Kras Star
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Vital statistics
Type Metropolis
Level Separated by Districts
Location All over the Wasteland
Inhabitants Cyberns

Kras Star is a Cybern City builded by Dr. Koltin in scientific development of Energon.


It was once overrun by a purplish fungus-like rainforest, causing humans to perish by toxic ooze. Now turned into a easily nagivable wasteland, humans are revived as Cyberns, developed by Pitt Koltan, a chief science officer working as a Cybern himself in the science division. The Wasteland was turned into a industrial mining facility for Energon Ores. Even skyscaping buildings and glass highways are builded with the great achievement ever. Now Cyberns are the pridest robotic civilization across the galaxy.


Kras Star is separated in distants: Industrial, Commercial, Junkyard, and Downtown/Uptown. A shield generator facility is how Cybern is protected with a Energon-powered Shield impenetrable enough to blast a beam after 3 hits. One point of interest is The Metagross Council.


Normally a SGF (Shield Generator Facility), a Race Arena, and a saloon called Midday Constellation. There are no other connections to cities as Kras Star is a mono city


  • Dr. Pitt Koltan (K.I.A.)
  • Master General Zentos
  • Agent Unicycular (or Thirden)
  • Cybern Citizens

Things to attack

The City is guarded by Elite Cybern Troopers known as Jethrons. If you hit them, the alarm will sound off and alert all units to attack.


Energon are unique power suppliers and boost maximum energy, including machinery.

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