Mega Man: Super Fighting Robot

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Action Platformer
Release Date
September 25, 2015 (Worldwide)
PC (Fan-Made)

Mega Man: Super Fighting Robot, or Mega Man SFR for short, is an unofficial Mega Man fan-made game created by MrWeirdGuy. It was released on September 25, 2015.


In 20XX, Dr. Wily has not been seen since his last attack. Suddenly, robots unexpectedly begin attacking the city. This time, Proto Man is calling on all robots to rise up against humanity and take the world for themselves. Mega Man, unsure as to why Proto Man would be behind such an uprising, springs into action to take down Proto Man, because of his duty as a Super Fighting Robot.

Upon defeating the initial eight robots, Mega Man is still unable to locate where Proto Man is hiding until Dr. Wily calls the lab claiming that he has been kidnapped by Proto Man and his fortress is being used as a hideout. Mega Man is skeptical of Wily's claim, but with no other leads, goes to investigate.

After fighting his way through the fortress, Mega Man clashes with Proto Man and emerges victorious. Proto Man soon reveals to have been under Dr. Wily's control, who had faked his kidnapping. Mega Man and Wily fight once again with Mega Man emerging the victor. Once defeated, Wily again escapes and his fortress self-destructs.

Main Characters

Robot Masters

Sprite SFR-001 Leaf Man
Weapon Leaf Boomerang Weakness Giant Axe
Sprite SFR-002 Zap Man
Weapon Zap Barrier Weakness Leaf Boomerang
Sprite SFR-003 Coal Man
Weapon Coal Barrage Weakness Soak Rain
SFR-004 Dagger Man
Weapon Flash Dagger Weakness Magic Missile
SFR-005 Wizard Man
Weapon Magic Missile Weakness Trash Attack
SFR-006 Axe Man
Weapon Giant Axe Weakness Flash Dagger
SFR-007 Soak Man
Weapon Soak Rain Weakness Zap Barrier
SFR-008 Trash Man
Weapon Trash Attack Weakness Coal Barrage

Wily Stages Bosses

  1. Anti-Mega Bulwark
  2. U.F.O
  3. Splashmo Prime
  4. Pyro Core
  5. Rematch with the eight Robot Masters and Proto Man
  6. Wily Machine and Wily Casple F

Special Bosses




  • The game has been in development for four years.
  • This game's stage select music is similar to lyrics from the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon. The game's title also appears to be a reference to the cartoon.

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