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Mega Man X Corrupted also known as (ロックマン X 壊れた) is an unofficial, fan-made game in development by John K. Bacchus (also known as JKB) coded in AS3 using Flex compiler on Flash Develop, but as Flash was phased out at the end of year 2020, it was switched to HTML5. The game is modeled after the Mega Man X game series' features and gameplay, in the graphic style of the SNES Megaman X game series, with a non-linear interconnected environment (otherwise known as "Metroidvania"), and skill trees to enhance characters and weapons.

Main Features

  • Graphics made to mimic the style the Super Nintendo Mega Man X game games, using all new tile-sets and enemies, and borrowing mechanics from all Mega Man X titles.
  • The game's soundtrack is composed by Dominic Ninmark and is made to give the same feel as the SNES games but with a remixed touch.
  • X and Zero are both playable characters, with X relying entirely on his X-Buster and Zero on his Z-Saber. You can switch between X and Zero once you begin the main game.
  • The game takes place on a huge world map rather than in stages.
    • Certain areas will unavailable to the player with their starting equipment, much like a Metroidvania [1].
  • Features an elaborate skill system for upgrading character abilities and weapons.
  • Zero will have a special combo system, allowing him to easily string together attacks.
  • Much like a standard Megaman X game series, this one features upgrade capsules, hidden heart tanks, ride armors, mini-bosses and more collectible items.
  • This game builds on the ability in Megaman X 8 to mix armor parts with this game's Phoenix and Hydra armors for X, whose pieces can be equipped and used immediately as they are found. It also features the Ultimate Armor, a separate armor used in X's intro stage.
    • Zero will have the ability to become either Black Zero or the special "Viral Zero".
  • After defeating the 4th maverick, the remaining 4 mavericks add an additional effect to the world to make the game harder. This has been referred to as 'Final Four' mode.[1]
    • Additionally, like the original Megaman X title, other terrain on the world map will be altered as mavericks are defeated.
  • Multiple levels of difficulty:
    • C Class (Easy)
    • B Class (Normal)
    • A Class (Hard)
    • S Class (Super Hard)
    • Σ Class (Insane)
  • 12 different endings; some depend on the order that the bosses are defeated in.


Very little has been revealed about the story, though JKB has confirmed that the game will take place as an alternate time line after Megaman X 5, thus Axl and other characters introduced in Megaman X 6 and on will not make an appearance. But it seems this now null with the renal that Rainy Turtloid, a boss introduced in Megaman X 6, is appearing in the game. Here's what we know so far:

  • In X's intro stage, X fights a Maverick named Strike, who steals his Ultimate Armor.
  • In Zero's intro stage, Zero wakes up in a capsule with his Z-Saber outside of it.


Corrupted characters
X Weapon Get

Playable Characters

X - A Hunters who fought alongside his partner Zero in order to maintain peace and stability in the world and protect humans and Reploids alike from Mavericks. Because of his aversion to violence, X is initially ranked a B-Class Hunter, but he was eventually promoted to S-Class. After the events of the Eurasia Incident and the death of his best friend X is still fighting the Maverick Threat in order to maintain order in this world. In Corrupted he is an all-round Hunter who can attack enemies at long range. He is equipped with his X-Buster, his main weapon of choice.

Zero Weapon Get

Zero - A high ranking Hunters and a die hard warrior who doesn't hesitate to take action. Though outwardly cold and emotionless to others, even towards partners like X, he has shown that he has the capacity to care for others. Zero has also demonstrated an incredible ability to keep cool even under the harshest circumstances. After the Eurasia Incident and the defeat of Sigma, Zero's broken remains are nowhere to be found and his fate remains unknown. In Corrupted he uses his favorite weapon, the Z-Saber, to execute powerful close-range attacks.

Synthia Weapon Get

Synthia - One of the navigators at the Hunter Base and newcomer to Corrupted, and becomes a playable character after beating the game. Synthia uses a rapid-fire blaster and an energy saber that can both be equipped with "Mods" acquired from each of the mavericks to improve her weapons in various ways.

Synthia can ordinarily be found at the Hunter base fulfilling her role as a navigator.

Returning Characters

Mug alia
Signas - Leader of the Hunters and commanding officer for every Hunter Agency mission. He is known for his ability to handle things professionally, always remaining cool in tough situations and never letting emotion destroy his ability to find the best strategy. Alia - Senior operator, navigator, and computer specialist of the Hunters. She briefs X and Zero about their missions and guides them through the areas, giving information about the objectives, recent developments, and spotted Mavericks.
Mug douglas
Mug lifesaver

Douglas - Engineer and mechanic for the Hunters. He is optimistic, but not naive. When situations confront him, he shows confidence in the best-case scenario, but when things go wrong he's not blind to them.

Lifesaver - Reploid doctor for the Hunters. He is responsible for keeping the Hunters is peak performing shape for each mission. He has a vast knowledge of reploid systems and the ailments that can affect them.

New Characters

Wave - Head of tech engineering for the Hunters. He's super intelligent, but a bit spastic. Dancing Lotus - Battle unit commander for the Hunters and Robotic Animals. She is responsible for training and dispatching units to threats alongside X and Zero. Her preferred mode of transportation is pirouetting.
Iron Horn - One of the base's mechanics for the Hunters and Robotic Animals. with expert knowledge of ride armors. He's hardworking, but a little cocky. Guin - Even the Hunters and Robotic Animals. have chores; you can usually find Guin moving boxes around the base.
Announce Siren
Siren - Emergency medical officer for the Hunters. She works closely with Lifesaver to ensure returning units are back in working order as soon as possible. Synthia - Emergency navigator for the Hunters. She closely monitors developing situations and advises plans of approach for Signas and the Hunters.


Corrupted mavericks

Corrupted features eight brand new mavericks of the robotic animals, as well as rival characters, optional Legacy bosses and final stage bosses.

Eight Mavericks


X Weapon Zero Technique Synthia Mod
Warfare Milodon Homing Missiles Bakuenkyaku (爆炎脚) Ignite Mod
Sparkling Scorpio Stun Spark Dentenseki (電天刺) Spark Mod
Crystal Rafflar Crystal Bomb Suishōzan (水晶斬) Shield Mod
Plasma Puffer Plasma Bubble Chōjin (跳刃) Bounce Mod
Force Starfish Force Breaker Ryokuhaken (力破拳) Pierce Mod
Warp Vulpex Warp Vortex Jikūgeki (時空撃) Beam Mod
Hurricane Hoatzin Cyclone Razor Shippūzan (疾風斬) Glide Mod
Neurohack Mosquito Neuro Spike Geneijin (幻影陣) Double Mod

*Note that Synthia Mods are not final.

Other Bosses

  • Strike
  • The Corruptors
  • Storm Eagle
  • Morph Moth
  • Blizzard Buffalo
  • Magma Dragoon
  • Spike Rosered
  • Rainy Turtloid


Level Up and Skill System

Megaman X:C features a leveling system where X or Zero will gain experience as they defeat enemies and bosses, and at each level up the player will gain a skill point that can be spent from the pause menu on bonus upgrades. X and Zero have their own personal upgrades, and each weapon or technique acquired from bosses will also have upgrades that skill points can be spent on. X and Zero have things like higher charge levels or new saber techniques, while weapons have upgrades like additional projectiles or higher damage. X and Zero share the same exp and levels but each one have their own set of Skill Points.


To appeal to a wider audience of players, Megaman X: C features multiple difficulty modes, which is selected at the start of the game.

  • C Class: Easier mode. All enemies deal less damage and have less health than normal.
  • B Class: Standard mode. The game is balanced around this difficulty to be enjoyable with some challenge.
  • A Class: Hard mode. More enemies, more difficult enemy placement, and bosses have more health.
  • S Class: Super hard mode, unlocked by beating the game. Same as A Class, and enemies have additional attacks and AI.
  • Σ Class: Maverick Mode, unlocked by beating the game on S Class. Same as S Class, Bosses will start the battle with their desperation attack, and all Final Four effects and events are in effect from the beginning of the game.

Game Menus


MMX: Corrupted's New Menu Style

To make the game stand out from the classic X games and feel original, all menus in Megaman X Corruqted use a new custom style. The Pause Menu is broken down into: Main, Skills, Navigation, Collectibles, and Options.

Save capsules, armor swap menus, and ride armor menus use this same style as well.

World Map


MMX:Corrupted's Automap Feature

Unlike standard Megaman and Megaman X titles with boss selection, the game uses a non-linear structure similar to the ones in Megaman Zero game series or Megaman ZX game series.

After completing the intro stage, you start in the hunter base and are tasked with stopping the eight Mavericks. It is up to you which direction you want to go in and which mavericks to seek out, but some will be more easily accessible than others. Weapons gained from defeated mavericks and changes in the world caused by their defeat will allow more paths to open up as you progress through the game. One example is defeating Force Starfish, who gives you a weapon that can break hard blocks and crystals. The world is non-linear and many paths are dependent on the defeat of certain bosses.

The other driving factor behind hunting down the mavericks are their 'Final Four' effects. Each maverick has a mission they're on for the first half of the game, and whoever is left after the defeat of the 4th maverick succeeds in carrying out their mission. An example is Warfare Milodon, who has taken over the weapons factory for the purpose of creating new weapons for his force, and if he's not one of the first four bosses you defeat, he completes his research and all military robots receive weapon upgrades, and Milodon gains stronger weapons as well. This is the case for all of the last four Mavericks remaining, and all have some effect that makes the world harder and their boss fight harder.

The Final Four Effects:

  • Warfare Milodon - Upgrades all military robots (including Milodon himself), giving them new weapons. Enemies affected by this effect are identifiable by having a red paint job. They will become dark grey/black when this Final Four event is triggered.
  • Sparking Scorpio - All indoor areas have reduced or flickering lighting. The player will have to utilize light from their weapons or other creative methods.
  • Crystal Rafflar - Red crystal vines appear throughout the world, restricting the player's movement, blocking some paths, and reflecting X's buster shots.
  • Plasma Puffer - Corrupts some of the enemies, making them drop poisonous health, weapon, or 1-UP items after they explode. If the player picks up one of the poisonous capsules, their health/weapon energy/lives will be reduced. The poisonous capsules can also be destroyed by attacking them. These enemies flash green when they are damaged.
  • Force Starfish - Upgrades all mini-bosses (and the Sentinel enemy), making them stronger, upgrading their attacks or even giving them new ones. This is signified by a yellow/golden color.
  • Warp Vulpex - Creates vortices (wormholes) throughout the world that will spawn random corrupted enemies. These vortices cannot be destroyed, and will continually summon enemies as long as the player is near them.
  • Hurricane Hoatzin - Causes a storm in all outdoor areas with wind, rain, and reduced lighting. A new enemy, the Storm Balloon, also appears to slow your progress.
  • Neurohack Mosquito - Spreads infectious mosquitoes everywhere on the map that will infect a random enemy on sight, increasing their reaction time, health, and damage. They are immune to status effects while infected.

Ride Armor System

Expanding upon Megaman X 3's Ride Armor System, Corrupted features fully customisable Ride Armors. After getting the first ride functional from Iron Horn, the Ride Armor can be activated at special transfer devices hidden throughout the stages. X and Zero can find and collect secret ride modules scattered throughout the map that can be equipped if the player unlocked advanced ride armor parts from Douglas.

The unlockable Ride Armors models are:


Colossus Ride

Colossus Ride Armor:

  • C01 - Body - Max HP+
  • C02 - Legs - Dash Speed+
  • C03 - Arms - 3-Hit Punch
  • C04 - Chip - Dash Lenght+

    Buster Ride

Buster Ride Armor:

  • B01 - Body - Air Dash & Cliff Dash
  • B02 - Legs - Item Pickup+
  • B03 - Arms - Beam Buster
  • B04 - Chip - Ammo Regen+

    Krab Ride

Krab Ride Armor:

  • K01 - Body - Water Propulsion
  • K02 - Legs - Water Jump & Water Speed+
  • K03 - Arms - Claw Hook
  • K04 - Chip - Light Radius+

    Harrier Ride

Harrier Ride Armor:

  • H01 - Body - Flight & Max HP-
  • H02 - Legs - Super Jump & Dash Speed-
  • H03 - Arms - Guided Rockets
  • H04 - Chip - Jump Height+

    Prometheus Ride

Prometheus Ride Armor:

  • P01 - Body - Shot Reflect & Defense+
  • P02 - Legs - Crusher & Lava Resist
  • P03 - Arms - Flamethrower
  • P04 - Chip - Unstoppable

X's Weapons

As with all core series games, X gains the weapon of each maverick he defeats. These weapons have limited ammo that can be replenished with Weapon Energy capsules or from Save Stations. These weapons are extremely varied to prevent overlap of functionality.

Weapon Description
Weapon Upgrades
Homing Missiles

Warfare Milodon

A pair of homing missiles that seek out the nearest enemy. If there or no enemies nearby, the weapon will simply fly in a straight line. Tracking, Damage, Charge
Stun Spark

Sparkling Scorpio

A ball of electricity that runs across walls and ceilings and can be detonated to send lightning bolts. No. of sparks, Stun time, Charge
Crystal Bomb

Crystal Rafflar

If it hits a wall or an enemy it will create a row of crystals that erupt from the ground, damaging enemies that step on them, or reflect certain enemy projectiles. No. of crystals, Durability, Charge
Plasma Bubble

Plasma Puffer

X shoots 3 plasma bubbles that travel up-forwards, backwards, and down-forwards respectively. The shots also reflect off walls. No. of shots, Bounces, Charge
Force Breaker

Force Starfish

A powerful Armor-Piercing Blast that does very high amounts of damage. The blast also pushes X back a little bit after firing it. Range, Damage, Charge
Warp Vortex

Warp Vulpex

X shoots an vortex that travels in a straight line until it hits an enemy, sucking in projectiles in its path. If it hits an enemy, it will damage it and the vortex will remain stationary. No. of vortices, Wormhole time, Charge
Cyclone Razor

Hurricane Hoatzin

A wind-type razor attack that spins around X two times damaging enemies near him before ascending up. To be added.
Neuro Spike

Neurohack Mosquito

Launches a projectile that travels in a straight line, hacking the first enemy it hits. The hacked enemy will not damage X, but will instead fight alongside him for a short period of time. Hack time, Enemy power, Charge

Zero's Techniques

As established from Megaman X 4 onward, Zero gains an array of saber and melee techniques from bosses to differentiate from X's style of play. All of these skills (except for his Giga Moves) draw from Zero's saber energy meter, which refills automatically at a steady rate.

Technique Description
Technique Upgrades
Bakuenkyaku (爆炎脚 ; Explosive Flame Leg)

Warfare Milodon

Zero performs a descending diagonal kick that does explosive-type damage upon contact and resets air movement. It costs 10 energy and it's performed by using the Special Key while mid-air. Speed, Seeking, Air movement return
Dentenseki (電天 ; Electric Sky Sting)

Sparking Scorpio

Electric-based projectile attack. Zero will hold the Z-Saber upwards releasing electricity bolts that will go towards the sky and upon reaching the ceiling will split in two directions and will travel left and right along the ceiling. The longer this attack is maintained, the more Saber Energy it drains. Startup time, Efficiency, Aiming
Suishōzan (水晶斬 ; Crystal Slash)

Crystal Rafflar

An addition to Zero's triple slash combo. It gives Zero an fourth slash that will create a row of crystals on the ground that do damage and can block certain enemy attacks. It also makes Zero's Saber pink during the fourth slash. No. of crystals, Durability, Solo move
Chōjin (跳刃 ; Bounce Blade)

Plasma Puffer

Special technique that is executed while dashing. While dashing, Zero will perform a quick saber slash that will send a wave slash that will go the direction he is facing until it hits an enemy or a wall. If it hits a wall the wave slash will bounce and go flying in another direction. Bounces, Piercing, Aiming
Ryokuhaken (力破拳 ; Power Breaking Fist)

Force Starfish

A powerful ground punch that can break enemy armor and other hard materials. It can be performed on ground and while mid-air. Size, Speed, Ground move
Jikūgeki (時空撃 ; Time-Space Strike)

Warp Vulpex

A very strategic move that allows Zero to evade an attack fading from sight and instantly teleporting behind the attacker doing minor damage. Can only be used if Zero is about to be struck by an attack, making the ability a counter-attack. Active time, Cost, ????
Shippūzan (疾風斬 ; Hurricane Scythe)

Hurricane Hoatzin

A coverage move where Zero performs a rolling slash attack with his Z-Saber, adding air momentum. It can be only performed once in the air. It costs 5 energy, does razor type damage, and the input is Up + A. Size, Speed, Jump
Geneijin (幻影陣 ; Illusion Shadow Army)

Neurohack Mosquito

Giga Move that will create afterimages of Zero that mimic his movement, each one of them attacking where he does. No. of shadows, Time, Passive damage

X's Armors

In Corrupted, all armor parts can be mixed and matched, similar to the Neutral Armor in Megaman X 8. Whenever an armor capsule is found, the part can be used right away. The only exception is the Ultimate Armor, which is only available as a complete set.

Standard Armors

These armors can be found in secret capsules through the normal course of play.

Phoenix Armor - Fire-attribute armor, designed for maximum offensive power in any situation.


Full Phoenix Armor

  • Head: Scavenger - Enemies have a chance to drop a special combination item that gives both health and weapon energy.
  • Buster: Phoenix Buster - Gives alternative buster that shoots out projectiles that split into smaller homing projectiles upon impact. This buster is most effective with charged shots.
  • Body: Focus Charge - When below half health, X will fire Level 1 charged shots automatically. This also grants the optional Resurrection ability, which uses the Sub-tank automatically upon death. (Resurrection can be toggled on pause menu)
  • Legs: Flame Dash - Increased dash speed and creates a flame trail when dashing on ground.
  • Full Set Bonus: All armor parts are upgraded and their color scheme is darkened.
    • Giga Attack: Blazing Phoenix - Gives X the Blazing Phoenix Giga Attack, which overloads the Phoenix Buster's circuits and engulfs X in flames. X becomes invincible for a short period and damages enemies on contact, but cannot use the buster.

Hydra Armor - Water-attribute armor, which offers new approaches to many situations.


Full Hydra Armor

  • Head: Hydra Pull - Increases the recovery rate of items, and draws them in from a distance.
  • Buster: Hydra Buster - Gives alternative buster that fires a fast 2-projectile spread shot that can go through walls. This buster is most effective when fired rapidly.
  • Body: Bubble Shield - Causes enemies to be damaged and pushed away on impact, and reduces enemy touch damage by 1 with no knock back.
  • Legs: Hydro Jump - Allows X to launch himself in the air with Up+Jump, giving a massive height boost.
  • Full Set Bonus: All armor parts are upgraded and their color scheme is darkened.
    • Giga Attack: Twin Hydras - X releases Twin Hydras from his hands that home in on and damages enemies until the energy wears out.

Special Armors

These armors are are only available either at certain points in the game, or by fulfilling certain criteria in the story.

Ultimate Armor - X's secret armor first appearing in Megaman X 4, whose abilities derive from the Force Armor. In this timeline, X acquired this armor during the events of Megaman X 5 and uses it during his intro stage, but loses it later on. Unlike the other armors in the game, this armor can only be worn in the full set.


The Ultimate Armor

  • Head: Halves the cost of WE used for Special Weapon.
  • Buster: Grants the Powerful Plasma Shot as the 3rd charge. This shot is much larger than the standard blast, and will leave damaging orbs in its wake whenever it comes into contact with an enemy.
  • Body: Reduces knockback time when hit and reduces all damage by 1.
  • Legs: Grants the ability to hover mid-air. Mid-air hovering time is decreased if X moves.
  • Giga Attack: Nova Strike - This version of the Nova Strike behaves like its X8 counterpart in which it uses an energy meter that recharges extremely quickly.

Corrupted Ultimate Armor - Variant of the Ultimate Armor, received after certain events related to the boss Strike. Like its uncorrupted version, it must be used as a full set.


Corrupted Ultimate Armor

  • Head: Same as the Ultimate Armor.
  • Buster: Grants a modified pink version of the plasma shot as the 3rd charge. This plasma shot leaves pink orbs that damage enemies over time, regardless of whether or not the shot has hit an enemy. It also possesses Shot Eraser.
  • Body: Same as the Ultimate Armor.
  • Legs: Functions the same way as the Ultimate Armor's legs part, but features vertical and diagonal hovering.
  • Giga Attack: Double Strike - X gains a more energy efficient Nova Strike, allowing X to use it twice in a row before recharging. You can change directions in-between attacks.

Legacy Armors

These armors return from previous games as bonus secrets, tweaked or modified as necessary for use in Corrupted. After obtaining them, they are kept in New Game+ mode. They can also be found in secret capsules after defeating Legacy bosses.

Light Armor - X's armor from Megaman X.


The Light Armor

  • Head: Block Crusher - X can break various rocks and other materials from below by jumping into them.
  • Buster: Spiral Crush Shot - X's 3rd Charge Level fires 3 powerful pink-colored spiralling shots that can't be reflected. The shot deals more damage if fired at point blank range.
  • Body: Light Chest - Reduces all damage received by 1.
  • Legs: Ground Dash Extender - Extends the length of X's ground dash. The extended dash gets a small speed increase. The parts also allow X to break certain walls by rebounding off of them.
  • Full Set Bonuses:
    • Hadoken - Grants Ryu's signature move, as found in Megaman X's secret capsule. This can be fired at any time with quarter circle forward, Shoot, and deals the same damage as a fully charged shot.
    • Giga Attack: Shinkū Hadōken When at full health, X can fire a super powered Hadōken that behaves as it does in the Marvel vs Capcom series.

Giga Armor - X's armor from Megaman X 2.


The Giga Armor

  • Head: Item Tracer - Sends out a tracking signal that spawns either a large health or large weapon energy item from a random location on the screen.
  • Buster: Double Buster Grants X access to the Double Charged Shot. At the fourth charge level, X can fire two consecutive charged buster shots. After shooting the first charged shot, the second one can be stored in the Buster's Stock and can be shot out anytime.
  • Body: Giga Crush - Enables the Giga Crush technique; as X takes damage, a gauge fills. When this gauge is completely full, X can use the attack, which heavily damages all enemies on screen.
  • Legs: Air Dash Extender - Extends the length of X's air dash.
  • Full Set Bonus: Shoryuken. Grants Ken's signature move, as found in X 2's secret capsule. This can be used at any time with Forward, Down, Forward, Shoot, and deals heavy melee damage and is invincible.

Max Armor – X's armor from Megamax X 3.


The Max Armor

  • Head: Auto-Repair - Damage taken is left as red health on the health bar, and can slowly be regenerated over time if no additional damage is taken.
  • Buster: Cross Charged Shot - Grants X access to the Cross Charged Shot. At the fourth charge level, X can fire out a Cross Charge Shot by shooting both arm cannons in rapid succession. Unlike it's X 3 counterpart, this one does not cover the entire screen, but instead, the weaker secondary shots follow behind the main one, decreasing the width of the attack, but increasing it's burst potential.
  • Body: Max Shield - When X is struck by an enemy's attack, a blue Defense Shield is generated for a limited duration. If X is hit again while the Max Shield is active, the damage received from the attack is reduced to 1.
  • Legs: V-Dash Extender - Extends the length of X's vertical dash.
  • Full Set Bonuses:
    • Giga Attack: Golden Hypercharge - Giga mode which temporarily grants X the Golden Armor, as found in X 3's secret capsule. During this mode, charged shots are fired automatically as long as giga energy is remaining, Auto-Repair will not be canceled after taking damage, Max Shield is will nullify all damage, and V-Dash Extender is replaced with two air or vertical dashes.
    • Special: Beam Saber - After firing the two shots, X can swing an energy saber, creating a shock wave that can hit enemies at a distance. Both the saber slash and the shock wave deal high damage.

Force Armor – X's armor from Megaman X 4.


The Force Armor

  • Head: - Reduces WE consumption for special weapons
  • Buster: Stock Charge Shot - Allows X to charge up four charged shots at once. Unlike X 4 though, these are much bigger, increasing the hitbox of the shot.
  • Body: X can use the Nova Strike, but unlike X 4, it slowly recharges like Ultimate Armor does
  • Legs: Grants the ability to hover mid-air, but the time is not reduced by moving.
  • Full Set bonus: TBD

Falcon Armor – One of X's armors from Megaman X 5.


The Falcon Armor

  • Head: Spear Storm - Enables the Spear Storm technique, as X takes damage, a gauge fills. When this gauge is completely full, X can use the attack, which causes Spear Charged Shot projectiles dart up and down the screen, damaging all enemies on screen.
  • Buster: Spear Charged Shot - Replaces X's level 2 charge shot with a fast, piercing shot that can hit enemies multiple times.
  • Body: Falcon Dash - Replaces X's air dash with the Falcon dash which has a slightly slower start-up but goes further and faster.
  • Legs: Damage Dash - Causes X's air dash and vertical dash to be surrounded by a barrier that damages enemies.
  • Full Set Bonus: Falcon Flight - Grants X full 8-way air movement after pressing jump mid-air. Gains the same barrier as the Falcon Dash, but unlike in X 5, it does not make X invincible during it.

Blade Armor – One of X's armors from Megaman X 6.


The Blade Armor

  • Head: Charge Speed Up - Reduces the time needed to store up charge shots.
  • Buster: Plasma Buster Lite - Replaces X's level 2 charge with a smaller version of Ultimate's Plasma Buster shot that leaves a plasma ball on the first enemy or surface it hits.
  • Body: TBD
  • Legs: Mach Dash - X gains an airdash that pauses him mid-air, then allows him to aim a super-fast dash in any of 4 directions.
  • Full Set Bonus: Mach Dash Plus - X's mach dash gains a barrier that damages enemies as he passes through them.

X's Armor Combos

To improve replay value for X and encourage mixing of armor parts, the Phoenix and Hydra armors feature combo upgrades after all 10 parts are collected. These range from gaining a Flaming Super Jump by using the Hydra Legs with all Phoenix parts, or a Fireball Shield by using the Hydra chest with all Phoenix parts. Every combination provides a unique advantage that is only available to that combination.

Armor Combo Abilities Armor Combo Combo Abilties
  • Full Phoenix Set Bonus
  • Giga Attack: Blazing Phoenix
  • Full Hydra Set Bonus
  • Giga Attack: Twin Hydras
  • Flame Jump
  • Fast Hydro Jump
  • Explosive Dash
  • Phoenix Charge Up
  • Trident
  • Rapid Buster
  • Hydra Charge Up
  • Twin Flames
  • Rapid Buster
  • Crit Shot
  • Ricochet
  • Tenacity
  • Unstopabble
  • Stealth Dash
  • Bubble Rain
  • Fast Hydro Jump
  • Berserk
  • Weak Point
  • Pickpocket
  • Item Boost
  • Vampiric
  • Weak Point
  • Fire Shield
  • Unshakable

Zero's Armors

  • Armors are not nearly as important to Zero's gameplay as they are with X, but there are a few which can be acquired as a part of the game's events.
Black Zero

Black Zero

Black Zero - Armor which grants abilities based on Zero's appearance in Megaman X 5.

  • Mikazukizan (Crescent Sword): Zero will perform a circular aerial slash with his Z-Saber, creating a large, yellow energy crescent in the direction he is facing. It costs energy, so if he is low Zero will use Kūenzan instead.
  • Hisuishō (Frost Splasher): Zero's air dash will automatically generate an ice-element barrier that damages enemies upon contact. Zero is also immune to all touch damage (even Bosses) and to projectiles that can be destroyed.
  • Denjin (Electric Blade): Zero will jump up diagonally with an electrified Z-Saber blade that leaves streams of electricity behind. This technique replaces any other uppercuts and is capable of stunning some enemies.
  • Danchien (Quake Blazer): By pressing Down+Slash while airborne, Zero will perform a fiery downward thrust. When the flaming blade hits the ground, it produces an explosion that lingers for a short duration, damaging the enemies that touch it.
  • Shippū (Wing Shredder): When the player presses the Special Button while Zero's dashing on the ground, he will send out a solid, purple wind-elemental hologram in front of him. When it makes contact with an enemy, it will pull out an energy saber of its own and perform Shippuuga before disappearing.
  • Messenkō (Chaos Flasher): Giga attack where Zero punches the ground, sending out violet energy projectiles in a large spread. It can be recharged by slashing enemies.
  • Z-Saber Extend: Zero's Z-Saber can reach out a little further than normal with a yellow beam extension.
  • Shock Buffer: When damaged, Zero will no longer suffer knockback and won't be stunned for as long as he normally is.
  • Unlimited Dash Length: Zero can dash continuously, and can turn around while dashing.
Viral Zero

Viral Zero

Viral Zero - Armor that can be acquired through certain events. Its abilities are varied.

  • Viral Boost: Jump height slightly increased.
  • V-Saber: The Z-saber gains a new 3 slash combo which is faster, has a lower profile, and deals slightly more damage.
  • Viral Last Stand: Zero can only die when he is at 1 HP (does not work on instant death).
  • Viral Infection: Saber attacks will infects enemies with a virus dealing damage over time. Any enemy that is killed while under the effect of Viral Infection will slowly refill the Viral Overdrive Gauge.
  • Viral Phase: After standing still for a short time, Zero becomes invulnerable to all attacks. This effect lasts several seconds at a time.
  • Viral Overdrive: Energy burst that damages enemies nearby and overfills the saber meter with red energy. Saber attacks, including the charge slash, will draw from this red energy to fire devastating projectile waves. This effect lasts as long as there is energy remaining.

The part mixing system used by X does not work for Zero's armors. After they are acquired, Zero's armor upgrades are permanent.*

Zero's Combo System

After choosing a certain skill upgrade, Zero gains access to special saber combos, allowing him to string different moves together with simple inputs. For example, doing two slashes from his ground combo and pressing 'up' will make him automatically do his uppercut. The inputs to combo moves together vary, but can be done with all of his boss techniques and purchased techniques.

Additionally, choosing another skill upgrade will unlock Hidden Arts, which use unusual or difficult inputs to combine multiple moves together. One example is the Hidden Art : Crystal Breaker; the combination of Suishōzan (Crystal Slash) and Ryokuhaken (Force Breaker), in which Zero punches the ground, creating a row of crystals that surround him.

Game F.A.Q.

  • Q : Is a ROM Hack?
    • A : This is a fan game built from scratch. The game is not a ROM and will never be.
  • Q : What programming language is this game coded in?
    • A : This is a game coded in AS3 using Flex compiler on Flash Develop.
  • Q : Is the game finished yet? / How much of the game Is done?
    • A : There is no way to tell how much of the game is done.
  • Q : What is the estimated release date?
    • A : There is no release date or estimated release date/year.
  • Q : Will you release a Public Demo?
    • A : There won't be a Demo. The Full Game will come out when finished.
  • Q : Are there any plans on any DLCs after the game releases?
    • A : Yes, but thoughts for DLCs come after the game releases so do not bother the MMXC Team or Mods with requests and ideas.
  • Q : Will Axl be in the game?
    • A : Axl won't be in the game.
  • Q : Will Vile be in the game?
    • A : Vile won't be in the game.
  • Q : Will there be any Rival/Recurring Bosses like Vile, Dynamo, High Max or the X-Hunters?
    • A : For now, the only known Rival Boss revealed is Strike - X's Rival.
  • Q : What's this game's story about and where is it set in the MMX Timeline?
    • A : Nothing about the story will be revealed, besides it being set after X5.
  • Q : Will you add any more armors to the game, like the ones from X4 onward, or any new, original ones?
    • A : No more armors will be added to the game. X and Zero both have enough armors already.
  • Q : Will Zero have his Z-Buster?
    • A : Zero will not have a Buster.
  • Q : Will the game have a Multiplayer mode?
    • A : There will be no Multiplayer mode.
  • Q : Will the game have a Survival mode?
    • A : The MMXC Team do have thoughts on a Arena mode but no information will be revealed until JKB decides to do so.
  • Q : Will the game be a Metroidvania? / Is this an Open World game?
    • A : Not exactly. MMXC does not follow the Metroidvania style. The game will be Open World, but after entering a stage, it becomes linear just like a regular MMX stage, with the exception of having branching paths or secret passages you can take. While Metroidvania games force you to backtrack, MMXC does not. MMXC also doesn't have much in terms of ability locked content, with few exceptions.
  • Q : How much will the game cost?
    • A : Game will be FREE of charge.
  • Q : How can I support the MMXC Team?
  • Q : Will the game be released on the SNES/PS4/XBOX/Switch/Mobile/...?
    • A : The game will be released on computer only. No console, no mobile.
  • Q : Will the game be released on Steam?
    • A : The game will not be released on Steam.
  • Q : Will my potato computer be able to run the game? / Will the game be ported to any console?
    • A : The game runs on any desktop or laptop that can run Flash. It will not run on any handheld devices, including tablets. The game will not be ported to any handheld or console.
  • Q : Will the game have configurable controls?
    • A : Yes, the game will have configurable controls.
  • Q : Will the game have controller support?
    • A : The game will have controller support. No further information was revealed yet.
  • Q : What's the game's resolution?
    • A : Resolution yet to be determined but the current and standard is 352x224. There are plans on changing the resolution or adding new resolutions, but the team is not committed to the change yet, it still needs some more testing, so do not bother them with further questions on the matter.
  • Q : What language will the game be in?
    • A : Game will be in English. No other languages planned for now. Thoughts on adding more languages will be debated after the game release.
  • Q : Will the game code be open source?
    • A : The game code will not be open source.
  • Q : With the discontinuation of Flash, how will the game run? Will it use some other means to be played that is not a security risk like Flash was?
  • Q : Can you add an Fan OC, like Ultra who is my OC?

The F.A.Q. Tab is still a WIP and can be expanded, just like the rest of this Wiki.

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