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Mega Man Star Force EndWave is an upcoming fangame based on the cancelled Mega Man Star Force sequel, Mega Man Star Force 4.


The year is 22XX... Society is brimming with life, and the quality of living has increased to never-before-seen heights. Thanks to the world-saving work of Geo Stelar and the alien Omega-Xis, the people have been allowed to live in peace-- and Geo's long-lost father is finally home at last.

But deep down, Geo is dissatisfied. What's happening to the people around him? As if they were toys, the emotions of the people of Electopia are being played around with by a larger scheme at work. The long-lasting friendship between Geo and Omega-Xis seems to be tearing apart little by little. And the iron grip WAZA has been silently imposing on the world grows ever tighter...

Why have these changes started? Who is behind this, and what is their motive? And most importantly, can Geo and Omega-Xis work together to stop them...?

The EndWave is near.

Game Description

Take control of the human Geo Stelar and the alien Omega-Xis as they fuse together to become the interstellar warrior known as MegaMan!

Use a wide variety of specialized attacks, called Battle Cards, to take down powerful opponents in this fast-paced deck-building, grid-based action RPG!

This is a Mega Man fan game, based on the Star Force and Battle Network spin-off series. Mega Man is owned by Capcom.



  • Geo Stelar
  • Kazuma
  • Sonia Strumm
  • Luna Platz
  • Zack Temple
  • Solo

EM beings/Wizards

  • Omega-Xis
  • Laplace

EM Wave Changes

  • Star Force Mega Man
  • Rogue


  • DustMan.EXE
  • Rogue
  • Shine Diamond

Other Characters

  • Leo Kingdom
  • Pegasus Magic
  • Dragon Sky




  • Mega Man Star Force EndWave is (probably) the first ever Mega Man Star Force fangame, and not counting concept or imaginary fangames.
  • The name EndWave is a combination between End Game and wave.