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Megaman: Mission Justice (MM:MJ for short) is an adventure/action game concept for the Windows OS. It combines Megaman Starforce elements and Megaman ZX elements in the gameplay and storyline. MM:MJ follows a 22-year-old Geo Stelar who is awaken from his suspended animation after 130 years, along with his friends Luna, Bud, Zack and Sonia in very different states (due to their DNA being altered), placed into a world where the entire EM technology (from MMSF) is disrupted and replaced with the M.E.G.A. system (from MMZX). Geo discovers the causes of the "Great EM disruption", and decides to foil the plans of an evil coalition, known as "zChan".


It's the year 23XX, EM technology was disrupted, while the MEGA system takes its place. 130 years has passed since Geo and co. were being sealed away for security. Geo first awakes, realizing that his friends' appareances are different. He then awakes "Prez", Bud, Zack and Sonia by entering the SealCode and disengaging the SealSys. The group realizes and questions the reasons of their "abrupt change" first noted by Luna. Geo then checks the diagnostic to answer the question: their DNA were altered (Luna's DNA suffered the heaviest alteration), which rendered different personalities (although Sonia's personality remained almost intact). Then the gang heads for the exit door when the AlarmSys begins operating, alerting the invasion of the laboratory. Without weapons, the team escapes the place for their lives, before reaching an abandoned warehouse which results to be the Shift Army base.

But just as they reached the main entrance to the base, Maverick Mechaniloids attack them, while Geo asks "Now where's the strengh we need?" before meeting four of the seven BioMetals (MMZX-MMZXA) and a CyberElf (MMZ) codenamed "Omega-xis", who knows Geo and Co. Together, Geo, Luna, Zack, Bud and Sonia become MegaMen Model M, Model L, Model H, Model F and Model P respectively.


MM:MJ mixes most of the MMSF series and most of the MMZX series, such as some characters of Megaman StarForce (Geo Stelar, Bud Bison and Luna Platz, to name a few), factions of MMZX (such as Biometal, Megamerging, among others) and some characters from said saga (some of them: Grey, Ashe, Aile and Vent), as well as adding new stuff (i.e. the siblings of Luna Platz, the mysterious person behind zChan, newly-expanded names (Geo Stelar -> Gerome Neil Alan Stelar), among other things).

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