Mega Man Perfect Harmony is a 4-player cooperative fangame created by Rud using game maker and a barebones engine originally designed by Blyka64. The game uses an 8-bit art style that's meant to imitate the style of the six NES Mega Man games. The game also uses elements from other games such as Contra and Street Fighter, RPG elements, etc. It was reported to have online play in future releases. The game's development was stopped in 2013, but the last beta version released is playable. Its engine was used to create an original independent game released in January 2016 titled Endica VII The Dream King, which also features four player cooperative gameplay and similar gameplay elements.


"In the year 20XX, a virus infects all of the world's robots, making them go berserk. As Dr. Wily's conquest for control of the world rages on, Dr. Light develops a cure for this new virus. He entrusts the anti-virus to Mega Man, who must deliver it deep within Wily's fortress and upload it to the mainframe, so that peace and harmony can be restored.

Joined by Mega Man are many of his old allies and a number of his former enemies, uniting to protect Mega Man and ensure that the anti-virus is delivered safely. Some were rebuilt by Light, as the others team up against Wily as well, opposing his plan to turn the entire robot population into berserker drones. Dr. Cossack also joins the fray, creating new allies, and helping Dr. Light deep within the mountains to develop even greater Robot Masters to aid Mega Man's party on their quest.

In one of their greatest outings yet, an adventure awaits as our heroes press onward to victory!"


Mega Man Perfect Harmony Characters

Character select screen.

Many characters are in this game, and most are Robot Masters from past games rebuilt by Dr. Light.

Playable characters

Mega Man
Proto Man
Ice Man
Fire Man
Metal Man
Quick Man
Shadow Man
Skull Man
Napalm Man
Yamato Man
Tornado Man
Splash Woman
Magma Man


Stratus Man
Lightning Man
Speed Man
Flare Man
Smoke Man
Blast Man
Phantom Man
Quake Man




  • Stratus Man's appearance sightly resembles Raven from Teen Titans.
  • Mega Man X and Zero are featured in this game as an alternate skin for Mega Man and Proto Man.

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