This is the fifth installment on the MegaMan Star Force Series.It uses The RepliNavis system And introduces us to the XM-ian Son of Nightmare,a highly-deformed XM-ian that is Inprisoned on a giant ship.


You Need to save As many people as you can as a giant spaceship crashes on Geo Stelar's City.After that,the Mayor Says That,as the ship is on your house,you should keep it.Geo invites his friends to explore the ship,but is forced to leave that for can do 3 optional missions meanwhile,that being of the knightress,pharaohjunk and GeminiMan.after that,Doctor Neutral uses the technology on the ship to create the very first RepliNavi,PharaohMan.Then,they go to the ship,but become trapped in it,and MegaMan has to face ElecMan,DarkMan,CutterMan,ProtoMan,Bass,Taurus Fire etc.Details later...

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