Mega Man Legends Station is a website dedicated to the Mega Man Legends series created in 2003 by fans of the series.


In early 2003, typing "Mega Man Legends" in any search engine would return nothing but old reviews from video gaming sites, and a number of general Mega Man sites that had little to no information about the Mega Man Legends series. Considering that the web needed better info, and though not the most knowledgable fan of the series, fAB took it upon himself to remedy the situation by creating Mega Man Legends Station, a site devoted solely to everything Mega Man Legends. Through countless hours and far more hard work than he imagined, the site eventually grew to become the place he envisioned and more, where fans of the series can find info, media, and be a part of a strong Mega Man Legends community.[1]

Sky Pirate Arcade

Sky Pirate Arcade is a sub-site from Mega Man Legends Station created in 2008. It is dedicated to expanding the Mega Man Legends fangame scene.



Launch the Drache Fly your Drache into battle against Glyde's forces! Sky Pirate Arcade
Kobun Card Beat the Birdbot in this game of memory match. Sky Pirate Arcade
Sart Farm Stampede Round up as many stampeding farm animals as you can! Sky Pirate Arcade
Gesellschaft Galley Serve up lunches for Servbots, like the speed training game in MoTB. Sky Pirate Arcade
Foo-Roo's Flight Escape the ruins before they blow and reduce the damage as you go. Sky Pirate Arcade
Skate or Cry Prove you're the #1 skateboarder among the Servbots! Sky Pirate Arcade
MML3 Servbot Roundup Ride around as Barrett and collect the Servbots, as seen in MML3! Sky Pirate Arcade
Bon Ball Guide Bon's rolling head through various levels filled with zenny. Blyka
Ace Attorney Legends Ace Attorney--Legends style! Trege & Mikey
Seeteufel the Mighty Take down the Seeteufel in an epic battle! The Blues Brothers
Gesellschaft Defense Gather your friends online and defend the Gesellschaft! Emeltee
The Bonnes Win Against Volnutt Who knew watching Megaman lose could be so much fun? Blyka
Mega Man Legends 3 Punt or Pet A play-in-browser mini-game that pits Megaman against objects of all sorts. Press Start

In development

Tuttle's Legendary Travels A full scale 3D action adventure game in the making. fAB & Blyka
MegaMan Digger It's Classic/X sidescrolling action, Legends style. Sky Pirate Arcade
The Master System A full 3D action game starring Mother Units Yuna and Sera. Rockman Striker
RUSH Mega Man Legends MMO proof of concept. Emeltee
The Misadventures of a Servbot A point-and-click Servbot adventure. Katana Ramen


Tuttle's Little 5-Island Adventure Battle and solve your way through puzzling ruins. Sky Pirate Arcade
Blumebear's Great Escape Explore and battle in your choice of Blumebear. Sky Pirate Arcade
Trapped Box Rebellion Guide the aberrant Mimic through the ruins Sky Pirate Arcade
Pocket Legends Megaman and Roll's first digout and beyond, retro style. Mir@k
Megaman Legends Reaverbot Beatdown Survive reaverbot hoards to advance to new levels. tutsyroll & maximize



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