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Mega Man X9

X9 is a fangame written by Ericard. Quoting that page, "In the year 21XX, the world was once again endangered by natural disasters. Only the Maverick Hunters can investigate the one who was behind the cause of the disasters. Mainly, this seems to be another group of reploids called the Voltz Foundation. Signas and Alia were still working under the Maverick Hunters but they did some research on the incoming disasters. Only Megaman X, Zero, and Axl can once again fullfill their destiny to save the world..."

Pikmin's Analysis

That. Is. AWESOME! Seems just like an X game...but I've never played an X game, but I assume that the X series is good. This page is very well-written. Good job, Ericard.


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April 16, 2015;

It's been months since I was last active, but as a new administrator of this wiki, I'm quite pleased to see this place is as active and thriving as ever.

Anyway, I'll probably add more character pages sometime soon. User:AmaranthineChaos

October 7, 2014;

I've noticed this wiki is in need of some changes. The front page could use a bit of work and then there's the coding issue with the templates.

Since the admins seem to be inactive, I think it would be ideal to give some active users admin privileges. If any of the admins do read this, I'd be more than happy to become one since I'm practically on this wiki everyday. User:AmaranthineChaos

October 2, 2014;

Many new pages have been added for the X series and articles have been categorized properly for easier browsing. In other news, I will attempt to fix the Robot Master template to coincide with the MMKB's version. In the meantime, please use Template:MMWiki for character pages.

Edit: Looks like the mediawiki.css page needs to enable divclass hidden structure for the template to function properly. User:AmaranthineChaos

March 22, 2014;

I'm getting a new account and becoming Hatmandoo. User:GelMan.EXE

January 6th, 2014;

Robot Masters will be getting (unofficial) children! They will be called Girl or Boy. For example, Crab Woman will get a child named Crab Girl. Female Robot Masters rule! User:Thelalaloopsygirl

October 19, 2013;
Mega Man 12 is coming out! There are a ton of female Robot Masters, so don't be fooled by their girly looks! Be especially aware of Sleeve Woman and Crab Woman! Female Robot Masters rule! User:Thelalaloopsygirl
February 7, 2013;
Mega Man Zeta is renamed! It is now Mega Man Robot Revolution. See yah! User:GelMan.EXE
September 29, 2012;
Some of the Mega Man Zeta (Game) pages are outdate and will be updated. Check out the project if you're interested! See yah! User:GelMan.EXE
Febuary 5 2012;
The character Heart Man will be coming soon and the game Mega Man Heart and Star is a upcoming game will be here soon. Bye! Pinga Bird
September 1 2011;
This spinoff of Mega Man is coming. Mega Girl is the new series of Mega Man. I'll be fixing it soon. Bye! Caramelangel714
May 30, 2011;
Pikmin Master was granted as an Bureaucat by Dr. Ivo Robotnik.
May 10 2011;
Hey everyone,Megaman X:World Of X was proclaimed as `The overall last MMX games` so if you create an MMX game pleaase, make it be before Megaman X:World Of X Please.Thanks for reading this.User:Dr. Ivo Robotnik.
April 26, 2011
Dr. Ivo Robotnik was granted as an Administrator.
December 1, 2010;
Dear MMFW members, show your sprite talent and you can win a great prize.But first READ the rules and then add your sprites. From User:Dr. Ivo Robotnik
Oct 27, 2010;
Two user was granted as Sysops, D-BoyWheeler and FangWolf.EXE.
Sep 18, 2010
User of MMFW and MMKB are advised to edit and add information on Megaman Fanon Wikia:Sandbox. From DeathTanz Mantisk
May 6, 2010
Requesting permission from users to be allowed to use their robot masters for an upcoming megaman video game. I will take any robot masters given to me before May 10, 2010. From Shadow Gamer
May 5, 2010
Nintendomariofanon is given a right to Quick and Ericard become an admin in MMFW.
Jan. 28, 2010
Started Mega Man WLiiA in Other Fanon. Basically, it's the casts of the Mega Man universes playing Whose Line is it Anyway? I left a starter stub so other members of the fanon can make up "episodes". --D-BoyWheeler 14:46, January 29, 2010 (UTC)
Battle Chip Set: Super Mario Bros. is created.
The second Mega Man fanon wikia article, Battle Chip Set: Sonic the Hedgehog, is created.
February 2009
MMKB Overhaul is starting. Fanstuff from MMKB will now be moved.
I am Looking for answers I am taking any Suggestions on which Series I Should Make my New Fan Fic About. Leave a Message on the Fan Fic Page so that I Know What to Do it About.

Helping out

January 2010
MMFW has gained several good editors. A major overhaul is due in the future.
Linuxroadwarrior 16:58, January 13, 2010 (UTC)
January 2012

On MMFW, a wiki expanding project began.Please sing in on the list, and begin the work.For our wiki!Our wiki worths all the work!Our WIKI NEEDS MORE!

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