Vital statistics
Title Jin
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Bad,later Good
Health Medium
Level 3
Status Alive
Location Unknown


"The sooner we rule Code Starforce,the sooner we will rule the earth"Jin talking to Chi and Wale about Earth

Jin is an charater in Megaman starforce:XD wars and an member of the dark clan.She can EM-wave change into Rythem without using an EM-being.

Basic Information

She first appered outside of the arcade looking at people for no reason,then she introdused herself to Geo and co that her name is Jin and was an inspectar in disuique and talked to Geo about his Visualizer having an internst in it and said that it looks broken and asked if he could see them and Geo handed to her and swap it with an fake visualizer well Geo and co. weren't looking and handed it to him,Geo said that she was right that they were broken and asked her if she could fix it and agreed.Later she was seen with an unnamed person (King Naga) and said that Geo was an idiot for falling for her trick and King Naga gave her an order to find the protecter of earth (Megaman) and capture him and bring it to him.Following Nga order she teleports back to earth to find him.Later Omega-xis scented something thats not right and Geo left to find out and found Jin on top of the building and asked Omega-xis if he was right and Jin said that he was an fool and was looking for the protecter of earth and Bud( With Sonia,Luna,Zack,Dj and Aeroblitz) said that the protecter of earth was Megaman accidinty telling her and put on the Visualizer that was said to be 'broken'and put them on and found waves alround him and told Geo that he has no choice but to fight with her and EM-wave change into Rythem and Geo and Omega-xis EM-wave changed into Megaman and battle her.So far Jin was winning until Aeroblitz gave Dj some of his battle cards and use her Tranfer V2 and fight against her and both Megaman and Aeroblitz won and Jin said that she'll be back and teleported off.She hates Geo until the truth of Naga in episode 24.

Outfit Descirtion

She appers to be an small pale skinned with blue hair and brown hair that seem calm.She wears an white shirt and pink shirt with blue jeans shorts,long socks, brown boots and an dark brownish belt.


  • Her name Jin means,Islamic Mythology.
  • Some of her personilty is simalair to Omega-xis.
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