New E-Mail

Dear Mega Man EXE,
While you're on missions without Roll, is it okay if I visit her? She is EXTREMELY ADORABLE!
Net Battle Ready,
P.S. Please try your hardest to answer in a week or less.
Hi, MegaMan.EXE.

Have you and ProtoMan.EXE finally made 
peace?  You two would make a cool team 
in fighting W3!

D-Boy Wheeler
Beavercreek, OH

Dear Hub I love you and Lan's games they are so cool though I do miss Iris (She is adorable) and also I have some questions for you.

1.Have you and Lan met a kid named Pokey (Porky) Minch?

2.(This one is for Lan) Are you a fan of Mario? (Just asking since you play alot of video games)

3.Bass.EXE isn't all bad I just know it! (Remember in the Rockman.EXE movie he sacrificed himself to save you form getting sucked into the void.) - Anthony Coppola

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