Flare Man is one of the Robot Masters from Mega Man EN designed by Enker. Flare Man is equipped with a solar battery that stays fully charged all day, and is used during the night time. Flare Man's arms are equipped with deadly heat rays. He can also build up power to release a solar flash that hurts Mega Man. Flare Man's stage takes place in a skybound solar energy plant.


  • Flare Man somewhat resembles Tornado Man from Mega Man 9 and Chill Man from Mega Man 10.
  • Flare Man's head jewel is exactly like that of Bass.
  • Flare Man's stage theme is this.
  • Flare Man was formerly Solar Man, but the name was changed with the confirmation of a Solar Man in Mega Man 10.
  • In his sprite and earlier art, Flare Man has two lasers in place of his hands, but in his current art, he has one hand and one gun. It is possible his hands are rotary.
  • Flare Man is considered to be Lucian's favorite Robot Master, not just of Mega Man EN, but of all the robots he has created.