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Mega Man Eternal is a fan game made by Daniel Page (Known on YouTube as Entertainmentwf), which began development in 2008. The game was released on December 17, 2014 in celebration of the 27th anniversary of the Mega Man franchise. The game is available to download on its website and was followed by Mega Man Eternal II.


In the year 20XX, the world was at peace for the time being, all thanks to Mega Man putting an end to Dr. Wily's schemes once more.

During this time, Dr. Light had developed a new prototype technology to enhance Mega Man's memory and copy abilities called the "Mega Data".  This disk is intended to be stored in Rush, and still experimental. Suddenly, Dr. Wily, with the help of Bass and three shadowy figures, steal the Mega Data. He intends to use the data to bring back all his previous creations to destroy Mega Man and take over the world.  Using the Mega Data, Dr. Wily even created eight original Robot Masters as a part of his new Mega Data Number (MDN) series. Now it is up to Mega Man to stop him, save Rush, and put to stop to Wily's evil scheme again.

Once defeating all the eight robot master and Mega Man Killer. The Blue Bomber had a showdown with Bass near at the Wily Stronghold. Ultimately, he defeat him and retreat back to the castle. Which where he will be heading inside to save Rush and the day.


The game itself is based on the fan games Rockman 7 Famicom and Rockman 8 Famicom, the de-make of the original Mega Man 7 and 8 into NES-style. This game features some unique changes that are different from the official series. However, it still maintains most of the elements from its predecessors.

Versions 1.38 added native game pad and Xbox 360 game pad (with rumble) support.

Version 1.42 added more energy capsules in Wily Stage 3.




Opening Stage bosses:

  • Red Devil (similar to Yellow Devil and Green Devil)

Robot Masters

MDN-001 Jolt Man
Weapon Jolt Shocker Weakness Frigid Frost
Profile Based on the designs of Spark Man and Bright Man, Dr. Wily created Jolt Man. His Jolt Shocker is dangerous, not to mention he has the ability to generate great amounts of electricity and even unleash it in the form of a series of thunderbolts, the latter being an attack he named "Hell's Voltage".
"Shocking, isn't it?"
Good point Humorous Bad point Spontaneous
Like Electricity-related puns Dislike Swimming pools
Sprite by: sebamkfan
MDN-002 Scorch Man
Weapon Scorch Flame Weakness Tune Note
Profile After reviewing his old plans contained in Rush's memory, Wily created Scorch Man. Intended to be the ultimate fire-themed Robot Master created, he is equipped with flamethrowers, torches, and self-combustion capabilities. Despite being fully equipped with weaponry, he is actually quite laid-back.
"Well... Time to get warmed up, I guess."
Good point Easygoing Bad point Indifferent
Like Sunsets Dislike Windy days
Sprite by: Raging-Banebou
MDN-003 Primal Man
Weapon Primal Bomb Weakness Illusion Blast
Profile After investigating his old plans for enemy plans, Wily decided Monking was one of his more overlooked designs. Primal Man is an upgraded Monking with the capacity to throw explosive coconuts. Dr. Wily commanded Primal Man to keep the amusement park and its visitors secured, though his playful-yet-chaotic nature tends to annoy his fellow robots from time to time.
"Time for some monkey business!"
Good point Lively Bad point Mischievous
Like Bananas Dislike Reptiles

Sprite by: Raging-Banebou and MisterGambit64

MDN-004 Cipher Man
Weapon Cipher Decode Weakness Jolt Shocker
Profile To control the information networks of the city, Dr. Wily assigned Cipher Man to harbor communications between Dr. Wily's Mega Data robots. Cipher Man is in charge of ensuring information remains as secure as possible to avoid interception by the military and Dr. Light.
"Let's see you decipher this, Mega Man!"
Good point Intelligent Bad point Nosy
Like Discrete maths Dislike Viruses
Sprite by: Raging-Banebou
MDN-005 Frigid Man
Weapon Frigid Frost Weakness Scorch Flame

A commander of radio control stations found within the Arctic, Dr. Wily based this ice-throwing robot master off of Aqua Man and Cold Man. If defrosted, this robot master will malfunction. Despite his element, he is quite egotistical.
"Don't get cold feet, Mega-Twerp!"

Good point Strong-willed Bad point Braggart
Like Ice sculptures Dislike Scorch Man
Sprite by: MisterGambit64 and Raging-Banebou
MDN-006 Clamp Man
Weapon Clamp Ring Weakness Primal Bomb
Profile In adoration of his love for the brute power of Guts Man, Dr. Wily created Clamp Man with his previous plans and the Mega Data. Armed with vice-like clamps, Clamp Man can propel himself across great distances best suited for building Dr. Wily's robots.
"Gahahaha! Can you grasp this situation?"
Good point Efficient Bad point Brutal
Like Arm-wrestling Dislike Pansies
Sprite by: Raging-Banebou
MDN-007 Tune Woman
Weapon Tune Note Weakness Clamp Ring
Profile In order to convince and motivate the spirits of robots of all kinds, Dr. Wily developed Tune Woman. With her stage performances, she can turn a Metall brigade to a rave. Her songs are encoded with the plans of previous robot masters.
"This song is dedicated to you, Mega Man!"
Good point Talented Bad point Jealousy
Like Karaoke Dislike Pinching
Sprite by: Mistergambit64
MDN-008 Illusion Man
Weapon Illusion Blast Weakness Cipher Decode
Profile Dr. Wily used the Mega Data to build this mysterious robot master. He can create illusions such as generating copies of himself and even increasing his size. To protect Dr. Wily's plans, Illusion Man contains them and will never release them, even if destroyed.
"My victory is no illusion..."
Good point Loyal Bad point Delusional
Like Puzzles Dislike Analysis
Sprite by: Raging-Banebou

Stronghold Bosses

Stage Name Weakness
1 CWU-01P2 Jolt Shocker
2.1 Jiro Supreme/Copy Quint None
2.2 The Mega Man Killer (Fusion of Enker, Punk, and Ballade) Tune Note
3.1 Mecha Dragon A Frigid Frost
3.2 Bass (Round 2) Frigid Frost
4 Wily RUSH Machine None (Ballade Missile is effective)
5.1 Wily Machine Eternal Cipher Decode/Primal Bomb
5.2 Wily Pod Eternal None


  • Eternal has been in development for six+ years.
  • The Stage Selection functions very similar to Mega Man IV.
  • Beat can be controlled manually for a 2-player mode. Beat is unlocked in this game by collecting all four BEAT letters.
  • The Bass Stage was inspired by Area O from Mega Man ZX.
  • In this game Bass' appearance changes without Treble's assistance.
  • The Opening Stage music is a combination mix of the themes of Enker, Quint, Punk, Ballade, and Terra.
  • This fan game features both past foes of the Game Boy series and the recycled bosses being redesigned for their boss encounter. Also, the final stages have two to four themes with different environment.
  • Clamp Man's stage music appears to be based on Burst Man's theme.
  • This game includes 10 secrets that can unlocked to enhance or change gameplay elements. One (for the first 9) is unlocked each time the game is completed while collecting all the BEAT letters. One secret is unlocked by obtaining all the art (and going to the gallery to grab a token that gives the secret).
  • There are 110 unlockables in the game[1][2].
  • There is one true ending upon unlocking all the secrets, art, and music while unlocking Beat. It is the only time Treble appears in the game.
  • In the gallery there is an easter egg: Dr. Light can be shot, which causes him to hysterically bounce around the gallery. Upon enough hits, Dr. Light turns red and begins attacking the player with pulse attacks (in homage to the shopkeeper in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, and Cuccos in the The Legend of Zelda series).
  • A contest[3] was held in 2010 for enemies to be included in the game. Many enemies seen in the game were a result of this contest and fan contributions.
  • The Wily Machine Eternal is a tribute to the Gigantic Egg Robo in Sonic & Knuckles - one of the final bosses of that game.
  • The game features the Mega Man 1 style spikes (instant death).

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