptune's moon, Proteus. He works for Neptune.
  • Triton: The Stardroid that represents Neptune's moon, Triton. He works for Neptune.
  • Nereid: The Stardroid that represents Neptune's moon, Nereid. She works for Neptune.
  • Charon: The Stardroid that represents Pluto's moon, Charon. He works for Pluto.
  • Nix: The Stardroid that represents Pluto's moon, Nix. She works for Pluto.
  • Hydra: The Stardroid that represents Pluto's moon, Hydra. He works for Pluto.
  • Dysnomia: The Stardroid that represents Eris' moon, Dysnomia. She works for Eris.

Biometal Models

By RingManX

  • Model C: The Biometal that has the essence of Ciel. It is pink, gold and white and identical to Copy X's armor attachments. It offers cyber copy abilities.
  • Model J: The Biometal that has the essence of MegaMan Juno. It is white, grey and magenta and has remote controlled floating arms with Shining Laser blasts.
  • Model Q: The Biometal that has the essence of Quint. It is green and has Sakugarne.
  • Model S: The Biometal that has the essence of Sigma. It is purple and green and has Sigma's beam sword.
  • Model R: The Biometal that has the essence of Mega Man X's RX Armor without the essence of Mega Man X. It is green and transparent and has dragon-like claws.
  • Model E: The Biometal that has the essence of Mega Man X's EX Armor without the essence of Mega Man X. It is blue and transparent and has a stange blaster.


By anonymous user (January 2007)

A Maverick who claims to be the "Ultimate Maverick". It is hard to tell what his origional form was, because he has upgraded himself into something far from a normal Reploid. He seems to be part New-Generation Reploid, part Mechaniloid, and part mechanical demon. Nemesis has 2 faces: His normal Reploid face which is always in agony, and his true bestial face. Nemisis looks like a cross between the Life Virus R from MegaMan Network Transmission and Serpent Core from Mega Man ZX, except more dragonlike.

Nathan T. Light

By D-BoyWheeler

This kid (yes, kid--he's eight years old when X and Zero first meet him) is the Dr. Light of the X era. He may be eight years old, but he is a child super-prodigy! His father (who was killed by a Maverick) was the distant cousin of Dr. Light, and his mom is the distant great niece of Dr. Wily. One thing that definitely won the Maverick Hunters trust is that he rebuilds Iris! (Zero won't stop smiling for DAYS) Zero and Iris work together to getting materials to rebuild Colonel, and the two Repliforce Reploids join the Maverick Hunters. General gets uploaded into the Maverick Hunters' computer, since he said he would be of better use to them as a computer program. Reploids (good and bad alike) call Nathan a "golden child". X sees Nathan as more than a "golden child"--he takes it a step further by believing he is Dr. Light reincarnated (er, long story).


By D-BoyWheeler

Met-U (a play on "Matthew") is Nathan's pet Metool, whom Nathan made himself. Other than his mom (and perhaps X and Zero, and maybe Axl), Met-U is Nathan's closest friend and confidant. Met-U assisted Nathan in locating Iris' body, which eventually led to Nathan bringing Iris back, as well as Colonel.


By anonymous user (January 2007)

Lunaria is an unusual Reploid. At first, she seems to be a normal female Maverick Hunter, with sword skills rivaling Zero's. However, when the full moon comes around, Lunaria transforms into a wolf Reploid(like Blizzard Wolfang, but resembling a black, turquoise, and silver Fenri Lunaedge from Mega Man Zero 4). In her wolf form, Lunaria posses enhanced canine senses and many hand-to-hand combat skills. She has been known as the "Were-Reploid".


By anonymous user (March 2007)

  • Specs
  • Height: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Hair color: Golden-blond
  • Hair length: A little bit below sholder length
  • Skin color: Tan
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Designed body shape: Slender body shape
  • Basic uniform: Black bodysuit. Chest region of bodysuit is divided into two reigons, top and bottom, with green in middle. Rest of bodysuit has blue designs on it. Boots of bodysuit have purple stripes down the middle.

Mosaic is an unusual Reploid. She seems to be a normal female Maverick Hunter, who happens to be close friends with Axl. However, she has a special talent. She can metamorphose into any Mechaniloid and can stay as that Mechaniloid for as long as she likes. She can also transmute her limbs(mainly her arms) into Mechaniloid limbs or weapons. She's the Maverick Hunters' best S-class spy because of her shapeshifting abilities. She has been known as the "Changeling Reploid".


By anonymous user (March 2007)

Chromis is very unusual. She's related to Yuna and Sera, but unlike them, she's a Servitor unit! She looks like a combination of Yuna and Sera in her human form, and an onyx and marble-colored dragon Reaverbot in her Sacred Reaver form.

Mega Man Blues/Proto Man Trigger

By anonymous user (March 2007)

Proto Man Trigger is the Mega Man Legends version of Proto Man. He is the most mysterious Digger, and seems to know every possible thing about the ruins. His armor is based on Mega Man Trigger's armor, except it's red. He wears a visor over his eyes which he rarely takes off. His weapon is a red Wide Sword(from Mega Man Battle Network)-like saber with a small red Refractor on the bottom of the handle. On his right sholder is Proto Man.EXE's symbol. He posseses a mysterious ocarina which he uses to play an equally mysterious tune(actually the extended version of Proto Man's whistle). Although Mega Man Trigger doesn't know this, he and Proto Man Trigger are long-lost brothers!

Blue Dragon/Blue Shapshifter... or just Lily

By anonymous user (April 2007)

A shapeshifting robot who`s original identity is always masked by the fact she never shows her true form, Lily is normally in the form of a blue colored dragon taller than the average man, she also has purple feathers as the dragon form. She can take to the form of anything and anyone, with Mega Man`s form as a favorite. Lily can manipulate ice, and prefers icy attacks. Lily is very loyal to Mega Man. She also appears in the X, Zero, ZX, ZXA, EXE, and Starforce series. EXE and Starforce Blue Dragon also manipulates water. In the Zero series she is loyal to Zero while secretly hanging out with Leviathan, in ZX is loyal to Vent and Aile and despises Serpant, in ZXA she becomes friends with Grey and Ashe, and is loyal to Subaru in the Starforce series. Her EXE symbol is a purple dragon standing upright in a blue circle, making Megaman EXE think that the dragon form is her true form. She keeps saying the dragon form is not her true form. Lastly, she`s shy, gentle, friendly, has a hidden temper, and fights only to defend herself or others in need of help that she trusts.

Neko.EXE and Inu.EXE

By anonymous user (April 2007)

Two NetNavis who always defend each other. Neko is a female Navi who is dressed like a pink tabby with blue stripes, has blue eyes, and is speedy and stealthy. Neko is mischievious and curious. She uses fire and electricity based attacks. Inu is dressed like a shiba inu dog with blue fur and the part inside the ears are pink, has green eyes, and has high attack and defense stregnth. Inu is just as curious and mischievious as Neko, but acts more mature. He uses water and wood based attacks. These two have a special ability that allows them to turn into the animal they represent. Neko can turn into a pink tabby that has very sharp claws, while Inu becomes a shiba inu with sharp teeth. This transformation only takes place when they are in a dangerous situation and in great peril.


By anonymous user (May 2007)

Kyra is the decendant of Neige from Mega Man Zero 4. They even look similar! Anyway, Kyra is a reporter/journalist who loves to get big scoops, from Mechaniloid rebellions to big happenings like the demise of Slither Inc. She shares a special bond with a Biometal named Model K.

Model K

The Biometal who has the essense of Craft. It is green and white with some red parts. It has Craft's gun for a weapon. Model K is Kyra's personal Biometal.

Kyra (Model K)

Kyra after using the M.E.G.A. System to combine with Model K. In this form, Kyra wears armor nearly identical to Craft's armor, and her hair changes colors from red to bluish-black. She uses Model K's gun to battle. This is Kyra's alter-ego when she needs to fight.


By Captain N

A green-armored, slightly eccentric and very moral bioroid. Staccato has brown hair that falls down the sides of his head, ending in spikes. He has eyes that are normally silver but change colors depending on his mood. He has a polaris star insignia on his chest armor, his "underpants" are colored gold, he wears a green mask that only covers his eyes and has silver dash boots and busters. His polaris star is actually made of crystallized light energy, but within it is a single dark energy core. The light and dark cancel each other out, however under certain emotional conditions, they manifest. When Staccato's emotions are very good, the star glows brightly. If he's very upset or furious, it glows black. Staccato's dark energy is able to manifest itself in a form known as "Sorrowful Staccato", in which his green and gold armor turns to black and white, and his hair becomes white and eyes and star red as blood. In this form he gives into his unbelivable sadness that's built up over the years. He was built two years after Wily was cured of his madness, to symbolize "Will" and "Tom's" newly re-established friendship. He considers the Robot Masters his "cousins", Rock, Blues, Bass, X and Zero his "brothers" and Roll his "big sis". Very religous and spiritual. After a new creation of his "dads" ruined his life and wiped out most of his family save for the sleeping X and Zero, Staccato went into the past to try and fix it, only to end up overshooting straight to the first rebellion! He has sinced lived straight through the age of Rock, X and Zero, bringing back robot masters for rehabilitation, becoming an A-Ranked Hunter, a member of Repliforce and a lab assistant to "Dr. Gate", and a co-founder of Neo Arcadia who saw his dream turn into a nightmare and fought against it. Fell in love with Cinnamon, a maverick named "Siren" and a human girl named Rebecca. Although he and Rebecca wanted to marry, a sneak attack presumably took her life during a raid on Rebel HQ and Staccato, horrified, ran away. He found out later she'd survived, and had been forced into marriage with a jerk named Ecklie Dickson, a sleazy hunter who had kissed so much (censored) that he'd gotten a cushy desk job. He had gotten Rebecca pregnant by slipping pills into her drink. But before he could ruin his future children's lives, he died by falling off the edge of a building, and refused to let Staccato save him. Staccato is now raising Rebecca's kids as her husband, and the kids have been named "Stacey" and "Otto". To all parties, Staccato is their true father.

Snake Man the Maverick

By Megabren

Warning!!! Spoilers from middle in X (a future story)

Robot masters in the future are all good, except Snake Man. He founds out that all Mavericks are animal robots, so Snake man went crazy and started thinking he's actually a snake robot (even though he looks like a guy in a snake suit). He has sidekick called Shark Man one of Dr. Wily's ejected robots because he was crummy and he is. Snake Man was destroyed by Mega Man and Proto Man.

Alerted Shark Man

By Megabren

Warning!!! Spoilers from middle from middle in X

An ejected robot master by Wily, but built by maverick Snake Man. He is a crummy robot because he always tried to bring out sharks but there isn't any water, but that's not why he's an Ejected robot. He was tested by Wily and the sharks in the water kept rusting. When his boss (Snake Man) was destroyed he built the other ejected robots of Wily.

Meteor Mets

By Ultrabountyhunter

Specialy modified mets created for Orcus's own personell use. They appear to be normal mets, albeit with craters built into their bodies, jets that allow them to zoom around and the strange ability to transform into Black hole generators. Using special generators built in they use this unique ability to absorb damage and often attempt to suck in allies and foes alike. Their weakness is that they can not hold this form for too long, they often suck up their own allies using the black hole technique and that despite their powerful ability they are unable to suck up objects that are stuck to the ground and are quite weak. Mega man can use this to his advantage by hiding behind objects that are securley bolted down.

Blader planets

By Ultrabountyhunter

Blader tanks with exotic colours and planetery rings around their "waist" that seem to be their entirely for decoration. They were created by Wily to serve Orcus as infantry. They often accompany Meteor mets in battle and often use the laser cannons on their hands that are modelled after Orcas's own cannons. They have a kind of built in generator that allows them to alter gravity and use it to their advantage. This can be a problem for mega man because the Meteor mets that accompony blader planets use a kind of device that allows them to create miniature black holes and since Mega man would need to hide behind objects to avoid this manouver he often had to quickly destroy all blader planets in the room. Thankfully the gravity devices effects wore off quickly once the blader planet is destroyed and they could even fall pray to meteor mets that would accidently suck them up. However they have moderatley strong armour and could not be affected by another blader planets gravity rays.


By anonymous user (June 2007)

Rythmn is a robot Dr. Light made with some data concerning the Yellow Devil's nanite system. Rythmn has no real shape, because her whole body(except for her nucleus-like central proccesor) is constructed entirely of nanites, allowing her to reconfigure items into weapons, rebuild items, or morph her whole body into anything. Rythmn's spider-like nanites can build other nanites, or be controlled indepently. Rythmn's preferred form looks like a female Mega Man with red and pink armor. Rythmn's preferred hair is brown and at sholder length. When in need of escape, Rythmn can melt into a mecury-like puddle until she is far away enough to reform. Rythmn can attack by changing her arm into a spray of nanites, morphing her leg into a razor-sharp blade, or morphing her whole body into a weapon. Rythmn is very couragous, but sometimes can be hotheaded.


By anonymous user (June 2008)

Timeline: Zero/ZX

Demonica looks like a Reploid, but she's actually a mechanical demoness. Demonica has three normal shapes she takes: her Reploid form, which looks like Leviathan with red and black armor(In ZX, she changed her look so she resembles Aile in Model LX form) with red eyes, her human form, which resembles Aile but with long black hair, red eyes, and black clothing, and her true demoness form, which is a feral, four-legged Mechaniloid with steel spine whips portruding from he back, blood-red demonic eyes on her sholders, and a circular mouth with razor-sharp fangs at the front of her chest, and she has no real head or arms in her demoness form. Demonica's favorite trick is that she lures her victim close in either her Reploid form or her human form (depending on what type of being her victim is), morph into her demoness form when her victim least suspects it, KO her victim, use her steel spine whips to extract some DNA from her victim, and then morph into her victim, thus gaining a new guise. Demonica has a split personality. Her first one is charming and immensley seductive, while her second one is gleefully sadistic. Demonica is truely a force to be reckoned with.


By GrooveGuy

Timeline: Neo Wars (fan era)

Personality: Wild, cocky and reckless, Ace lives for the thrill of adventure. No matter how dangerous the situation, Ace tends to leap into it regardless, never bothering to analyze it beforehand. Because of his outlandish bravery and recklessness, he has earned the name "Ace". He is typically adorned with a cheesy grin and a sly twinkle in his eye, something that anyone who knows him well enough would see as a warning to run. Ace is a rebel, living by his own rules and never letting anyone tell him what to do. He likes to view himself as a 'ladies' man' and tends to flirt with any and all girls he finds attractive. Though he seems to be chronically daring and relentless, he has a good sense of justice and loyally cares for his friends and allies. He also values his trusty gun more than just about anything else, it would seem. When he gets tense, he will often chew on bullets.

Background: Ace doesn't exactly have an exciting and thrilling back-story, something that totally goes against his roguish character, having only one point of general interest. Originally created as an experimental Reploid that would aid in law enforcement, he was rather good at his job, being programmed with a good sense of justice. Along with his brothers, they made a formidable team. Unfortunately, his career took a turn for the worse when he and a small group were sent to check out an area threatened by a terrorist bomb. Something went wrong, causing the building to blow sky-high. Ace was badly damaged, seemingly beyond repair. But his creators were not about to stand around and let him die. After much hard work, Ace was at last re-built. His prized gun was also upgraded, and he has kept it by his side ever since. In order to combat evil and make the world a better place, he became a Hunter alongside his sister.

Kitty Harlequin, (Harley)

By GrooveGuy

Timeline: Neo Wars (fan era)

Background: Created as the sister half of a comedic duo alongside Clown Man, Harley and her brother were once the stars of a popular childrens' television show. However, the show was soon cancelled, leaving the clownish siblings without a job. In desperation, Clown Man joined the terrorist organization known as World Three under the command of Dr. Wily. Harley, though, chose to become a Hunter to combat her brother's wicked ways.

Fun Facts:

  • Her vocal system was damaged during a mission, rendering her mute.
  • She has the same ability as her brother, Thunder Claw.
  • She is named Kitty Harlequin because of her added cat ears and long cat tail.


By Rockmandx3

Timeline: 23XX-25XX

Background: Created after Weil's Incident, Vince was created to act as a sort of "replacement" for Zero. However, he murdered his Army CO in 24XX and had to be sealed away. When he woke up in 245X, he had no memory of his past. Wielding a LX halberd-style staff and a buster he built himself, he works as a Hunter. He is red with white accents and has green visor-glasses.

Vince Max Mode

By Rockmandx3

Background: After finding the Power Unlocker Component, Vince unlocks this new form. Wielding powered-up versions of his staff and buster, as well as powerful gauntlets and Mach 2 foot thrusters, he fights against Albert. His armnor is entirely gold with shoulder spikes.

Vince Perfect Form

By anonymous user (April 2008)

Background: Vince's Ultimate Armor. Combines the best attributes of Copy X's armor and the X version of Zero. Equipped with a broad beam saber and twin buster cannons. Vince uses this form to defeat Albert along with Grey.


By anonymous user (June 2008)

Timeline: MMZ

Background: A female version of Zero created to support him. She is pink, with a bust and a skirt. She is equal in combat ability with Zero, as she uses the same design. Her saber blade and Shield Boomerang are pink. She is very kind, but she can be very ruthless when fighting Mavericks. Countless male Resistance members have suffered her wrath by trying to hit on her.


By anonymous user (February 2008)

Timeline: ZX


When a large piece of Ragnarok(Area M in ZX) crashed, it sent a power surge over Earth. The power surge mutated several Mechaniloids, who all developed Reploid-like qualities. Kero-Shu was a Kerosh that got hit by the wave. Kero-Shu became intellegent and also mutated physically. Kero-Shu became bigger and developed propellers on his back to move underwater.

He also developed a more complex body. His Tang Rod(tongue attack) developed Chain Rod-like qualities, becoming chargible and able to double a grappling hook. Kero-Shu's hands became Pantheon Hopper-like claws, and also became chargible. He later earned the ability to fire missles out of his back that become torpedoes underwater, thanks to coping some data about Burble Hekelot. His personality is quite bubbly. Kero-Shu works with the Hunters, and specializes in underwater work.

Sniper Joelle

By anonymous user (May 2008)

Timeline: Classic

Background: One day, Wily realized that his Joe-type robots needed some female companionship. Thus, he invented Sniper Joelle. Sniper Joelle obviously looks like a female Sniper Joe, but her armor is hot pink and magenta. Her shield, unlike other Sniper Joes, has a heart shape. Underneath her helmet, Sniper Joelle is a teen-ish girl with short magenta hair. She is mucch stronger than the other Sniper Joes, and has a few new abilities, such as being able to create an attraction field (which junctions like a basic shield special weapon, except it surrounds her with energy shaped like hearts) and being able to charge her shot. Sniper Joelle, unlike the other Sniper Joes, has a well-developed personality, and thinks of Wily as her father. Sniper Joelle commands all Sniper Joes, and all the Joe-type robots constantly argue about who gets to date her.

Fenri II

By FangWolf.EXE

Timeline: MMZ (scrapped) Classic (revived)

Fang Wolf travelled into the future in search of advanced robot parts to build him a parter in fighting. A year after Zero had defeated Fenri Lunaedge, Fang came across his scrapped parts and took them back to 200X. With the skills learned from his creator, Dr. Cossack, Fang had rebuit Fenri and reprogrammed him to fight off Wily. Fang refers to him as Fenri MKII, but he's also known as Fenri II. Fenri II is a headstrong robot, and a very big hearted one too.


By Kaihedgie

Timeline: MMZX

The She-Devil is end result of an attempt to create a stronger, faster, and more intelligent version of the Rainbow Devil Mechaniloid products created during the Elf Wars. She had once fought against Zero but unsurprisingly was defeated, despite putting up a rather difficult fight that strained Zero's maneuvering skills. Though she survived the encounter, she was left in a comatose state for years until Rhapsody found her sleeping and took her into his care. Reawakened sometime after the Ragnarok Incident, Rhapsody and Kamorphia disappeared as peace settled in. The two later reappeared as part of a growing rebellion against Master Thomas and has befriended a young, new Mega Man in Josh. Initially a mindless machine relentlessly attacking enemies without discrimination, one too many hits to the crystal by the Z-Saber removed recollections of what happened prior to her fight with Zero and has changed her into a more redeeming, friendlier character.

The She-Devil was generally humanoid by default in shape, possessing a purple skin color and helmet-like adornment on her forehead, her appearance a bit similar to Kyuubit Foxtar. Like her predecessors before her, the She-Devil's body was amorphous and generally invulnerable against most physical attacks, but she was a lot quicker. Her primary weapon of choice was a set of four-saber like globs named Vices that were able to shape themselves into various forms and was able to clash head to head with the Z-Saber. Her weak spot was the crystal embedded in the helmet that served as the neural interface for the entire slime mold. She also had a weakness against Thunder attacks in which would temporary stun her as electricity would travel up the slime and into the crystal.

Model D

By Kaihedgie

A rather odd Biometal. This Biometal was based on that of the She-Devil as well as other Devils before her. When used, it transforms its users into extreme advanced nanomachines that can shape themselves into any form possible, complete with weapons.


By Kaihedgie

Timeline: MMZX

A mysterious Reploid long forgotten since Copy X's first rule in Neo Arcadia. Despite valiantly opposing him, Rhapsody was soundly defeated by the Four Guardians though he manages to survive. He eventually recovered, but was left to watch the sidelines as Zero made his stand against Neo Arcadia. Sometime after the Ragnarok Incident, Rhapsody found a sleeping 'Reploid' named Kamorphia and took her into his care, disappearing from sight as peace settled in the world. He later reemerges as part of a growing rebellion against Master Thomas alongside Kamorphia and a new Mega Man: Josh.

Rhapsody is a dark-skinned Reploid clad in light gray armor styled in a Wyvern theme. Rhapsody is capable of incredible aerial maneuvers, able to take flight using energy wings installed on his chest armor that gave him the ability to 'bounce' in the air. Rhapsody was so aptly named for weapon of choice: a transforming energy weapon capable of taking on various shapes, most commonly a halberd not like Leviathan's. Rhapsody was also capable of taking on the form of a larger Mechaniloid form reminiscent of a Wyvern complete with a long tail. At the expense of harder hit detection was improved speed and power. Weapons in this form included a plethora of energy cannon pods that could be remote-controlled similar to the Psy-Commu system seen in the Gundam metaseries. The transforming energy weapon in the original form becomes a powerful buster weapon used for ballistic attacks. The energy cannon pods could be used to cripple an enemy's movements while the buster weapon was charged up. Finally, Rhapsody's long tail can be used as a close-range weapon as dozens of energy-blade like weapons would spring to life in order to shred targets to pieces.

He is named after the musical term rhapsody, which is an indefinite, episodic form of music displaying many moods and tones.

Tom Light II

By FangWolf.EXE

Timeline: Classic

Tom Light is the son of Dr. Light. A while ago, after Megaman and Bass, Dr. Light was setting up a party for his return. When he came, he met Megaman, Roll, and the rest. Upon his arrival, Wily was attacking the city again. Dr. Light skipped right to giving Tom's "welcome back" presents, one being a Mega-Suit, a suit that gave Tom most of Megaman's abilities, but still keeping his human nature, and the other, Crescendo, Tom's robot dog, who's design is based off of Treble.


Crescendo is Tom's Rush in a way. He looks like a slightly altered yellow Treble, but he has the loyal and loving personality of Rush. Crescendo only has one mode, the Crescendo Flight, which is pretty much like the Rush Jet.


This is the Doc from the cartoon series, ya know, the one good guy Metool. Doc is like Tom's own Eddie.

K-55 Marauder


By Serras-Kai

Once a mechaniloid created for the purpose of message-sending, K-55 (and all others like him) were upgraded when the elf wars broke out into "Marauders," battlefield commanders built with highly durable exoskeletons and systems. The advantage of not only this but their wide-range message sending and recieving made them highly efficient in the battlefield. However, K-55 himself was ultimately shut down under suspicion of becoming a Maverick. After Omega attacked the base his body was being stored in, it was believed that K-55 was lost forever. However, he was found, years later, by a young Guardian named Siege Nile and his partner, Aria. The two of them repaired him and made him a guardian.

The Death Hauler


By Serras-Kai

When K-55 Marauder is subjected to a multitude of test procedures and viruses, then allowed access to all of the biometals, his body malfunctioned and mutated horribly. The cannon upon his right shoulder switched sides and attached to his arm, which has become more of a tail. The cannon is so huge the new creation can not lift it for enlogated amounts of time, forcing it to drag the cannon about, earning it's new name; the Death Hauler. After using the biometals, The Death Hauler no longer needs them, as he copies their powers and personalities as well. This process causes all sentient personalities to erase themselves and be replaced with a monster, which must be exterminated if K-55 is to ever emerge from the beast that is the Death Hauler.

Marauder REAVER


By Serras-Kai

Marauder as he apears in the "Legends" series. It is believed that K-55, or a similar model, underwent unbelievable amounts of upgrades and changes until the original model was no longer recognizable in the monster. How or why this was done is unknown.

A reaverbot which is able to pass through certain walls without harm, Maruader proved to be a fair amount of trouble for MegaMan Trigger. However, he was ultimaterly defeated, and left for dead in the ruins he was found in. He was later found by the Bonne pirates, who "upgraded" him, actually making him weaker.

This version of the Maruader is considerably less intelligent, usually not even able to speak a full sentance in under a minute, and usually saying only one word at a time if at all.



By Serras-Kai

Marauder.EXE is shown as being a sharper, more plane than the original form of Marauder, wearing a different kind of cloak. The dark, visor-like helmate returns, this time partly covered by a mask.

Programmed by a boy genius to be his NetNavi, Marauder.EXE was designed to be "the ultimate," however, the means of making him such had an unexpected side effect, a virus which begins to corrupt everything on the net. This causes a split-descision in Megaman, who does not want to delete Marauder, but has no other choice but to rid the net of this virus. Ultimately, he does delete Marauder. Megaman later finds his data trapped in the undernet, and frees him, but the child who created him does not want him back. He eventually just wanders the internet, dissapearing and is "never seen again," however he is mentioned by a few navis as having been seen on the web "fixing bugs and various problems."


By anonymous user (November 2008)

A third person who the player can select and become part of the game of destiny.

  • Birth - 1 years old: A son of Dr. Weil before he was going to Neo Arcadia. After that sometime at elf war, his mother was kill by maverick but before she was killed. She sent him with her time machine in to the future in ZX timeline to save him.
  • 1 - 11 years old: Adopted by unamed couple. He doesn't know about his past. He live like a normal kid.
  • 12-15: He begin to start to know about game of destiny and by want to know his past, he play it and got model EP. After that Albert make him select the other. About this time he begin to know about Pandora and has a secret crush on her.
  • 15 - 15 1/2: He start to know about Pandora and meet her. Pandora start to has feeling toward him too which Prometheus wasn't too happy about it.
  • 15 1/2 - 16: He try to find a way to help her and her brother escape Albert. He find the secret labs and search it and finally find a ways to save Pandora, but before he return to her. Pandora and Prometheus decide to deal with Albert.


By XeratheMaverickHunter

She was created by Dr. Wily as the female counterpart to Zero in a sister kind of sense. She's befriended Zero and X and regards Axl as one of her closest friends. She is part of the maverick hunters and her ambition is to become the best female hunter. As well as Zero, she is a carrier of the maverick virus.


By XeratheMaverickHunter

Yuu was a reploid created 10 years before the ZX timeline from the DNA of Xera and Axl to become an elite hunting and combat reploid. He had been kept in a cyrogenic tube (similar to Grey's) for that time period. He was awoken by a group of Hunters and he fled the seen, with the fear he'd be killed because he was a maverick virus, which had come from Xera's DNA.


Yuu had managed to escape the hunter's and was found by Prometheus and Pandora. Prometheus had taught him sword-based combat. After the three went on a mission (from an unknown source) they were spotted by Giro and Model Z. Model Z claimed to know Yuu (due to his similarities of his 'parent' reploids). Giro tried Yuu to leave Prometheus and Pandora, but Yuu was too conflicted by choice and fled.

ZX Advent

Yuu reappeared not long before the timeline. He was being chased again by Hunters, so by this point he's a fugitive. He found his way to Grey and Ashe, who agreed to help him. Yuu is particularly fond of teasing Grey by flirting with Ashe, which often produce comical reactions.


By anonymous user (June 2009)

He is the NetNavi of WWW member Lord Jewelston and he looks like the origial Gemini Man, only larger and stronger looking with a handheld lasergun instead of an arm cannon. He can do everything the original can and throws the jewel on his forehead at enemies.


Bob & George characters


A prototype of Proto Man and/or Mega Man. Created and owned by Disgruntled-Ferret, of Bob and George.


A Mega Man Clone created by Dr. Wily after Mega Man 6. Callum has all the abilities that Mega Man has and can even kill people.


Something that was activated after Zero was turned good.

catocat9001's characters

Slime Man

A new SON#001 (Special Origin Number) Robot Master. A scientist developed a new chemical, upon further study he found out that it responds well with machinery. Afterwards he created a computer chip that can manipulate the chemical. He found little success, but after he used the data on the Yellow Devil and Green Devil it was complete.

stage: His stage is rather awkward, it involves a series of chemical mixing puzzles. you obtain 3 different chemical bottles that will work as key items. You can progress by paying attention to the monitors in the back ground, if it says +2red and +1blue,than use that combination on the big beaker.

Strategy: He is rather easy, He throes three slime orbs at you then either jumps or runs across the stage. When his health reaches the half mark he will start to turn into a puddle and move around, Make sure to jump over it (if not it will trap you in a slime bubble and drain you life away, use the movement buttons to escape). he'll also turn his hand into a mace and dash across the stage, simply time your jump. After you defeat him, you will obtain 3 different weapons depending on which character your using, He's weak against Fury man's weapons (due to being flammable).

Weapons obtained:

  • Mega Man: Slime Orb, he shoots out a glop of slime in the same fashion as Slime Man.
  • Proto Man: Slime Bubble, similar to Slime Orb except it doesn't go as far, and when it hits the ground it will keep going forward until it hits an enemy.
  • Bass: Slime Mace, Bass charges forward to attack the enemy it also knocks back the enemy (this attack is similar to Duo's dash on Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters.

Smog Man

A new SON#2 robot master. He was created to absorb Co2 emissions from the atmosphere, and dispose of it in a safe area. But after Wily reprogrammed him, he caused damage.

Strategy: He's about medium difficulty. He moves by hovering in the air, if he's low jump over him cause if you try to slide you'll take damage from the smoke under him, if he's higher slide under him cause he's too high to jump now. He will mainly attack by forming smog clouds in different areas and then moving toward you. He will also turn into smog and scatter across the stage carefully notice were the smog gathers, that will be were he reappears. When his life meter is halved he uses two new attacks. He'll shoot a line of smoke in a curved pattern, to avoid this attack move to an area were the smog goes up. When he turns into smoke this time he'll use a new attack, to avoid it you need to pay attention to his sunglasses that hang over you when they shimmer slide out of the area your standing cause that area will explode. He's weak against light woman's weapons. when you defeat him you'll gain three different weapons.

Weapons obtained:

  • Mega Man:Smog Cloud, this will shoot forward and through enemies.
  • Proto Man: Smog Arm, this will create a line of smoke, use the up/down buttons to change where it curves, you can also stand and walk on the line for a short time (like Magnet Beam).
  • Bass: Smoke Bomb, this will create a small cross hair, move it around with the movement buttons, detonate the explosion with the attack button, and cancel with the jump button, this is useful for dispatching enemies on a ladder.

Striker Man

A new SON#3 robot master. He was created to learn information manually like humans. Since he had a strong body his creator decided to leave him with a faraway martial arts master. He grew very loyal to his master, he slowly became his best student, but after wily tricked him into fighting on his side he lost site of wright and wrong. Strategy: he's intended to be the hardest robot master. Like Quick Man, Shadow Man, or Ring Man, he's very fast. His attacks are directly from [Street Fighter], easily performed moves at start and hard to perform moves when his energy is halved. He's hard to beat so you should bring his weak point weapon. He's weak against Toy Chan's weapons. When defeated all three characters gain the same weapon.

Weapons obtained:

  • Striker Fist: this is a variety of moves to use, Normal: Ryu's Hadouken, Side: throw, Up: Guile's flip kick, Down: Chun-Li's lightning kick.

Light Woman

A new SON#4 robot master. She was built to disperse and contract the flow of light, so miners could see in dark areas easier. Though she cannot control how much light she absorbs, she sees that as a flaw, though to fix that flaw her inventor made a new staff device to absorb excess light. She took exactly 10 years to make.

  • Strategy: She is at medium level. She'll alternate between having a light body and a dark body, the stage will be in reverse. When her body is dark she will only attack by shooting 3 beams downward, when she is light she will fire a stronger beam of light that will move straight for you. When her life is at the half mark she will use a new move which will stun your character. She's weak against Slime man's weapons (due to him being light repelling). When she is defeated you'll gain 3 different weapons

Weapons obtained:

  • Mega Man: Light Needles, Mega Man will attack by shooting 3 light beams in a similar fashion.
  • Proto Man: Light Laser, Proto Man will shoot a large beam of light that will head straight for the closest enemy.
  • Bass: Light Flash, Bass will fire a ball of light straight up then it causes the screen to turn white, afterwords all enemies will be stunned for 20 seconds.

Music Man

A new SON#5 robot master. He's designed to entertain children at parties with music. He also has an experimental sound weapon on his right arm. Probably no one loves good music more than him.

  • Strategy: He the second easiest boss. He'll attack by shooting sound waves like Shade Man, when they bounce back It'll heal him, but if you attack him while he's absorbing it he'll take more damage. when his energy is cut in half the two floors at the ends of the room will turn into spikes, and he will start roaring to push you into the spikes. When he's defeated you'll gain 3 different weapons.

Weapons obtained:

  • Mega Man: Sound Shot, Mega Man will shoot a sound wave forward when it bounces back and touches him the weapon energy will return to normal.
  • Proto Man: Power Whistle, Proto Man will use his whistle to attack, if you time the attack with the music playing in the stage you,ll do more damage.
  • Bass: Sonic Roar: Bass fires a wave damaging all on screen enemies.

Glass Man

A new SON#6 robot master. He is designed to create glassware using his ability to manipulate sand, and has a super heater. His body is extreamly breakable but the red orb in his chest can repair him almost instantly. He's very obnoxious and tells who he's fighting not to attack, because he says it damages his body that takes him forever to make perfect. *Strategy: he,s about medium difficulty. He usually stands on one side of the screen and attacks by creating three glass gems than shooting them at you, he'll occasionally move across the screen by flying across. If you stand too close to him he'll turn one of his arms into a giant lobster claw and start crushing you, use the movement buttons to escape. when his life is depleted halfway the two new attacks, he'll start to form glass crystals around him if you don't destroy them in time they will enter his body and heal him. For His second attack he'll for a large spear and throw it at you, you can avoid it by hitting him with a charged shot. When he's defeated you can gain three different weapons.

  • Megaman: glass crystal, this attack will work similar to Yamato Spear, except when they hit walls they will stick to them, when you touch them you,ll gain a little weapon energy back.
  • Protoman: glass barrier, four glass shards surround Protoman, press the shot button to fire them forward or press the down button to absorb them back.
  • Bass: Glass spear, Bass will throw a glass spear forward, not only is it powerful it can be used as a foothold.

Toy Chan

A new SON#7 robot master built to have the appearance of a child. His creator and purpose of creation are unknown, though Wily found him in a abandoned warehouse were robots that are known to be extremely dangerous to humans are sent. That leads to believe he had a dark past. he,s immature almost all the time and has a disturbing expression on his face when insulted.

  • Strategy: he's a hard character to defeat, he moves almost as fast as Striker man.

but either way he's none to charming. his first type of attack is to deploy rubber balls that he kicks back and forth and stands on. his second form of attack involves a specially designed yo yo that locks on to you. after his life is depleted halfway he will deploy small tanks that shoot fireworks at you if your Megaman you have to slide under them with perfect timing, if your Bass you have to time your double jump, with Protoman you can just hold down the shield button to prevent damage. when defeated he gives 3 different weapons.

Megaman: Toy ball. Megaman fires a rubber ball that can be aimed, when you try to jump on it you'll stand, your left and right moments are reversed, you can run over weak enemies and travel across spikes.

Protoman: trace yo yo. Protoman throws a yo yo that locks on to enemies. if you hold down the attack button, it will do multiple hits with one weapon unit used up.

Bass: toy tank. Bass tosses two small tanks that fire shots at enemies automatically, they also have a coil device like rush.

Fury Man

A new SON#8 robot master, he was the first robot to test emotions in robots. He gets his name from the fact that he has trouble handling anger. after wily found him he remolded Fury man with sharp claws, fire abilities, and a dragon motif.

  • Strategy: he's considered a menace he combines strategies with Fire man and Slash man, he's weak against striker fist. When defeated he gives 3 different weapons.

Megaman: Fury Fire. Megaman shoots a small fire ball forward, when charged middle way a fire ball is thrown straight, and when fully charged a stream of fire shoots straight.

Protoman: Fire claws. Protoman slashes with streams of fire, this works just like slash man's weapon, it can perform multiple hits.

Bass: Fury Aura. Bass surrounds himself in an aura of fire wile standing, if you attack while moving in a different direction, he'll dash forward in flames.


She is a robot based on Cut Man's design. She looks almost exactly like him, with the exceptions of wearing a pink skirt, and tank top. instead of Cut man's scissors, she has a large bladed Ribbon on her head. she throws faster and more accurately, wily built her to work in tandem with cut man. Cut man treats her like a little sister.

Strategy: She's the first boss in the Zero castle. she's weak against Slime man's weapons.

Sud Stride

He is a robot based on Fire Man's design. instead of fire you can see bubbles on his head, he's light blue instead of red, and he has a gloomy expression on his face. The most noticeable difference is his personality, when you meet him he says that he didn't feel like fighting today, and would rather stay in bed.

Strategy: He's the second boss in the Zero castle. He's weak against Sound man's weapons.

Volcano Blaze

He is a robot based of Ice man. the most obvious change is the fire ability.

Strategy: He's the third boss in the zero castle. He's weak against Toy Chan's weapons.

Ultra Met

A Purple Met wearing a scarf, He promises to avenge his fallen brethren.

Strategy: He's the first boss in the Wily Castle. He doesn't move or attack until you get close. He will fire three shots like a normal met then run across the area. When his life is depleted halfway, he'll sometimes jump while running to damage you. His final attack is when turns his arm into an energy sword and dashes across the screen.

New Doc Man

He's a super upgraded Doc Robot, He was built for revenge against Megaman. He can turn into various fortress bosses. Before Megaman and co. enter the Doc Robot stage, He uses the special device Dr. Light gave him (which is actually a yashichi). It gives him 30 E-Tanks, and adds two health bars to the screen.

F1 Yellow Devil, weak against Light woman's weapons. F2 Mecca Dragon, weak against F3 Gamma,weak against F4 Octopus Furnace, F5 Dark Man, F6 Wily Machine Six, F7 Guts Man G, F8 Atetemino, F9 King, F10 Fake Man, And the final floor he copies Ra Thor, it's interesting how his strategy is converted into a 2-D Platformer form.

Affiechan's characters

Ribbon Woman

Ribbon Woman was originally built to stretch ribbon to long lengths at a factory, but when Paradise V1.0 suddenly attacked, he managed to attack Ribbon Woman while she was at work, knocking her unconcious. While she was down Paradise managed to put a chip in her, making her turn evil. Her main attack is Blue Ribbon, which causes her to use a large, blue-coloured ribbon as a whip to attack Mega Man, the whip can reach long distances and is helpful for Mega Man to "farm" items in unreachable spots on the level. Her weakness is Inari Woman's Fox Fire which causes her Blue Ribbon to be cut in half, but it only limits the ribbon to short distances.

Weapon Obtained: Blue Ribbon, causes Mega Man to shoot a long, blue ribbon out of his arm cannon, it stays on screen for a short time before going back into the cannon, but during the time it is out, by pressing down or up, you can control the angle of the ribbon.

Inari Woman

Inari Woman was built to work in rice fields and help rice grow, she even claims to be the actual Inari, a god/goddess from japan. Inari Woman is always aided by two Fox Spirits, however, one day when she was working, she was attacked by Paradise V1.0 and a chip was placed in her, causing her to destroy rice fields and steal from the owners of the rice fields. Inari Woman's main attack is called Fox Fire, which causes her two Fox Spirits to chase after Mega Man until they hit him, but if Mega Man hits the foxes with a weapon they will stop for a second before continuing chasing. Inari Woman's weakness is Neon Man's Light Show, which causes her to become dizzy and if she is currently using Fox Fire, the foxes will stop chasing Mega Man.

Weapon Obtained: Fox Fire, works like the Hornet Chaser, Mega Man will shoot a fox out of the cannon but there can only be two foxes out at a time



By HuntMan He is Forte's (Bass) trainer (how do you think bass got so strong) he has snow white hair wears a black trench coat, black jeans, and fingerless gloves he has unspeakable powers his existance was unknown until now he can also create weapons out of thin air not much more is known about him.

Megaman Reborn

Megaman Reborn is the New Mega Man after Mega Man Zero had been destroyed by the Crimson Meteor, he has all the First Mega Man's abilities, but he doesn't just copy his enemy's ablilty, he can call on them to help him out (A Second Player can take control of that Robot Master to help P1 out), he can also aim Forward, Up, at an Angle or Downward when in Midair.


Smithy is an old villain of Mario was believed to be dead but mustering up his last batch of power, he transfered his soul from the Mario world to the MegaMan (Battle Network) world and transformed into a NetNavi form known as Smithy.EXE. He also Navified the rest of the smithy gang and formed a group called "The Smithy Leauge." He has commited crimes of net-terrorism attack on NetNavis and reformed viruses and an attempet of murder Lan Hikari through the control of a Copy Robot.

Valenia Trigger

Wife of The Master and the only female humman left. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy which she named Volnutt. When Volnutt was age of ten, he was put into a machine. At the samed time he was renamed as "Trigger." Sadly after that Valenia died from an illness. Every time Volnutt sleeps he dreams about his mother though he never knew that Valenia was his mother.

Demon Dimentio

Dementio another villain of mario traveled to the megaman world(starforce) and challenged Megaman but dimentio need power so use a shard of the chaos heart,The Dark Phantom,The Remains of Le Mu and himself he became a huge beast called demon dimentio though he was defeated by megaman and rouge.


Years after sigma was dead X and Alia got married and had a son Rocky like his father he has a strong sense of justice.He also has a crush on Axl and Cinnamon's daughter Spice.


A robot master who doesn't have Man at the end of his name. Unlike the others he was actually once human. He was an 18 year old juvinile criminal name Tora Shikashi one day he was beaten to death by his drunk father then his dad killed himself. Wily found the young adult in the hospital and offered him a chance to live as a Robot Master. He agreed and wily used all of his surgery skills and knowledge of robotics to make the teen into a Robot Master. He wields a giant blackjack and thats how he got the name. All of the Robot Masters are afriad of him (even Dark Man!).


Gruff is a mettaur virus only he is differnt from the other mettaurs he can speak english and he is actually the incarnation of Transme the original owner of master hand.Gruff appeared in Super Smash Bros. WAR!'s adventure mode B.O.S.S.:The Subspace Army Reborn. Gruff is kind-hearted and is always ready to help out when needed he is also good friends with Chippy the Chip a creature from Kirby's world.Gruff almost became a slave of PharaohMan.EXE and Mr.Fassad until Luigi Tails and Rika saved Gruff.

The Gaurd

The Gaurd is a Reaverbot guardian of the 7 artifacts these artifacts where the scroll of leadership,the star of order,the gear of hope,the blade of courage,the ring of power,the shield of light,and the crystal of honor. He keept them safe from wicked souls.but during a war he had to save the artifacts so he spreded them out through different universes.He made an apperance in Megabound 2:The wrath of Smithy. He now watches over Lan and his allies during the qwest.

Reaper Blade

When Paul (From Pokemon Diamond and pearl) performs Wave Change with his wizzard Reaper they form Reaper Blade. His moves are "Demon Sythe","Reaper Screech", and "Death Slash". Then his mind became courupted and tried to kill Ash Ketchum fore being "Pathetic" and claimed "All pathetic pokemon trainers will die by my blade soon I will not be pokemon master but pokemon king and the world we be for the superior and powerful!" Starforce MegaMan tried to stop him but he was too powerful. But Rouge grabed Reaper Blade and wrestled him and fought him. Soon Rouge won and Paul was defeated but Paul just gave a grin and said "You and I are not so diffrent so why do you wish to save Ash's life?" and all he replied was "I am not like you. You see the world and everything on it as tools I see The world a home of living breathing beings. Ash is one of them so that is why I must protect him." Paul's Wave change is used by IF-Waves Insted of EM-Waves Ex: "IF-Wave Change! Paul! On! The! Air!" Deamon Sythe is a slashing attack used by Reaper Blade's sythe he slashes and rapidly spins to make strong gusts of wind. Reaper Screech is used when Reaper Blade lets out a long ear shattering ghostly moan which makes his opponets confused. Death slash cuts his opponets HP in half. Also his ribs open revealing a crystal that shoots a huge skull shapped blast and also his shoulder blades can transform into twin six barreled skull faced rocket launchers. Paul in the final Megabound season Captures Luna Platz and Ash Ketchum and brought them to an Empty battle arena in Ix's Fortress and tells Solo that he has30 minutes to agree to fight him.Dispite Solo's insensitive personality he wants to save Ash and Luna and not knowing exactly why.Soon he fights Reaper Blade one last time near the end Reaper brakes Rouge's Wrist and Rips off one of Rouges Shoulder pads but Rouge in response pins Reaper Blade to the wall and rips off Reaper Blade's mask revealing Paul's face and then throws Paul onto the ground.Paul then still in his reaper blade armour tries to choke Rouge to death but Rouge stabs Paul in the chest. Paul then fell back begining to vomit liquid crimson 3 times before curseing out Ash and Solo and falling off the arena into the pool of water bellow, he was assumed to be dead until a year later when he served The Covenant and then wthen again assumed dead when his personal doomship blew up over vahala and then later on he returned with The dalek Cyberman Union,then he escaped at the empires defeat and escaped to The Doctor's universe back to WWII with 3 daleks and helped them create the new Progenitor Daleks then him and the new Daleks returned to the Multiverse where Davros waited for them in a old space station he is now one of the multiverse's most wanted criminals.

Mr.L junior

Mr.L junior is Lan Hikari Brainwashed by dimentio into Mr.L's apprentice he and Mr.L are quite a team but Mr.L junior is more hasty his suit is like his crossfusion suit only without the helmet and its black and green with a blue scarf and a headband with the Jr. symbol on it along with sun-glasses. His bro bot is a giant mettaur. Soon Lan was free from Dimentio by Mayl's kiss she gave him to help Lan remember who he really was. His nickname is "The Thunder Kid".


Captin Linebeck's netnavi SteamMan like Linebeck the self-proclaimed greatest sailor of the Beyondard (Termina Sea to be exact) brags about how he adventures temple to temple hither and yon. Unlike Linebeck though he doesn't cower in the face in danger in fact he just charges head on twords monsters and traps. Linebeck of course argues with SteamMan about this. SteamMan is in charge of the S.S. Linebeck engine and SteamMan's first appearence was in Megabound 3: The Rise Of Dimentio.

OnlyHalfGerman's Robot Masters (DWN. 081-088)

      • My creations for Mega Man 11, if such a game will ever exist. These are all original ideas, judging from the fanpages on this site. If your idea was copied, please take it as great minds thinking alike, I have no intention in stealing anyone's thunder.***

Rust Man (DWN. 083)

Rust Man was created by Dr. Wily for compaction and destruction of rusted/corroded metals. He is known to be situated in the Abandoned Compact. His Corrosion Shot fires a small metal bar that slows the target for 2 seconds. If the target is hit by the Corrosion Shot, he then jumps into the air and causes a small earthquake upon landing. He is vulnerable after landing due to regaining mobility. If the Smoke Beam is equipped, the Corrosion Shot becomes harmless and falls to the ground. This leaves the player able to attack Rust Man without getting hit by his earthquake.

-Weapon Received: Corrosion Shot

-Weakness: Smoke Beam

Jitsu Man (DWN. 086)

Jitsu Man is a master of a vast collection of martial arts. He trains in the Underground Dojo to hone his abilities. His Jitsu Kick can shatter bones and deals heavy damage when contact is made with it. When done in the air, the landing causes a small quake that stuns anything on the ground, leaving room for another hit on the target. The Virus Bomb, however, when detonated, lowers the damage potential and removes the stun of the aerial Jitsu Kick. The toxins slowly remove health for a few seconds as well.

-Weapon Received: Jitsu Kick

-Weakness: Virus Bomb

Plague Man (DWN. 085)

Plague Man was created to serve as a treatment to dispose of diseases efficiently. Unfortunately, this only led to Plague Man's acquisition of these diseases. He escaped to the Ruined Apothecary as a "quarantine". Plague Man's Virus Bomb releases a small orb affected by gravity that explodes after a few seconds, releasing toxins within a short range. These toxins die after a second if they do not find a host. If a target is found, the toxins do a small amount of initial damage, but slowly deplete up to 1/8 of health over the next few seconds. If Radio-Activity is equipped, the toxins die on contact, but still cause 1/2 of the total damage than if Radio-Activity was not equipped. Plague Man is vulnerable to Radio-Activity's shot during release of the Virus Bomb.

-Weapon Received: Virus Bomb

-Weakness: Radio-Activity

Dune Man (DWN.088)

Dune Man was originally a pioneering Robot Master. He scouted uninhabited areas for spots to create fortresses and find raw materials. He soon situated himself in the Desert Outskirts. His SandStorm ability is used to send the target in the air right within distance of a heavy punch. The ability is not very powerful, however it can reflect projectiles and send small targets flying, which causes damage upon landing. The SandStorm is blocked or suppressed by the Druidic Summon ability, depending on the ability's strength.

-Weapon Received: SandStorm

-Weakness: Druidic Summon

Smoke Man (DWN. 082)

Smoke Man was used by Dr. Wily to determine location and serve as a beacon when lost. Smoke Man currently resides in the Overgrown Island. Smoke Man first lets out a smokescreen to darken the area, then sets off a dim fire from within his chest. The small light source projects throughout the room, causing a flicker effect. The smoke produced by the flame is then captured and fired at the target as the Smoke Beam, a line of smoke that damages and stuns the target. However, the Geyser Blast's capabilities can suppress the stun as well as prevent Smoke Man from releasing a smokescreen for a few seconds.

-Weapon Received: Smoke Beam

-Weakness: Geyser Blast

Radon Man (DWN. 084)

Radon Man was used as an executioner. His high concentration of radioactivity, however, forced him to be exiled to the Secluded Facility. The Radio-Activity attack is a shield that dissipates certain projectiles that come into its contact. The shield can be fired in multiple directions. If a target is hit by the Radio-Activity shield, it takes moderate damage, and the damage dealt begins to fluctuate for a few seconds. The Corrosion Shot can punch through the Radio-Activity shield without dissipating. If the Corrosion Shot damages a target after hitting the Radio-Activity shield, extra damage is dealt.

-Weapon Received: Radio-Activity

-Weakness: Corrosion Shot

Druid Man (DWN. 087)

Druid Man was seen as defective, and outcast to the Forest Canopy to live in solitude. Through this seclusion, he gained the Druidic Summon ability, which has two levels of strength. The first summons a wave of shrubs from the ground to the front to deal damage. The second, stronger one summons a large tree from the ground to serve as both a barricade against enemy attacks, and damage if the target is caught under it. The exact location of the tree's sprouting, however, is random. The Jitsu Kick can shatter the tree to the ground, and if performed in the air, can knock the tree over, causing extra damage.

-Weapon Received: Druidic Summon

-Weakness: Jitsu Kick

Geyser Man (DWN. 081)

Geyser Man is somewhat of a "therapeutic" Robot Master, once using his abilities to soothe and relax any target. Eventually, after performing rebellious acts, he escaped to the Valley Trough, where he still resides today. Geyser Man possesses the Geyser Blast ability which fires a beam of hot air and water straight up, and then splits to become two columns of water/air while falling to the ground (similar to a fountain effect). He also occasionally uses his geyser abilities to jump high into the air, firing a downward Geyser Blast. The target, if hit by a Geyser Blast, sustains moderate damage and knockback. The SandStorm ability, if equipped, can reflect the nearest Geyser Blast column, however the other(s) are unaffected.

-Weapon Received: Geyser Blast

-Weakness: SandStorm

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