Mega Man Fanon Wiki

This page displays fan made items, such as carry items, transport items and, adapters.

Carry items


The E-Keg is a massive Energy Tank that can heal an entire group in co-op multilayer rounds.

Blast Bomb

An item when used damages all enemies on screen.


Detect adapter

A special Beat adapter that lets Mega Man show enemy strengths and weaknesses. It also shows hidden areas and items.

Hazard adapter

A special Beat adapter that lets Mega Man take very small damage from instant death hazards.

Swim adapter

A special Tango adapter, it lets Mega Man move freely in water, you can fire missles that lock on to enemies in water. Mega Man looks almost exactly like Bubble Man in this form.

Powerfull items

RedSkull orb.pngRedSkull orb

This little red orb with a skull symbol can give you a powerfull attack called Raikousaizan.


A little green bubble that can unlook everything.

Capagen orb.gifCapagen

A half-sized mech that can cut the power of all enemyes.Or as a optional move, it can make a copy of user wich would be incincible for all attacks and mortal for all enemyes


A big block that moves and speak very good.

Elf.gifGem elf

Ok, you asked for it... These 2 little spheres can fulfill every wish of the one who use them.