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Note: This is a game concept or idea that isn't in active development.

Mega Man 2 Powered Up is a remake of Mega Man 2 and the sequel of Mega Man Powered Up.


The game starts with Dr. Light receiving news that his robots are under attack. Dr. Wily (inside his UFO) appears in front of Dr. Light's lab to announce his comeback and challenges Mega Man to stop his eight new robots. To demonstrate their power, Wily sent each of his robots to the areas Dr. Light's robots are currently working to defeat them and then cause chaos around the city. Mega Man follows Wily and even goes to the top of a building in an attempt to get him, but it is already to late, he escaped. Seeing the chaos from the top of the building, Mega Man teleports back to Dr. Light's lab to prepare for the incoming battles. Which robot he will fight first?

The rest of the game is similar to Mega Man 2 with Mega Man, but there are a few differences with other characters:

Dr. Light's Robot Masters:

  • The robot was either visiting Dr. Light or in his lab for maintenance, thus he wasn't attacked and decides to assist protecting the city as Mega Man was currently under maintenance or away and Light would require some time to prepare him for combat. By the time Mega Man is ready/arrives, the robot goes to the Wily Castle and defeats Wily before Mega Man.
  • Alternatively, Mega Man was visiting one of Light's robots and is injured by the Wily robot send to the area. With Mega Man damaged, the robot decides to assist to protect the city while Dr. Light repairs Mega Man.

Dr. Wily's Robot Masters:

  • The robot is defeated by the Light robot he attacked, and Light's robot takes the defeated Wily robot to Light's lab. There, the Light robot suggests Dr. Light to repair the unknown robot first as he suffered more damage (being offline) and also to figure out who he is. Shortly afterwards Dr. Wily appears and they realize that's one of his robots. As the other Light robots didn't appear, everyone fears that they all were defeated, and as Mega Man is currently away or under maintenance, Roll and the Light robot suggest to use the Wily robot against Wily, as the Light robot had a lot of trouble against him, almost losing, and believes he will be of great help in the current situation. Dr. Light isn't sure about it, but as they see no other option, they decide to finish the repairs to have the robot assist them in stopping Dr. Wily.


Returning characters:
The 11 returning characters (more with Mega Man S, Mega Man C, Rock, and Roll's costumes) have the same gameplay, with few to none changes (except for Oil Man) and different unlocking methods.

  • Oil Man now can fire 4 blobs of oil at once, and his firing speed increased. Only the first shot leaves an oil pool for Oil Slider.
  • Light's eight robots are unlocked by finishing the game with the Wily robot they fought.
    • After completing the game with one of them, the robot's weapon becomes available for Mega Man S and Mega Man C.
  • Proto Man is unlocked sooner by completing 50% of the Challenge Mode.

New characters:
Like the first game, the Wily Numbers are unlocked by defeating them only with the Mega Buster.

Name Weapon Opponent Details
Metal Man Metal Blade Cut Man Similar to Cut Man, Metal Man can jump on walls, and his jump is one block higher than Cut Man's. His Metal Blade is faster than Mega Man's, and he can have five on the screen at a time.
Air Man Air Shooter Ice Man Air Man can jump higher than other characters. He can charge his Air Shooter, releasing six tornadoes.
Bubble Man Bubble Lead Oil Man While on land, Bubble Man can only move by jumping, being a bit slow and awkward. However, he is a great swimmer, being able to quickly pass by underwater areas. When he enters or leaves water, he gains a bubble shield that protects him from damage one time, bursting afterwards.
Quick Man Quick Boomerang Elec Man His normal movement speed is the same as a slide and dash, and he can dash to move faster. His Quick Boomerang has a better range.
Crash Man Crash Bomber Bomb Man While Mega Man is limited to one, Crash Man can have three Crash Bombs on screen, and he can aim them in eight directions like the Metal Blade. Also, while Mega Man's can only destroy normal, Guts, Bomb, and Crash blocks, Crash Man's Crash Bomber can destroy any breakable block.
Flash Man Time Stopper Time Man His buster is like Mega Man's, but is fired in an uneven pattern, the first shot going straight, the second slightly higher, and the third slightly lower. The buster can be charged to use Time Stopper. During Time Stopper, his buster fires faster and ignores invincibility periods.
Heat Man Atomic Fire Fire Man His normal shot releases a flame in an arc that leaves a fire pillar. Charge a little to release three flames in different arcs. When fully charged, he dashes forward while surrounded by flames, being invincible during the move and causing the most damage.
Wood Man Leaf Shield Guts Man Leaf Shield is released by pressing the attack button again instead of moving. If Leaf Shield is released upward, after a short distance (half screen) the leaves with spread and slowly fall. He can active Leaf Shield again while the leaves are falling, but can only throw it after the leaves disappear. If Wood Man is hit by fire, he will ignite, slowly losing life energy until he extinguishes it with water (Heat Man and his stage will be tough for him).

Additional notes:

  • Areas that require Item 1, 2 and 3 have alternative paths that can be used by other characters.
  • Breakable blocks have changed. Crash Bomber can break most of them, except for Ice, Elec, Time, Oil, Cloud, and Bubble.
Normal Any attack can break it.
Sharp Block Rolling Cutter, Metal Blade and Quick Boomerang.
Stone Block Super Arm can lift and throw it. Thunder Beam, Hyper Bomb can destroy it.
Ice Block Same as MMPU. Can also be melted by Fire Storm and Atomic Fire.
Explosive Block Hyper Bomb and Crash Bomber.
Fire Block Fire Storm and Atomic Fire.
Elec Block Same as MMPU.
Time Block Time Slow and Time Stopper. Quick Boomerang can push them.
Oil Block Same as MMPU, but can also be set ablaze by Fire Storm and Atomic Fire.
Storm Block Lacks gravity. Air Shooter can either push them or move them up.
Bubble Bubble Lead.
Wooden Block Leaf Shield.