Lady Vega/Dr. Vega
Vital statistics
Title Lady Vega alias Dr. Vega
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Unknown
Health Medium
Level 32X
Status Alive
Location Old Presidential
Doctor Vega

Lady Vega alias Dr. Vega, was one of the researchers of Ballom,allyed with Lord C.Just a researcher that created a lot of reploids un teh use of Lord C and Keesi.She has helped Keesi very much and Ballom was impressed of the abilityes of Vega.Her ability is summon.Vega does not like Ciela from Keesi beacause Ciela, says she, is too arrogant.She has a crush on Lord C.She has helped X to become teh high-ranked maverick hunter.Zero, the famous Maverick hunter does not like her.Unspecified, she is a genie.


Lady Vega was born in Japan, in 1880 at 15 December.

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