Kakinbatank or Kakkubattanka was a guardian robot created to be obey. It is nicely big and it takes many hits to be defeated. After its creation it was originally named Vr-G-001 Robot Kakinbatank but was renamed because its original name was too long.


  • Phase 1
  • The first time it sleeps and to wake him up, just hit him or his shield.
  • Phase 2
  • He wakes up and begins to shoot little lasers from the core of his shield.
  • Phase 3
  • If disturbed, he attempts to crush the opponent by throwing his shield.
  • Phase 4 and last
  • If he cannot crush you, he begins to shoot rocks, bombs, etc. from his mouth.
  • Also, he can move but he does not do this as much.



Kakinbatank red

It is the original and the weakest. It shoots lasers from the core of his shield, throws his shield at you, and shoots rocks, bombs, etc.


Kakinbatank Blue

It has the same abilities as the original but it moves often.


Kakinbatank Orange

It has the same abilities but it can shoot bigger lasers.


Kakinbatank shin

It is the second version of orange, having the same powers but it has more power.


Kakinbatank pink

It has the same powers but it moves faster.

Perplex (Purple)

Kakinbatank Perplex

It has the same powers but it can jump.


Kakinbatank white

You probably wonder what it is this one does: he has the same powers that are already known but it can make himself invisible.


Kakinbatank green

This is the strongest version of Kakinbatank. It has all the abilities of the other Kakinbatanks.

Similar Enemyes

Roboti Guard

Roboti Guard Red

Roboti Guard or Robot Guard is a enemy similar to Kakinbatank. It cannot move but it can punch, shoot 2 or more missiles or simply jump.

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