"I hope you don't mind if I cut your chances of survival."
Vital statistics
Title Mega Man 13
Gender Male
Race Robot Master
Faction A total joke
Health 20
Level Bug Jungle
Status Uber Noob
Location Somewhere in Africa

Mantis is the most wicked, most alien-like Robot Master currently known. He may be evil and all, but he gets kicked around quite easily. Every time you knock him down, he bounces back in action. He makes his first debut in Mega Man 11.


He likes bugs of any type and is obsessed with creating insectoid organisms (or "cybugs") and dominating the world with cybugs, nanobots, mechanized insects, and clones of himself. He dislikes humans and pest control companies.


Instead of Wily trying to take over the world, Mantis replaces him and creates his own "Bug Masters" and dozens of Insect based Mechanoloids that he will use to kill all the humans on Earth. Mega Man was told of this by Quick Man, he told Quick Man to alert the other Robot Masters and sound the alarm in Light's lab. And so his journey began...


Mantis isn't very fast, use that to your advantage and use the weapons that are hard to land like Rabbit Kick or Weave Web. He jumps towards Mega Man and tries to give him a good swipe of his E-Tanks, after that a speech bubble will appear and say "nya nya." When he uses Razor Claw, he jumps and slams himself into the ground where Mega Man stands/stood. If you get hit you won't take too much damage.


Because he's so easy, yet would probably make an awesome action figure, he's one of my personal favorites.


By the way, remember Cut Man from the Mega Man Cartoon Series? You know, how Cut Man has the voice of Peter Lorre. That's also Mantis' voice. He has a behavior similar to Voltar from the League of Super Evil Cartoon Series.

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