Ice Man is a robot created by Dr. Light. He originally had the appearance of a small eskimo with the function to

Ice Man (Pop'n Music Form).jpg

avoid Dr. Light's machines from overheating and help Roll in the kitchen, but was stolen by Dr. Wily and modified into a combat robot to help him conquer the world. Mega Man defeated Ice Man and got him back to Dr. Light for repairs, but the eyes had heavy damage with the flashes used by Mega Man and now he has to use large glasses to see, and now patrol cold locations. He was captured again by Dr. Wily several other times, but was eventually recovered by Mega Man.

He tries to help Mega Man and the others in Super Adventure Rockman, but got lost in the forest and lost time complaining the heat, so he decided to stay near a river until it was over. After hearing a large explosion, he investigate it and find the other robots, and returns home.

In Mega Man: Battle & Chase, he enter the competition to use the money to travel around "cool" places in the world. If the player win with him, he will visit South Pole, North Pole and others places, making ice sculptures in the way.

At a unknown time between the classic and X series, Ice Man was taken in a explosion that sent him to another dimension, reversing him to his original appearance, but "human" instead of robot, and had a replica. He and the replica changed their names to "Ice Climbers", and wasn't seen again in the Mega Man universe, except for old files found here and there, which are used in magazines and other places.

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