NOTE: This game is only a concept and isn't actually in development.

Mega Man Scramble Battle 2, known as Rockman Scramble Battle 2 in Japan, is a fighting game released in 21XX for PC, PlayStation 7, PSP5, Xbox 1080, Nintendo QS and the new Nintendo "I.U.-H.S.I.-Wii-Y.T." (temporary name). It has characters from all Mega Man series available.


At an unknown point in story, a time travel experiment goes wrong and powerful time machines end up appearing in several places from different times and dimensions, including (but not limited to) Dr. Light's Lab, Wily's hideout, Cossack Castle, a robot museum, Hunter Base, Sigma Palace, Jakob Orbital Elevator, Gigantis Island, Neo Arcadia, Resistance Base, Area Zero, Ragnarok, Guardian Base, Slither Inc.'s HQ, Hunter's Camp, Legion HQ, Kattelox Island, Ryship Island, Klickelan Island, Elysium, Electopia, Netopia, NetFrica, Sharo, and even in space.


Unlike its predecessor, the game features a 2D and 3D gameplay mode, allowing players to choose which they prefer, like the recent Capcom All-Stars Battle Royale, and Marvel vs. Capcom 5: The Ultimate Fate and New Clash of Two Super Heroes Taking a Ride Around the Worlds. 2D gameplay is similar to the original, resembling games like the Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. series. 3D mode resembles the Star Gladiator and Power Stone series.

Battle modes include Traditional Match (1 vs. 1), Tag Match (from 2-on-2 to 8-on-8), Team Match (from 2 vs. 2 to 30 vs. 30), and Free Match, where up to 80 players can fight each other online. Battle modes are set as "Death Match" by default, but players can also choose to play as "Point Match".

Several characters and stages are available for all modes, players being able to have traditional battles in a small version of the stage, or fight in a large version of the same stage with several hazards and objects available to be used against opponents.

List of playable characters

Classic series

Mega Man X

  • Zero (customizable)
    • Black Zero (Mega Man X2 copy)
    • Zero (Absolute Zero)
    • Awakened Zero
    • Zero Nightmare
  • Axl (customizable)
  • Vile (customizable)
    • Vile MK-II
    • Vile IV
    • Vile V
  • Sigma (X)
    • Sigma (X2)
    • Sigma (X3)
    • Sigma (X4)
    • Sigma (X5)
    • Sigma (X6)
    • Sigma (X7)
    • Sigma (X8)
    • Copy Sigma

Mega Man Zero

  • Weil Numbers
  • Einherjar

Mega Man ZX

In the beginning, Vent/Aile and Ashe/Grey can only transform in 6 forms each, all with the Normal and Model ZX / A. Vent/Aile have different attacks and can turn into HX, FX, LX and PX.

  • Ashe: Queenbee, Rospark, Bifrost, Shisaroids
  • Grey: Buckfire, Chronoforce, Condoroid, Hedgeshock

When all the 16 boss characters from ZX and ZXA are unlocked, Ashe/Grey can transform into 12 characters instead of 6, and the player can choose which ones they can become, with a total of 24 forms available. Also, Vent/Aile will be able to use Model X, Model O and all the attacks of their Biometals, including the ones from ZXA.

  • 8 bosses ZX
  • 8 bosses ZXA

Mega Man Legends

Battle Network

Mega Man Star Force


  • Hadou Man
  • Kumo Man
  • Taichō Man
  • Doku Man
  • Tsume Man
  • Oiroke Man
  • Nazo no Ninja Robo
  • Meriken Man
  • Nagehame Man
  • Mr. Monami
  • Dr. Marvel


  • Dr. Light's Lab
  • Wily Castle (multiple versions)
  • Wily Tower
  • Cossack Castle
  • Proto Man Castle
  • Mr. X Castle
  • Robot Museum
  • Hunter Base
  • Sigma Palace
  • Doppel Town
  • Final Weapon
  • Gate's Lab
  • Jakob Orbital Elevator
  • Gigantis Island
  • Resistance Base
  • Neo Arcadia
  • Area Zero
  • Ragnarok
  • Guardian Base
  • Slither Inc.'s HQ
  • Hunter's Camp
  • Legion HQ
  • Ouroboros
  • Flutter
  • Gesellschaft
  • Apple Market
  • Downtown
  • Uptown
  • Underground Ruins
  • Kattelox Island
  • Eden
  • Nakkai Desert
  • Gold City
  • Sart Farm
  • Sulphur-Bottom
  • Forbidden Island
  • Manda Island
  • Nino Island
  • Calbania Island
  • Saul Kada Island
  • Elysium
  • Teomo City
  • ACDC Town
  • SciLab
  • Beach Street
  • Hades Isle
  • DenDome
  • Castillo
  • End City
  • Central Town
  • Internet
  • ACDC Area
  • Undernet
  • Hades Island
  • Echo Ridge
  • Planet FM
  • Mu
  • Alternate Dimension
  • Meteor G
  • Black Hole Server
  • Battle Tower
  • Unknown City
  • Time Stream
  • Crisis Core (final stage)
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