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Note that this page only includes real fan games. See below for conceptual fan games and ROM hacks.

The following tables are an attempt to organize the fan-made games by completion stage and by level of originality.

Complete video games

Original video games

Video games with multiple levels (selection screen & final fortress), special weapons, and completely new bosses.

Default sorting is by region and release date, with Japanese and Asian games on top.

Game Year Country & Author Notes
Megaman Ultimate 2015 USA
Rosenkreutzstilette 2007 Japan - [erka:es]
Rockmen R: Dr. Wily's Counterattack 2009 Japan - Capricorn
Nezumiman 2009 Japan - Seafood
Rokko Chan 2011 Japan - King Soukutu Playable online only
Rosenkreutzstilette 2 Freudenstachel 2012 Japan - [erka:es]
Street Fighter X Mega Man 2012 Singapore - Seow Zhong Hui Made official by Capcom
Rockmen R2: Dr. Wily's Restart!! 2018 Japan - Capricorn
Made in Western countries
Ultimate Mega Man 2005 Canada - Syaxamaphone
Mega Man Rocks! 2009 USA - Eric Ruth Parody
Mega Man Unlimited 2013 Canada - MegaPhilX
Mega Man Revolution 2013 USA? - Mike Crain Improved version #Demo available under development
Mega Man Rock Force 2013 USA? - GoldWaterDLS
Mega Man 42 2013 USA? - Servadac
Mega Man Eternal 2014 Canada - D.R.Page
Mega Man Eternal II TBD Canada - D.R. Page
Mega Man DOS 2014 USA - Darklord92 Based on the 2 non-canon Mega Man games for DOS
20XX 2015 USA - Battery Staple Games Rogue-like stages change every time is played.
Mega Man: Super Fighting Robot 2015 USA- MrWeirdGuy
Mega Man OP 2017 UK - Mario Obsessed
Mega Man: Rock n Roll 2019 Germany - Dennis Engelhard

Based on official video games

Full-length games based on official ones, but with redesigned stages or alternate player characters.

Default sorting is by release date, with the most recent on top.

Game Year Country & Author Notes
Quint's Revenge 2015 Sprites Inc. Based on Mega Man 2 (GB).
You play as Quint.
Mega Man: Day in the Limelight 2 2012 USA - Riverroad Based on Mega Man 3.
You play as the Bosses from Mega Man 2.
Mega Man: Day in the Limelight 1 2010 USA - Riverroad Based on Mega Man 2.
You play as the Bosses from Mega Man 1.
Super Danny 2 2012 USA - Blyka Bosses from Mega Man 3, 4, 5 & 6.
You play as Megaman or Super Danny.
Super Danny 1 Powered Up 2012 USA - Blyka Bosses from Mega Man 1 & 2.
You play as Megaman or Super Danny.
Rockman 8 Famicom 2010 Japan - Mend (2ch) Based on Mega Man 8.
Identical stages, but 8-bit graphics.
Rockman 7 Famicom 2008 Japan - Mend (2ch) Based on Mega Man 7.
Identical stages, but 8-bit graphics.
Star Man Upgraded 2007 USA - Blyka Based on Mega Man 5 (GB)
You play as Star Man.
Hard Hat: the Rebellion 2003 USA - Damaged Games Bosses from Mega Man 2, 3, 4 & 5.
You play as a Mettall.
Mega Man 2: Atari De-Make 2017 Based on Mega Man 2.
Mega Man Maker 2017 WreckingPrograms Based on Mega Man classic games.
You can create your own Mega Man levels.
Megaman X: Online Deathmatch 2020 Gamemaker19 An fast-paced Battle for the victory!
Rockman 6: Unique Harassment 2020 Tatsu
Rockman 2: Basic Master 2021 Tatsu
Rockman World 6 20??
Rockman World 7 20??

Different gameplay

Games that are not 2D side-scrolling platformers.

Mini games

Video games with just one or few levels, and/or with no special weapons.


Games that only have endless mode.

Games that only have bosses.

Games that still have to be classified.

MegaMan Legends:

Games with multiple series, crossovers and original characters:

Video games under development

Demo available

Game Year Country & Author Notes
Mega Man Dongs 2012 Sweden - Robot Goat & Dectilon Parody
Mega Man Day in the Limelight 3 2014 USA - Protanly Based on Mega Man 4, with redesigned stages. You play as the Bosses from Mega Man 3.
Rokko Chan 3D 2014 Japan - King Soukutu
Mega Man Revolution Remix 2015 UK/USA - Sprites INC and Fifth Independant
Mega Man ZX Genesis 2016
Quint's Revenge 2 - War of the Gems 2016 UK - ACE_Spark Bosses from Mega Man 1, 2, 3, and 4

You play as Quint

Rockman X: Pandora's Box 2017 Korea - HDNua Based on Megaman X4, X5 and X6.

Engine is on public. (Unity3D based) Supports local co-operation.

Mega Man Zero Rezurrection 2019 UK/USA - Iliad Games

Based on Megaman Zero and ZX with elements from MMX. Some returning bosses from MMX and MMZ. X and Zero are both Playable Characters.

Games under development, which where partly released (e.g. demos, source code, music, ...):

Mega Man
Mega Man Legends
Mega Man Battle Network
  • MegaMan Battle Network Chrono X - created by Megadudes Production. A spritual sucessor to the MegaMan Battle Network franchise.
  • MegaMan Battle Network - Zero Crisis by FoxClaw. Play as any character VS any character of the BN series and fight your way through a storyline mixing up the BN and Zero series. Being made with "RPG Maker XP". Also includes Zero and a playable version of (real) X in MMZ style.


"Start" refers to the year when the game development started.

Game Start Country & Author Notes
Mega Man X: Corrupted 2009 USA - JKB Games "Metroidvania" game
Mega Man X: Paradox War 2021 Vietnam - Conney Studios Sequel to Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. (Alternate timeline)
Rokko Chan Dash 2012 Japan - King Soukutu Inspired to the Mega Man Legends series.
Mega Man Eternal II 2014 Canada - D.R.Page Sequel to Mega Man Eternal.
Mega Man Recharged
Mega Man OP2 2017 UK - Mario Obsessed A sequel to Mega Man OP
Mega Man X: Innocent Impulse 2007 Chile - Solren 8 bit game
Maverick Hunter X: Giga Mission EX 2018 GigaEX Team Beat 'em up/platformer hybrid
Mega Man GB 2021 England - Dan Root A hand drawn remake/mashup fangame of Mega Man I and Mega Man II for the Gameboy.
Mega Man VI 2021 USA - Fuzzle A fan-made follow-up to Mega Man V on the Gameboy.
  • Mega Man: Citrus Cult - A MegaMan fangame by CL (the Cult of the Lemon; 1, 2).

MegaMan X
MegaMan Battle Network
Cancelled games

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