Maximillian the Fifth

Fifth of the Maximillian Robotics Industries CEO family.
Vital statistics
Title Human Submitting to the Rule of the Machine
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Maximum Robotics Industries
Health 28
Location Orbital Station M - Crystal Observation Hall

Maximillian is the main antagonist of Megaman: A New Age. One of his few desires is a world populated by robotics, and he hates humans for thier trickery and evil designs. He has a chilly voice altogether.


A few years after Dr. Light's passing, Maximillian V rose and killed his father, Maximillian IV, as to take over the company. He then summoned back eight company projects, modified them and sent them to eight world locations to cause havoc. He then constructed a manor in a dark forest where he set up a permanent command center.


Maximillian V is the final boss of both story modes, as well as a main antagonist. FOr the final boss of the game, he fuses several shards of glass together to form the Crystalline Armor, the final boss of the game.


Perfect Machine

The first form of this machine fires a single beam taking up a large portion of the screen, and may also fire off small homing missiles. To damage the machine, shoot into the large tunnel when the beam isn't being fired off.

The second form of the machine switches strategies, firing barrages of missiles instead. These must be used to reach the machine's weakpoint - the cockpit. The homing missiles are still fired off. After the machine is defeated, the final stage begins overlooking Earth.

Crystalline Armor

An armor of pure crystal, it deflects any weapon that isn't the Mega Buster. It will use many weapons of Mega Man X's inventory, specifically those affiliated with crystal. He will also teleport randomly but leaves a small flame behind where he teleported from.

At low health, this final form begins firing Reflect Laser that can do large amounts of damage and bounce around the room. Crystalline 'wings' also protect him from the sides, meaning he can only be hurt from below.


"Once I deploy these 'stars' the gas that leak out will kill one billion people! There will be freedom for robots everywhere!" (Prebattle dialogue against the Perfect Machine)

"Ah, lovely Earth. Tis a shame the humans living there will not survive my stardust." (Prebattle dialogue against the Crystal Armor)


  • The Crystal Armor resembles the Neutral Armor from Megaman X8.

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