Luxor Sphinx is an ancient king that ruled over the entire planet Xemicron. However, his brother, Omicron, wanted what Sphinx had for himself and decided to try and take the thrown by force. When Omicron took control over the planet, he struck down anyone who didn't worship him or follow his ways; he also demolished cities with a smile because of their continuing to worship Luxor Sphinx. One day, Sphinx and Omicron fought each other in deadly combat. Sphinx became victorious and turned Omicron into stone. All he ever wants is peace...and he makes sure things stay peaceful. He may look gruff and ogressive on the outside, but he's actually the most kind-hearted being to know. He rules with a gentle hand and watches over planet Xemicron from the skies. Racer Man plans on activating the ancient xemicronian evil known as Omicron so he can rid the Earth of the "Human Plague" as he calls it. Rock Man seeks the aid of a slumbering king that will possibly be the only one who can stop Omicron. Rock Man awakened Luxor Sphinx and told him what was going on. And so the two set out on their journey to save the human race...and possibly the planet itself. He's also one of my favorites because he would make an awesome action figure. His appearance is somewhat similar to a Yu-Gi-Oh character called "Exodia the Forbidden One" I must say.