Mega Man 2 Atari Demake is an unofficial fan-made game made by TheSkipper1995. The game acts as a reimagining of the NES title Mega Man 2. The graphics and SFX are akin to those found in games for the Atari 2600. Additionally, most of the levels are redesigned, either partly or completely.

Changes from Mega Man 2

While the original game was what made the Mega Man series popular at the time, Mega Man 2 Atari Demake made.

Special Weapons and Transport Items

  • Metal Blades can no longer be thrown straight up or straight down and are thrown at a less steeper angle when aimed diagonally. The blades deal much less damage and has a maximum of 2 uses per bar of weapon energy.
  • The Air Shooter now shoots tornadoes that fly closer to each other.
  • The Bubble Lead now deals more damage. Additionally, the trajectory of the bubbles is slightly altered.
  • The Quick Boomerang deals much less damage and has a maximum of 4 uses per bar of weapon energy.
  • The Crash Bomber now deals a lot more damage, as it can annihilate most normal enemies and sub-bosses in one shot. The bombs can also be detonated much like Drill Bomb.
  • The Time Stopper's effect can now be paused by pressing the 'shoot' button a second time.
  • The Atomic Fire can be held at the end of the Mega Buster while charging in a manner similar to that of the Wheel Cutter. Also like the Wheel Cutter, the fireball can damage enemies while charging. The weapon is much stronger overall, since the fully charged shot can annihilate most normal enemies and sub-bosses in one shot, much like the Crash Bomber in this game. Although the Atomic Fire cannot break walls, they can bypass them,the energy usage of the charge shot has noticably reduced.
  • The Leaf Shield can now erase projectiles without disappearing and does more damage. While the Leaf Shield can only be thrown forward, the shield always stays around Mega Man until the 'shoot' button is pressed a second time or if Mega Man enters a new set of screens.
  • The Item-1 and Item-3 are no longer in the game.
  • The Item-2 platforms carry on through sets of screens and blink momentarily before vanishing if they hit a wall. Additionally, they use Weapon Energy in a manner similar to how Item-1 does In the original, consuming 2 units upon spawning each platform and no longer draining energy thereafter until each platform disappears. They still cannot be created multiple times at once, however.

Controls and Mechanics

  • Mega Man receives much less knockback after getting hit.
  • The weapons' energy are refilled after every stage is beaten just like in the original, but this now includes the Wily Castle stages as well.

Stage Changes

  • The cloud platforms in Air Man’s stage now remain still unless Mega Man shoots while on top of them. They travel in the opposite direction in which he shoots.
  • The long series of Disappearing Blocks is now a series of smaller segments, so that the player can now watch the blocks’ patterns before progressing.
  • The lifts in Crash Man’s stage travel in much simpler patterns. However, the platform now has a clock hand-like mechanism attached that damages Mega Man as it rotates.
  • The Force Beams in Quick Man’s stage now have a noticeable delay before traveling across the screen.
  • Flash Man’s stage now features teleporters similar to the ones in Galaxy Man’s stage from Mega Man 9.

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