Gospel Man (Grave Man in japan) is a strong Robot Master who was a Boss in Megaman 5: Proto Type X. He is a Sarcastic man with no memory of his past. he has a rivalry with Protoman.

Megaman 5: Proto Type X

His First Appearence was in Megaman 5: proto Type X. He Was the Leader of the Dark Leagion and was one of the Final Bosses. In Megaman Mode he is only fought twice. Once at Mega Falls as the Mid-Level Boss were he tells mega that the Falls are going to blow. and the second time was when Mega was at the Nitro Speed way as the Level 2 Boss. Megaman had to fight him to get the second gate key. In Protoman Mode he was fought 5 Times. the First was as the Level Boss of Mega Labs where after the fight he tells Proto that Light was trying to destroy him when the Falls Blew up. the Second was when Proto Man Went Back to the Falls and Gospel man as Part of a Training course. the third time was at Metropolis Highway where he told Proto that he was just a Proto Type Destined to Blow and Destroy the Whole Earth. the Fourth TIme Was at Nitro Speed Way where they fought on Level 1 so that Proto Could get the First Gate Key. the FInal Time was on Nitro Speed Way Level X Where Protman fought and Ended up Exploding and Destroying Metropolis. Gospel Man Went into Hiding.

Megaman 9: Wiley's FInal Plan

in Megaman 9: Wiley's Final Plan Gospel Man Made an Appearence as the Test Robot. The Game ended after Megaman/Bass Destroyed the Lab and Saved the world and Gospel Man Woke.