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Lord Dregg

Dregg is the final boss of Mega Man's Greatest Adventures. He was once a human ruler of Dimension Karape, but sold his life for The safety of his subjects.


Dregg was a ruler of a dimension called Karape. He knew a doom was upon his world, and he made a wish that his subjects would be safe. His wish was granted, and he took the full force of the doom.


Dregg is the main antagonist of the game, and is also the final boss of all 3

Dregg as the human ruler of Karape

character campaigns.


As Mega Man: Dregg will slam the ground trying to knock you down. His weakness is his back. Jump over him and shoot him for damage.

As Zero: Dregg will transform his hands into blades and knock out the Z Buster, forcing you to use the Z Saber. As with Mega Man, he will block all frontal attacks. However he is a lot quicker than he is with Mega Man.

As Bass: Dregg stays high up in the air and sends Rock Soldiers out to attack you. Defeat all the Soldiers, and then jump up and fire at Dregg.


As the human ruler, Dregg wore some magnificent gold armor and a beautiful white cape. After being struck by the doom, he changed. His armor changed its shape and color and became part of him, his helmet becomes a face mask, and his cape bursts into flame.

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