Mega Man Y+1, is an upcoming fangame being developed by LM Team. It features Mega Man squaring off against 8 original Robot Masters and features new, original music and characters.


Even though Wily claims innocence, 8 robots start attacking the city all of a sudden! Mega Man is sent to investigate the situation and find out what is causing this disruption of peace.

Robot Masters

IRN-001 Timber Man
Weapon Timber Blade Weakness ???

Timber Man was built to cut down trees and lead deforesting droids. His Timber Blade is made of a special alloy to be able to slice through any wood with ease. He is very easily absorbed into his work and is quickly angered if he is distracted.

After malfunctioning, Timber Man has taken over the sawmill in which he works and has begun deforesting at an alarming rate. He will attack anyone who interrupts him.

IRN-002 Puppet Man
Weapon Puppet Shield Weakness ???

Puppet Man was originally built as an entertainment robot, to assist a talented puppeteer. After the puppeteer’s death, him and the shop he resides in have been abandoned. He has fun scaring any unaware thrill seekers who might come upon the abandoned shop.

After malfunctioning, Puppet Man’s antics have gotten more dangerous, and the abandoned shop has now been deemed unsafe for human entry.

IRN-003 Angler Woman
Weapon Angler Bite Weakness ???

Angler Woman is a combat-ready robot built to defend a secret government undersea research laboratory. Her special vision allows her to see clearly even near the sea floor, and combat any spies or probes that could be placed upon the lab.

After malfunctioning, Angler Woman has taken over the research lab, flooding the work stations and plunging it into darkness.

IRN-004 Mimic Woman
Weapon Mimic Trap Weakness ???

Mimic Woman was built as a robot to transport relics around and out of an ancient dungeon. Being quite an airhead, she sometimes struggles with using her chest properly. When she gets things right, she enjoys using it for pranks.

After malfunctioning, Mimic Woman has taken over the dungeon dig site, using the relics as bombs to attack the archeologists.

IRN-005 Volt Man
Weapon Volt Shock Weakness ???

Volt Man was built as an electricity regulator for one of Monsteropolis’ power plants. He can split his torso and legs apart into independent sections and control electricity between them. His body is also well designed to control both current and static electricity.

After malfunctioning, Volt Man has taken over the power plant, destroying the connection to the city and absorbing the electricity for himself.

IRN-006 Phoenix Man
Weapon Phoenix Flight Weakness ???

Phoenix Man was built to manage a geothermal energy plant located in a volcano. His flight capabilities allow him to easily and quickly maneuver around the plant. His armor is resistant to extremely high temperatures and can even resist being placed in magma for a short time.

After malfunctioning, Phoenix Man has caused the plant to start drawing magma at a high rate, putting the volcano at risk for a major eruption.

IRN-007 Toxic Man
Weapon Toxic Bubble Weakness ???

Toxic Man was built to transport and help dispose of toxic waste at a chemical treatment facility. His body and components are coated in special materials which are resistant to the toxins he transports. Due to the nature of his job, he is not allowed outside of the plant, so he knows little about the world outside.

After malfunctioning, Toxic Man has caused dangerous chemicals to leak out of the treatment plant into the city’s water supply.

IRN-008 Melon Man
Weapon Melon Bomb Weakness ???

Melon Man was originally built to oversee farming and harvesting of melons in natural, tropical environments. However, recent advancements in genetic editing have allowed companies to grow extremely large fruit in advanced greenhouses, and Melon Man was transferred to oversee one of these. Disliking the unnatural nature of the production, he does not take well to his new job.

After malfunctioning, Melon Man has begun to destroy the crops in the greenhouse in which he works, causing a food crisis.

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