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Met names

All Met names.

  • Metall: Official Japanese name. Mega Man II, Mega Man III
  • Mettall: Z1 and Z2
  • Mettool: X1, BN1
  • Mettaur: BN2, Z3 and later English games since 2004.
  • メットール: Japanese games.

Mega Man 3

  • Wiley (Wily)
  • Right (Light's Japanese name)

Mega Man 6

  • Mr. X - "Faild" (failed)

MegaMan Battle Network

  • ProtoMan.EXE - "Load Chaud" (Lord Chaud)
  • Servebot (Servbot)

MegaMan Battle Network 3

  • Boone (Bonne)
  • Kasket (Caskett)

MegaMan Battle Chip Challenge

  • Bluece (Blues, Japanese version)
  • Gatsman (GutsMan, Japanese version)

Mega Man Legends

  • Gaskett (Caskett)
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