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Kitsune Woman

MRN-011, the Charm and Wit of the Delta unit
Vital statistics
Title Witty Girl, Charming for an Old Hag
Gender Female
Race Robot Master
Faction Maximum Robotics Industries
Health 28
Location Maxim's Forest Manor - Mirror Rooms

Kitsune Woman is a Robot Master created by Maximillian V, charged with defending the Manor from intruders. Her skill is undomitable in creating illusions, and she can also copy foe's abilities just by looking at old data of them.


She was created by Maximillian V as a combat unit for illusion and currently guards his fortress. She's also been playing the Megaman games, and has a 'crush' on Hurricane Man, whom she seduced.


Kitsune Woman will be the third Fortress boss in the game.


She will continuously alternate data and weapon between Elec Man, Top Man, Pharaoh Man, Star Man, Knight Man and Commando Man. With each weapon, she uses a set strategy with the weapon and her own, Illusion Laser.

At low health, she will use a strategy of her own, sticking her tails through the ground to try and shock opponents with them. She may also create walls within her stage to disrupt the opponent.


"Hello there, Megaman. I was hoping you would come enjoy my company..." (Prebattle dialogue)


  • She is based off a kitsune, a multi-tailed mythical fox who would transform into beautiful woman to seduce and fool travellers.
  • The fight against her is similar to that of the Weapons Archive of Mega Man 10, but also the Doc Robots from Mega Man 3.
  • Her boss music is unique from other bosses, and will be the same as Eris's boss music.

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