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Decoding the Mega Man Timeline - Crossover (ft

Decoding the Mega Man Timeline - Crossover (ft. Kirbopher)

several users, which tries to explain the timeline of the Mega Man series.

Original series

Ancient Times

  • ca. 20,000-19,000 B.C.: Ra Moon comes to Earth (Some sources list this date as 19,7XX B.C.)
Humanity is both blessed and cursed by Ra Moon with knowledge and hatred to cause war and destroy themselves.
After an unknown time, Ra Moon seals itself away.

Notes: The exact year of the arrival and sealing of Ra Moon is unknown, but it is known that it arrived very early in the development of Earth, most likely in what historians would call pre-history (thousands of years ago). The estimates here have been provided to provide a sense of the time during which the events most likely took place.

Unknown Dates

  • Sunstar/Sungod is sealed away.
  • The Intergalactic Police Force (which Duo is a member) is formed.
  • Mega Man fights "the Genesis Unit" from Mega Man: The Wily Wars; this was definitely after MM3, but most likely after MM4 as Wily did not want to reveal that he was alive and plotting against Dr. Cossack.

20th Century


Light Labs logo from Wily and Right's Rockboard: That's Paradise, © 1993 Capcom, Inc.

  • 1958: Thomas Light and Albert W. Wily are born.
  • ca. 1970: Mikhail Sergeyevich Cossack is born (he seems to be in his early-40s by the events of Mega Man 4).
  • 1986: Thomas Light and Albert W. Wily receive PhDs, in Robotic Engineering, Thomas Light graduated highest in their class, while Wily was second. (they would be 28 years old).
  • ca. 1995: Dr. Light found Light Labs to use computer and electronic technology to benefit mankind. Dr. Wily is his assistant in English sources, while he is his rival in Japanese sources.
  • 1998: Mikhail Sergeyevich Cossack receives his PhD from Vruer University, most likely in Electrical or Computer Engineering.

21st Century

  • 1990s: While in college, Wily develops the Double Gear System, a mechanism that makes robots much stronger and faster but also puts stress on their systems, while Light begins research on independent robot thought. Light realizes that the Double Gear System is dangerous for robots and organizes a meeting with the college board so they can decide whose idea is better. The college board favors Light's research, so Wily's Double Gear project is canceled. This is the first blow that drove the wedge between Light and Wily, as Wily feels he was betrayed by Light and has never forgiven him for shutting down the Double Gear project.
  • 2000s: Light Labs begins research and development in the field of robotics and simple artificial intelligence, developing beneficial robots, such as the Mettaur construction robot.

    Proto Man after having been recently created as seen in the Mega Man cartoon, © 1994-95 Ruby-Spears.

  • ca. 2002: Kalinka Cossack is born (she is around 9 years old by the events of Mega Man 4).
  • 2005: With advances in research in artificial technology and robotics, Proto Man is created, then the Sniper Joe police units are created based on his design (another factor that made Wily resent Light even more), but with a far less advanced AI and more primitive weapons system. Proto Man, being the first of his kind, feels unsure of his purpose. Proto Man later learns that he has a failing power core which happens to provide him the capacity of free will. Dr. Light offers to fix Proto Man's power core but notes that doing so would take away his free will. Proto Man, not wanting to lose his free will, decides he's better off on his own and leaves, never trusting Dr. Light again.

    Rock being converted into a fighting robot in the Mega Man cartoon, © 1994-95 Ruby-Spears.

  • 2006: Light and Wily decide to create a pair of robots following the "failure" of Proto Man, and thus, Rock and Roll are created. They believe that the two of them will be happy together and provide a mutual support that will overcome any sense of independence. Rock is to serve as a lab assistant while Roll will be a housekeeper. Then, the team goes on to construct what would become known as the Industrial Series: Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man, and Elec Man (with Time Man and Oil Man being added in Mega Man Powered Up).
  • 2007: Dr. Light wins the Nobel Prize in Physics for his creation of the Robot Masters. Additionally, he wins the LIT Manual Design Contest, in which Dr. Wily also participated but only won a runner-up award.
  • 2008: (Mega Man) Out of jealousy for Dr. Light, who won the Nobel Prize and the Manual Design Contest the previous year, Dr. Wily "revolts" by stealing and reprogramming all of the Industrial Robots in the lab (except for Rock and Roll, as he considers them to be useless), and then fleeing to his new fortress (in a city called "Monstropolis" in English sources). Knowing that the armies of the world won't be ready to stand against Wily's new robot legions, Rock volunteers to be converted into a fighting robot, becoming Mega Man. Mega Man defeats the Robot Masters (who are eventually reprogrammed by Dr. Light) and overcomes Dr. Wily, bringing him to justice...for now, anyway.

Mega Man fights Quick Man in the city in 2009. Image from Mega Man 8, © 1996-97 Capcom, Inc.

  • 2009: (Mega Man 2:The Enigma of Dr. Wily) About a year after his defeat, Dr. Wily builds eight brand-new Robot Masters, which are designed to be improved versions of Dr. Light's industrial Robot Masters, and leads a second attack on the world. Once again, Mega Man is called into action, and he manages to successfully defeat Wily and crush his army of robots for a second time, although Wily tries a last-ditch effort to try to confuse Mega Man into defeat; during their final battle, he transforms into a powerful alien creature, only for Mega Man to discover that it's just a hologram.
  • (Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge) Dr. Wily revives eight of the Robot Masters from his previous two assaults as well led by a brand-new robot known as Enker (the first of the Rockman Killers), but Mega Man had already faced these foes before and, as such, Wily fell again.
  • 2010:(Mega Man 3:Fall of Wily?!) At least over six months have passed since Wily's past uprisings and Dr. Wily is trusted by Dr. Light once again and works at Light Labs. The two endeavor to create a peacekeeping robot known as Gamma, but the energy crystals required to power Gamma located on mining planets. The two doctors build eight Robot Masters together and send them to the planets to retrieve the crystals, but the Robot Masters suddenly go berserk. Mega Man is called upon to retrieve the crystals, and Light gives him the newly-created robo-dog Rush. In the end, Wily steals Gamma upon the return of the crystals and announces that he was the one who made the Robot Masters go rogue. Mega Man goes after Wily and defeats him, after which the castle collapses. Both Mega Man and Wily are crushed by debris, but it turns out that Mega Man was rescued by Proto Man and Wily had planted a dummy in his place when the debris fell.
  • 2011: (Mega Man 4:A New Ambition!!) (Mega Man 4 is the first game to take place in the year 20XX, although the game's story references 200X as the year Rock was created. The game takes place a few years after that). A year after the Gamma Incident, the world had been living in peace and thought that Wily was gone for good. However, Dr. Light receives a letter from a mysterious Russian scientist named Dr. Cossack, claiming to be the greatest scientific genius in the world and having been far too long overlooked, challenging Light and Mega Man to a "contest" of sorts. Cossack sends an army of Robot Masters after Mega Man, so he defeats them and goes after Cossack in his citadel. However, during Mega Man's battle with Cossack, Proto Man appears and explains that Cossack isn't evil, he was simply blackmailed by Dr. Wily, who had kidnapped Dr. Cossack's daughter Kalinka. So, Mega Man breaks into Wily's castle and defeats him yet again.

Dr. Cossack, © 1993 Capcom, Inc.

  • (Mega Man II) Dr. Wily breaks into the Chronos Institute and steals the Time Skimmer, traveling 37.426 years into the future (to the year 2047). Wily kidnaps Mega Man, reprograms him, and names the new robot Quint. Upon his return to his present time, Wily builds another army of robots led by previous Robot Masters and Quint, but Mega Man manages to defeat them and Quint (and ultimately Wily).
While Wily is visiting the future (the year 2047), he first experiments with the technology available during that year. He first creates a robot known as Rockman Shadow (R-Shadow for short), but he discards this prototype, finding him unusable. He later turns his attention on reprogramming the real Mega Man.
  • (Mega Man III) Dr. Wily has been making a bid at control of the world's oceans, and with an army composed of previous Robot Masters led by a new Rockman Killer named Punk. Mega Man, having already encountered these foes, once again manages to overcome them and counters Wily's ambitions.
  • (Mega Man 5:Blues' Trap!?) About two months later, Proto Man went to Light Labs and kidnapped Dr. Light, leaving behind his signature yellow scarf. Then, an all-new army of Robot Masters under his command began to attack the cities and the Space Port near Light Labs, so Dr. Cossack, who had become Light's new colleague at Light Labs, armed Mega Man with the new robotic bird, Beat, and sent him after Proto Man. However, when he confronted him, the real Proto Man showed up and revealed the fake to be a robot called Dark Man, and upon its defeat, Dr. Wily showed up and challenged Mega Man to come and get Dr. Light. Mega Man defeated Wily and freed Light, but when Wily's castle collapsed, Proto Man had to save them from being crushed by the building.

Proto Man, from Rockman Complete Works 5, © 1999 Capcom

  • (Mega Man IV) A new army, led by the Rockman Killer known as Ballade makes its attack, but once again Mega Man foils Wily's plot and destroys the revived Robot Masters.
  • (Super Adventure Rockman) A powerful energy signal is detected in the Amazon, and Dr. Wily goes to investigate. In the ruins of an ancient temple, Wily comes upon an ancient supercomputer that calls itself Ra Moon. Ra Moon has the power of shutting down robots and other electronic devices (sort of like a virus), and thus United Nations attempts to stop Dr. Wily prove futile. Roll is one of the robots affected, and as such, Light sends Mega Man to the Amazon to put a stop to Wily's plans. Fortunately, Mega Man gets help from the Industrial Robot Masters (from Mega Man), who provide useful tips and give him items as he progresses. He encounters various Robot Masters from Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3, and once he makes it into the temple he finds that Wily is powerless to stop Ra Moon. Ra Moon transforms into a powerful fighting machine, but with Wily's help, Mega Man upgrades and can perform a Double Rock Buster attack that manages to defeat the supercomputer, thus putting a stop to his "virus."
  • (Mega Man V) 3 months later (near the end of 2011), a mysterious band of robots from outer space, known as the Stardroids, come to make a bid for domination of the Earth. Rock and Roll were pleasantly walking through a field when Terra, the leader of these robots, attacked and quickly defeated him. Thus, when he awoke in Light Labs, Light informed him that his Mega Buster was not strong enough to defeat these extraterrestrial visitors. Light then gives him an upgrade known as the Super Arm and a robotic feline called Tango. However, upon the defeat of the Star Droids, Mega Man discovers that they were really created by Dr. Wily, but their technology was indeed from outer space. Wily had discovered an ancient "alien" robot known as SunGod and had used his design to construct the Star Droids. However, when Wily woke up SunGod, he refused to obey Wily and attacked him. However, he did intend to battle Mega Man since Mega Man was a powerful robot and, in the end, Mega Man proves victorious.

Mr. X, © 1999 Capcom, Inc.

  • 2012: (Mega Man 6:Greatest Historical Battle!!) One year later, peace had finally begun to settle over the world. To celebrate the new era, the mysterious billionaire Mr. X held the First Annual Robot Tournament, inviting the greatest engineers from all around the world to show off and compete with their greatest creations. Mr. X was the founder of the X Foundation and the Robot Union, a force designed to counter the evil desires of Dr. Wily. However, at the final round of the tournament, Mr. X revealed that he had reprogrammed the final eight contestant robots and was going to use them to lead his new army of robots to make a bid for world domination. Mega Man was called into action yet again, but this time he had the ability to combine with Rush to form Jet Mega Man and Power Mega Man. When he defeated Mr. X, he found that Dr. Wily had simply been impersonating the real Mr. X (who had most likely been kidnapped). Thus, Mega Man had to chase Wily down to his new skull compound and defeat him, but once he did, he managed to bring him into the authorities, who tried Wily and had him imprisoned...
  • 2013: (Mega Man 7:Confrontation of Destiny!) Six months later, it is revealed that Dr. Wily actually knew he 'd wind up in jail someday, so he'd built four Robot Masters and hidden them away, having programmed them to activate and search for Wily if they went six months without any input. With the six months expired, the four Robot Masters awaken and cause havoc all over the city as they look for their master. Mega Man arrives on the scene only to discover that the Robot Masters have already broken Wily out of jail and are bringing him to his new fortress. So, Mega Man decides to take care of the rest of the rogue robots, and he runs into two mysterious robots named Bass and Treble. After fighting for a little while, Bass introduces himself and his canine partner, explaining that they are on a mission to stop Dr. Wily. With this information, Mega Man agrees to form an alliance with them and goes on to take care of the four Robot Masters. After defeating them, Mega Man returns to Light Labs and sees that Dr. Wily is attacking the Robot Museum. Mega Man arrives there just in time to see Dr. Wily steal a replica of Guts Man. Wily then sends in a gigantic clown robot to destroy Mega Man, which Mega Man manages to defeat. Afterwards, Mega Man finds that Wily has built four more Robot Masters and sent them to attack the city, so he goes to deal with them too. As he does so, Mega Man finds that Bass has been damaged by one of the Robot Masters (Shade Man), so Mega Man sends Bass back to Light Labs for repairs. When Mega Man returns, he finds the lab in ruins. Dr. Light informs Mega Man that Bass had gone berserk, destroyed the lab, and stolen the data for the Super Adapter (a powerful weapon that allows Mega Man and Rush to fuse together to create a battle suit for Mega Man). Wily then contacts the lab, taunting Mega Man and revealing that Bass and Treble were created by Wily. Mega Man swears revenge and storms Wily's castle. Bass tries to fight Mega Man a couple times, but loses. He then defeats Wily, who surrenders and offers to go quietly. But Mega Man announces that he would rather kill Wily instead, to end the suffering that the evil doctor constantly causes. Wily frantically reminds Mega Man that Asimov's Laws of Robotics prevent him from hurting humans, but Mega Man claims he is more than a robot. Then Bass and Treble arrive, grabbing Dr. Wily and taunting Mega Man as all three of them teleport away. The castle begins to self-destruct, so Mega Man is forced to flee.
  • 2014: (Mega Man 8: Metal Heroes) Two powerful robots battle each other in outer space and, in the process, damage each other and go careening to Earth. They land on an island that is occupied by Dr. Wily and, as such, Wily harnesses one of them and uses its extraterrestrial powers to make a new batch of Robot Masters. Mega Man, who was battling Bass in the city, is summoned by Roll (really by Dr. Light) to go to the island to investigate. He finds Dr. Wily salvaging the robot and, in the process, discovers the second robot in a crater and sends it to Light Labs to be repaired. Mega Man defeats the four Robot Masters that attack various places on the globe and, when he returns to Light's Lab, he finds that the robot is undergoing repairs. Then, while talking to Light, the robot breaks free and heads out into the desert. Mega Man follows him, fights him briefly, and then Proto Man intervenes and tells him that Wily's new fortress, "Wily Tower," is up ahead. Mega Man goes ahead and is captured by Wily, but the robot saves him and introduces himself as Duo (a member of the Intergalactic Police Force). Duo explains that the other robot contained "Evil Energy" within it and that Wily was using that energy to make his robots more powerful. Mega Man needed to defeat the other four to open the entrance to Wily Tower. He did so and managed to defeat Bass and Treble and, in the end, Dr. Wily. Mega Man was injured in the process, but Duo saved him and left him out in the desert, where Proto Man was there when he awoke and told him that Duo said "Thank you..."
  • 2015: (Mega Man & Bass) In the Japanese Rockman & Forte manual, Dr. Wily is noted to be 57 years old. A couple years have passed since Duo's visit to Earth, and a robot calling himself the robot King appeared and began to recruit other robots to form a new Robot Army. He believed that robots were not meant to simply serve humans, but rather that they were superior and therefore should be the "masters of the Earth." Dr. Wily was ousted from his own newly completed skull compound and sought refuge at Light Labs and, as a result, Bass was sent alongside Mega Man to put a stop to King's rebellion. When King attacked the Robot Master Museum, Proto Man attempted to stop him, but King cut him in half with his axe and Mega Man and Bass sent him to the lab and confronted him. King withdrew, claiming not to have time for them, and left them to his subordinates. Once his army of Robot Masters was defeated and the "Hatches" that locked his fortress were unlocked, the two made their way through his fortress and confronted him. None of their attacks appeared to phase him, so the newly repaired Proto Man came again, charged up his Big Bang Attack (even though it would severely damage his internal systems), and destroyed King's shield. Mega Man and Bass managed to defeat King and, upon his defeat, Dr. Wily appeared on the screen and asked King what was wrong with his "brain washing." He remotely repaired King and then King fled to another room and combined two previous war machines into a giant battle machine, but was defeated again and begged the two to stop Wily's ambitions. Mega Man and Bass then went to Wily's floor of the castle and put a stop to the madness. In the end, Mega Man was sad that an innocent robot was destroyed, but then he received a letter from King and found out that everything was alright. Bass, however, was mad that Dr. Wily had plotted against him, but Wily claimed he wanted to find out if King was stronger than he was. Proto Man teleported in, saw plans for a "King II" on Wily's computer, and then destroyed it, leaving the two to quarrel amongst themselves...
Wily's Zero

Zero being constructed by Dr. Wily, © Capcom, Inc.

  • (Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters) Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass, and Duo return to take on more of Wily's robots (from Mega Man through Mega Man 7) to achieve various goals and for their own reasons and, in the end, Wily is once again defeated. Dr. Wily reveals to Bass that he is working on a robot superior to him and silhouette of Zero is displayed on one of Wily's monitors (only seen on Bass's lone ending).
  • 2016: (Rockman and Forte: Challenger From the Future) Humans and robots live together in harmony in Symphony City. However, R-Shadow and the Dimensions come from the year 2052 and begin to attack the city's citizens in order to draw out Mega Man. Mega Man, who had been once again battling his nemesis Bass, had to put aside his differences to investigate this new enemy: Who was R-Shadow and why did he look exactly like him? Wily sent Bass to go and fight the Dimensions because they were attacking the region near his new fortress. R-Shadow claimed to be Quint, the robot designed by Dr. Wily six years ago. Was he there for revenge?

The Dimesions

When Mega Man and Bass defeated the Dimensions and brought R-Shadow down, he revealed the truth: he was actually a prototype of Quint. Dr. Wily had experimented with future technology during his visit to the future and first designed R-Shadow, but then discarded him in favor of his project to reprogram Mega Man. Although R-Shadow seemed to "die," Dr. Light managed to repair him and reprogram him, thus making him a member of the Light Labs team.

  • (Rockman Strategy) A few months after the events of Rockman and Forte: Challenger From the Future, a group of high-tech space invaders known as the Constellation Droids arrive at Dr. Wily's lab and, under the threat of death, force him to cooperate with them. Not long thereafter, plants all around the world begin to die. Moreover, earthquakes and other devastating events begin to rock the planet. As newscasts are broadcast around the world alerting the populace to these problems, Dr. Wily takes control of the airways announcing his newest plot for world domination. However, Dr. Light and Mega Man have no idea that Apollo and Luna, the leader of the Constellation Droids, are the masterminds of the plot. After building up an army to fight the Droids, consisting of Duo, Eddie, Auto, the rescued Proto Man, Fan, and many others, Mega Man takes down the Droids one by one and confronts Apollo and Luna. He discovers that they came to Earth when they discovered that the planet was slowly dying, believing that mankind was the primary reason for the planet's slow death. Yet, after a long discussion with Dr. Light, it is ascertained that the virus destroying plant life was created by Dr. Wily, who engineered it in order to lure the Droids to Earth in the hope that they would set out on a mission to "purify" the planet. In the end, the Droids assist Mega Man and friends in their effort to bring the evil scientist to justice and then go back to whence they came...
  • September 18, 2016: Dr. Light completes the capsule of Mega Man X, realizing that his work on X would not be completed within his lifetime (he was nearing 60 years of age). Light knew that X was a "new breed" of robot which possessed the ability to make his own decisions, and this ability brought with it serious implications. X could be both a blessing and a danger- he did not have to follow Asimov's "laws of robotics." Thus, during his construction of X, when X asked him why he called him X, he answered that "X is a variable of unlimited potential."
  • 2017: (Mega Man 9: Ambition's Revival!!) About a year has passed since the events of Rockman Strategy. Just when people thought peace would once again exist, robots all over the world began going crazy! It soon became apparent that these robots were those created by Dr. Light! As phone calls came pouring in to Light Labs, Dr. Wily interrupted all television programs to announce that these robotic riots were not his doing. He then continued to show video evidence that proved Dr. Light's involvement in the recent violent outbreaks. To make matters worse, Wily gave the account number to his personal bank account and announced that he would accept donations to build his own robot army to counter that of Light. Mega Man quickly volunteered to clear Light's name and was sent out to investigate the source of the problem...Before long, the police came to Light Labs to arrest the good doctor, but Light went along quietly to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Mega Man went after the Robot Masters and, after he defeated a few of them, discovered that they were scheduled to be decommissioned and sent to the junkyard because they had reached the expiration date assigned to them by the government. Once the final Robot Master had been taken down, Mega Man brought back one of the robot's internal memory units to Auto for investigation. As it turned out, Dr. Wily had convinced the robots, who were scheduled for demolition, to rise up against their human masters rather than be destroyed. All the robots wanted to do was have a purpose, and they certainly did not want to be sent to the scrap heap! After they had viewed the video, Dr. Wily burst into their lab and stole the memory circuit and then withdrew to his newly constructed Skull Castle! Mega Man had to make his way through the fortress, fighting powerful robots built with the money Wily received from donations from those concerned with the robot uprisings. In the end, Mega Man defeated Wily once again, and showed him footage of nine defeats he had dealt Wily (MM1 - MM8 and "Megaman & Bass"). Although Wily seemed contrite and apologetic, he tricked Mega Man into thinking that Dr. Light was, in fact, imprisoned in a jail cell in the next room. Although Proto Man warned him that it was a trap, Mega Man went to investigate the cell and was electrocuted and Wily's lab self-destructed. Thankfully, Proto Man returned and teleported Mega Man out of the lab just in time. In the end, Light was released from prison and then found useful purposes for all of the Robot Masters he had designed but which had reached their expiration dates.
  • 2018: (Mega Man 10: Threat From Outer Space!!) One year after the events of Mega Man 9, a mysterious computer virus known as Roboenza infects robots everywhere, turning them violent and unwilling to obey humans. Roll is also infected but simply enters a coma. Wily arrives at Light Labs and tells Light that he was working on a cure for Roboenza, but a Robot Master stole his medicine machine. Wily and Light agree to work together to recreate the cure, while Mega Man is sent to fight eight Robot Masters who are suspected of having Wily's medicine machine. After defeating all eight Robot Masters, Wily interrupts all television broadcasts to reveal that he was the one who created Roboenza, and he would cure any robot who was willing to join his army and help him take over the world. Mega Man goes to Wily's new castle to battle him, but the doctor escapes to his space station where they battle a second time. After Wily's defeat, Mega Man discovers that Wily is seriously ill (possibly with influenza, ironically enough), and rushes him to a hospital back on Earth. Days later, Wily recovers and escapes from the hospital, but leaves behind a cure to Roboenza which Mega Man uses to cure Roll and the rest of the infected robots.
  • 2019: (Mega Man 11: Gears of Fate!!) One year after the events of Mega Man 10, Dr. Wily is having trouble sleeping due to nightmares induced by being constantly defeated by Mega Man. One night, a nightmare reminds Wily of the Double Gear System, so he comes up with a new evil plan. The next day, lots of robots arrive at Light Labs for their annual maintenance check-up. Wily enters Light Labs just as Light is about to perform check-ups on eight Robot Masters. He reveals that he's rebuilt the Double Gear System, and then steals the Robot Masters so he can outfit them with Double Gear Systems. Mega Man volunteers to stop Wily, but Light warns him that the robots Wily stole are far too powerful since Wily gave them the Double Gear System. Light explains that the only way Mega Man can stop them is if he has a Double Gear System as well, and reveals that he actually has a prototype of the Double Gear System. Despite the good doctor's warnings, Mega Man insists on having the Double Gear System installed into his circuits, so Light reluctantly goes through with it, With his newfound power, Mega Man is able to defeat the eight Robot Masters. Subsequently, Light Labs is contacted by Wily, who accuses Light of being a plagiarist for using his own Double Gear System against him, and challenges Mega Man to a duel at his Gear Fortress. Mega Man accepts, storms the Gear Fortress, and defeats Wily. As Wily begins his standard shtick of begging for mercy, Light shows up and tries to convince Wily to give up his evil ways, explaining that the Double Gear System can be a good thing after all when it's used responsibly. Wily, however, refuses to give in and makes his escape, swearing revenge as he leaves. The Gear Fortress initiates its self-destruct sequence and the heroes evacuate. Later, the Double Gear System is removed from Mega Man's circuits and Light reveals that he had come to the Gear Fortress to retrieve the primary components of the eight Robot Masters so he could rebuild them.
  • ca. 2040: Dr. Thomas Light and Albert W. Wily die, most likely of old age (they would have been 82 years old).
  • 2047: Dr. Wily visits this year by using the Time Skimmer. At first he experiments with the technology of the mid-21st century, designing the prototype which he calls R-Shadow. However, he later discards R-Shadow in favor of his project to kidnap and reprogram Mega Man into Quint.
  • 2052: R-Shadow creates an army of futuristic robots known as the Dimensions and travels back to the year 2016 with the intention of confronting and destroying Mega Man.
  • ca. 2055: Dr. Mikhail Sergeyevich Cossack dies, most likely of "old age" (he would have been 85).

Unknown Information and Theorized Events

  • It has never been directly stated whether the transition from 200X to 20XX was meant to show a transition in time or to provide for more ambiguity. However, events that have been retconned to 20XX (such as Mega Man: Powered Up) can still take place in the 200X time period, as 20XX simply means somewhere between 2000 and 2099.
  • It is unknown exactly when Mega Man X is sealed by Dr. Light as the only date given is September 18, 20XX. X was initially meant to be sealed for 30 years, but ended up being sealed away for a century. He ended up being unsealed by Dr. Cain a couple years after the year 2114 (he was discovered on April 14, 2116). Therefore, the year 2016 fits ideally with this date.
  • Although it is unknown whether X and Mega Man ever met, or if Mega Man was ever aware that Dr. Light was designing X, there is no reason why this could not have been possible as Bass was aware of Dr. Wily's building of Zero.
  • Capcom has as of yet not said what happens to the characters between the Classic and X series, but in an interview with Ryan Scott of, Capcom's Hironobu Takeshita said that the idea of Zero activating and fighting and/or killing Mega Man and company "seems like a rumor that goes around in certain circles, but it is not official. Certainly, the two series are set in different time periods, but they share the same spectacular world. There might be a bridge for the chronological gap someday, but I don't think it's time yet."
  • As for what happens to Dr. Cossack, Light, and Wily? They could've died of old age, or perhaps from something else. For now, one just has to theorize. Still, we know that they are present in some form or other in later series' (as A.I., etc.). Perhaps one day Capcom will go into more detail as to how that comes about.

Mega Man X series

Below you will find a basic timeline of the Mega Man X series. This is simply a listing of which period these games take place and in which order (with liberties, of course, to date them):

Below you will find a timeline of the events that precede, include, and directly follow the Mega Man X series:

21st Century

  • ca. 2050 : Dr. Cain is born (the exact date of his birth is unknown, but he appears to be in his late-60s to early-70s by the events of Mega Man X and Mega Man X2).
  • 2078 : Dr. Cain receives his PhD in Archaeology.

22nd Century

  • April 8, 2116 : Dr. Cain's archaeological team searches for fossil records relating to mesozoic plant life, but is unsuccessful. Thus, he decides to change locations. According to his journal: "Still nothing. Tomorrow I'll move my dig to a new site and maybe have better luck."
  • April 9, 2116 : Cain's team finds something: "I got some odd readings...It looks like something metallic is buried below the surface." (From the Journal of Dr. Cain)
  • April 10, 2116 : "I can't believe what I've found! The lab that belonged to the famous robot designer, Dr. Thomas Light." (From the "Journal of Dr. Cain)
  • April 13, 2116 : "I found it! There's a warning on the capsule, but it should be safe to open..." (From the "Journal of Dr. Cain)
  • April 14, 2116 : "I met "X." Light gave him the ability to think and make his own decisions..." (From the "Journal of Dr. Cain)
  • April 15, 2116 : "Light was a genius! I may be able to replicate his design..." (From the "Journal of Dr. Cain")
  • November 22, 2116 : "With X's help I have completed my first "reploid." His strength and intelligence seem limitless." (From the "Journal of Dr. Cain") A Reploid is what Dr. Cain calls a "replication" of Dr. Light's work.

Dr. Cain, father of the "Reploid Race." From the Day of Sigma short anime, (C) 2006 Capcom, Inc.


Abel City ca. June 2119. From the Day of Sigma short anime, (C) 2006 Capcom, Inc.


Maverick Hunter Base located in Abel City. From the Day of Sigma short anime, (C) 2006 Capcom, Inc.

  • January 3, 2117 : "The new reploids have been running off the assembly line for several weeks..." (From the "Journal of Dr. Cain")
  • 2118 : The Maverick Hunters discover the ruins of another laboratory dating to the 21st century. Inside, they discover a capsule that contains a robot, and upon opening it, the robot goes "maverick," taking out several members of the team. Sigma is called to see if he can neutralize the maverick and, after an intense battle, he takes him down. The only way for Sigma to defeat the maverick is to destroy a crystal on his forehead. This seems to be the origin of the Maverick Virus/Sigma Virus (which is very likely a more advanced iteration of Roboenza). Dr. Cain repaired the robot when he was taken back to the Hunter HQ. The robot turned out to be Zero and, although it wasn't known at the time, he was the creation of Dr. Wily (of whom Bass and Treble were the prototypes). Zero soon became a member of the Hunter team.
  • February 16, 2118 : "Three reploids went "maverick" today and injured two people...Council has decided to set up a group of "Hunters" to destroy any maverick before it can cause injury. The reploid Sigma has been assigned to lead. Sigma contains my latest circuit designs. His systems should be immune to problems..." (From the "Journal of Dr. Cain")
  • May 16, 2118 : "Sigma and his Hunters have been able to prevent further injury. Everyone is starting to breathe easier. I'm worried about X. He seems unsure of his place in life. Given time, I'm sure he'll find his way..." (From the "Journal of Dr. Cain")
  • June 4, 2119 : "My worst nightmare...Sigma went Maverick! X wants to join Zero, the new leader of the Maverick Hunters, and go after Sigma. I'm doubtful, but I won't stop him. Something has to be done!" (From the "Journal of Dr. Cain")
(The Day of Sigma) Commander Sigma goes Maverick due to his exposure to the Maverick Virus. Since his circuitry is more advanced than that of most other Reploids, the virus wasn't able to take over his mind, so it instead merged itself with Sigma's programming, thus Sigma is able to keep his conversion secret. He develops the belief that humans are holding back the evolution of Reploids and launches a large-scale attack against Abel City, where Hunter HQ was located, greatly damaging it with warheads.
(Mega Man X) After his attack on Maverick Hunter HQ, Sigma incites a Maverick Revolution and persuades several of his top lieutenants to join him. Although X is by nature a pacifist, he realizes he has to do something, so he sets out to stop the ambitions of Sigma and the traitorous Hunters. Fortunately, he finds capsules that contain the artificial intelligence of Dr. Light that explain X's purpose and, at the same time, provide system upgrades for him. X manages to defeat the rogue Hunters and, along with Zero, find the secret base of Sigma. In their battle with Vile, one of the most powerful ex-Hunters, Zero sacrifices himself to destroy Vile's ride armor, but provides X with a stronger buster. X manages to destroy Sigma and bring the rebellion to an end...
  • December, 2119 : (Mega Man X2) Six months after the original Maverick Revolt, a group of Mavericks, believed to be the last of their kind, break away from the control center and occupy an abandoned production factory. The Maverick Hunters are mobilized, under Mega Man X, to contain the crisis, but the plot thickens. A new Maverick uprising begins to develop under a trio of Mavericks that identify themselves as the X-Hunters, and X is faced with a new wave of mavericks to face. Dr. Cain, of course, tells X that he has no choice and must once again stop the chaos that is developing. However, the X-Hunters also have the pieces of Zero, X's former partner. While confronting and retiring the X-Hunters' eight Mavericks, X manages to collect Zero's parts before the X-Hunters can reconstruct him and program him against X. Dr. Cain discovers that the X-Hunters' base is located in the North Pole. X goes there and infiltrates the base, defeating the X-Hunters one by one. After destroying copies of the eight Mavericks, X is contacted by Sigma, who reveals that he had been rebuilt by the X-Hunters and tells X to meet him at the Central Computer (Magna Centipede's stage). There he finds a copy of Zero constructed by Sigma, but the real Zero, having been repaired by Dr. Cain, destroys the fake Zero, and Sigma reveals himself. X then fights and once again defeats Sigma, restoring peace and order for a second time.
It is speculated that Serges (the so-called leader of the X Hunters) was actually a reincarnation of Dr. Wily, who had his artificial intelligence placed inside the Reploid body of Serges, which would explain how he was familiar with Zero's design. However, Capcom has never given any official word on this.
  • Early-2120s : (Mega Man Xtreme) A hacker named Techno (from a group known as the Shadow Hunters) has hacked the Mother Computer and sent the world's networks on a fritz. X, with the help of Dr. Cain and Middy, volunteers to be sent into cyberspace to put a stop to the threat. X defeats the Mavericks that were revived from the past and, eventually, defeats the Shadow Hunters (Zain and Gemeel), but upon defeating Techno, Middy (who shared the same CPU) dies. In the end, however, order is once again restored.

Dr. Doppler, (C) Capcom, Inc.

  • ca. 2125 : (Mega Man X3) Cain Labs creates Dr. Doppler, a Reploid scientist who goes on to create a cure for the Maverick virus and head up a "utopian" community named Doppler Town, where humans and Reploids can live in peace. However, not too long after his "breakthrough," it's discovered that the antivirus was a placebo, and Doppler forms the Doppler Army, and attacks Maverick Hunter HQ! With HQ and Cain Labs under attack, X and Zero are called into action. X and Zero defeat the Mavericks in charge of Doppler's army, as well as the Nightmare Police (Bit and Byte) and Vile (who was rebuilt by Doppler) who were sent to stop the Maverick Hunters. After defeating all eight Mavericks, Dr. Cain uses their data to pinpoint the location of Doppler's secret lab. Upon confronting and defeating Doppler, X and Zero discover that Doppler was being controlled by Sigma the entire time. As it turns out, Sigma's true form is that of a computer virus since the Maverick Virus was so deeply intertwined within his circuitry, so Sigma was able to easily corrupt and control Doppler, forcing him to build Sigma a powerful new battle body. X goes to destroy Sigma's body while Zero goes to destroy the remaining Mavericks in the lab. With some difficulty, X manages to destroy Sigma's new body, only to then be attacked by Sigma's true viral form. X manages to evade Sigma's attacks but then runs into a dead end. Just before Sigma can possess X's body, though, Doppler jumps in and injects Sigma with a real antivirus, causing Sigma's programming to destabilize and essentially sacrificing himself as the lab subsequently collapses and Doppler is unable to escape.
  • ca. January 1, 2130 : Repliforce v. 3 is initiated by Cain Labs. General, Colonel, Iris, and all Repliforce personnel are created.
  • 2130 : (Mega Man Xtreme 2) When Reploids begin to lose their DNA Souls, Dr. Cain traces the source of this epidemic to Laguz Island. There he finds that a group called the Soul Erasers (Berkana and Gereth) are behind the plot, and after defeating the eight guardians of the island, he confronts them, and ultimately Sigma, foiling the plot.
  • ca. June 1, 2130 : Repliforce v. 3 is deemed "ineffective and potentially dangerous" by Cain Labs. X and Zero are made commanders of the Maverick Hunters' 17th Elite Unit and 0th Special Unit respectively.
(Mega Man X4) After the Repliforce is deemed to be ineffective, the Sky Lagoon, a floating city, falls onto the city below and kills thousands while Repliforce is on duty. X and Zero are sent to investigate and find Colonel on the scene searching for his sister Iris. Although this seems to be a legitimate claim, the Council finds this suspicious and after that point considers Repliforce to be a group of Mavericks. Behind the scenes, a mysterious cloaked figure (Sigma) tries to convince General, the leader of Repliforce, to work for him, but General refuses at first. However, he later begins a campaign for Repliforce to push for independence from humans and be able to form their own society. X and Zero are called by Dr. Cain to put a stop to the uprising and must fight Repliforce's officers, along with some double agents planted by Sigma. They also discover that one of their Maverick Hunters, Magma Dragoon, has turned traitor and was the one responsible for making the Sky Lagoon fall. Dragoon, it turns out, had always been jealous of X and Zero's power and wanted to be able to fight them one day, so Sigma convinced him to turn the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce against each other, which would give Dragoon an excuse to fight X and Zero. After putting down Repliforce's officers, X and Zero discover that what's left of Repliforce has activated their most powerful weapon, a giant space station called the Final Weapon. X and Zero try one last time to reason with Colonel to stop the revolt, but are ultimately forced to fight and destroy him. Then, aboard the Final Weapon, X discovers that his navigator, Double, is another one of Sigma's spies, and destroys him. Meanwhile, Zero finds Iris, who is so devastated by her brother's death that she merges Colonel's control chip (which she had salvaged) with her own programming to become a giant battle robot which Zero is forced to fight, much to his dismay since he has had feelings for Iris for quite some time. Although he didn't mean to, Zero winds up damaging Iris's power core, and fusing Colonel's control chip with her own code made the damage irreparable, so Iris tragically passes away. X and Zero then fight General to get him to stop the coup. General survives the battle and comes to his senses, but it's too late; Sigma has already taken control of the Final Weapon! Thankfully, X and Zero are able to defeat Sigma yet again, but the Final Weapon is about to fire anyway, so General uses his body to absorb the satellite's laser, completely stopping it but also sacrificing himself in the process.
  • Early-2130s : Dr. Cain resigns his command of the Maverick Hunters and leaves Cain Labs out of his guilt for the failure of the Doppler Project and the Repliforce as well as the fact that his first creation, Sigma, seemed to be the cause of the ongoing "Reploid Wars" (at the time). He creates a Reploid named Signas, with the most advanced CPU of all existing Reploids, to assume command of the Hunters.
  • ca. 2135 : As Dr. Cain doesn't appear again through the series, it is believed he died of "old age" (he would be 85 years old).
X and Zero vs Mavericks

X and Zero fight in the Maverick Wars, (C) Capcom, Inc.

  • 2140 : (Mega Man X5) Ten years after the battle with the Repliforce, the world begins to experience a new age of peace and prosperity. People begin to expand into outer space due to a boom in population on Earth and colonies orbiting the planet start to spring up. However, the largest colony, Eurasia, is taken over by a mercenary named Dynamo, and its gravitational device is altered by a virus (dubbed the Colony Virus) so that it would head on a direct course to Earth (the colony will hit the Earth in just 16 hours). At the same time, Sigma has returned and spread the Maverick Virus all over the world, infecting numerous Reploids. Given the situation, the Maverick Hunters realize that the only viable solution is to destroy Eurasia by hitting it with the Enigma, a giant laser cannon. However, the Enigma requires four components to operate, each one possessed by a Reploid turned Maverick by the latest Maverick outbreak. X and Zero are called into action by Signas, the Maverick Hunters' new commander built by Dr. Cain, and are given assistance from a navigator named Alia. The Maverick Hunters are able to defeat the Mavericks and recover the pieces for the Enigma. They fire it at Eurasia, but it only destroys part of the colony, so Douglas, the Maverick Hunters' engineer, advises X and Zero to retrieve four parts, which are also kept by Mavericks, for a Space Shuttle to be launched into Eurasia. X and Zero defeat these Mavericks just as easily and acquire all the parts for the Space Shuttle, which Zero volunteers to pilot. After being launched, the Space Shuttle destroys most of Eurasia, but pieces of the colony still fall and hit Earth. This causes the Colony Virus to merge with the Maverick Virus in the area and become a new, more powerful virus: the Zero Virus, whose energy signature is strikingly similar to Zero's. This viral fusion creates a bizarre cyberspace world - Zero Space - within the crater where the pieces of Eurasia landed. Zero, who also crashlanded near that area, decides to go investigate Zero Space, with X not far behind. During this time, the Maverick Hunters become suspicious of Zero, as his exposure to the Zero Virus appears to be making him stronger instead of weakening him as it would with any other Reploid. By the time X and Zero reunite, X has given in to the paranoia, accuses Zero of becoming a Maverick, and insists on bringing Zero back to Maverick Hunter HQ by force if necessary. The two fight, eventually ending in a draw, with both weak and exhausted. Then Sigma shows up to destroy an unconscious X, but Zero wards him off. Zero then pursues Sigma deeper into Zero Space, where he is forced to fight a gigantic new body that Sigma claims was built by a mysterious partner who hates X and Zero just as much as he does (this partner is believed to actually be Dr. Wily, as Sigma mentions that he got his information on X and Zero from an old man). Zero manages to defeat Sigma, but the resulting explosion is so powerful that Zero is severely damaged, with his left arm and entire lower body being destroyed. X wakes up, sees Zero's body, and rushes over to help, only for both of them to get shot at by Sigma's remains. Zero musters up enough strength to fire a charged shot that destroys Sigma's remains. Later, X is found and repaired by Dr. Light's hologram, and is returned to Maverick Hunter HQ. After awakening, X goes back to where he fought Sigma to search for his friend but only finds Zero's Z-Saber, which he brings back with him.
(Mega Man X6) Three weeks after the crash of the Eurasia colony, the Earth's surface is badly damaged and the Sigma Virus is rampant. As such, humans have been forced to live underground and Reploids have been sent to the surface to attempt to make it liveable once again, with the Maverick Hunters, under the command of Signas, cleaning up the world of Maverick resistance. Gate, a Reploid scientist who was once a former colleague of Alia, stumbles upon the crash site of the colony, finding something unusual. After that, a strange set of Maverick outbreaks occurs, and when X is called to investigate, he sees a purple virus-like form of Zero appear to help him. However, this virus later starts to infect mechaniloids and Reploids, and becomes known as the Zero Nightmare. Around the same time, a powerful Reploid named High Max appears and claims to be investigating the source of the Nightmare, along with a Reploid scientist named Isoc, but X doesn't trust High Max and challenges him. High Max, however, proves too strong and X cannot damage him with his X Buster. High Max and Isoc declare that they will stop the eight Mavericks that are on Gate's "research" team and, in the meantime, create a new "Utopia" for Reploids to live in (which seems reminiscent of what the Colonel and General did during the Repliforce Incident). X goes off to the Nightmare zones (which are disorienting and filled with viruses) and defeats the Mavericks, impressing Gate and making him challenge X to a duel. He shows X the piece of rubble he found at the wreckage site was anything but a "piece of Zero" and gloats gleefully at how "wonderful" its contents were. And allows the Hunters access to his hidden laboratory. Before going to the lab, X defeats the incarnation of the Nightmare and finds Zero, who was believed destroyed after the last encounter with Sigma. Signas and Lifesavor (the Hunters' medic) are reluctant due to the Nightmare Incident, but Zero is allowed to come back onboard. X and Zero go to Gate's lab, and High Max, the "indestructable Reploid," is ultimately destroyed while Isoc is "erased" afterwards, right before Zero. (Alia comments that it is reminiscent of the "Erasure Incident" prior to the Repliforce's revolt). X and Zero manage to defeat Gate himself, and upon his defeat, Gate reveals the truth: at the wreckage of the colony, he discovered the "DNA" of Zero, and thus he used it to create the Zero Nightmare. (and seemingly made him go Maverick as well, as Zero's DNA is infested with viral code, and moreso during the events of X5, where the entire Earth was covered with it.) This, however, was not the end of it He also found the badly damaged body of Sigma, and he had been slowly reconstructing him ever since. He awakens Sigma, But Sigma declares that he never died, and hadn't needed Gate's help, shooting him with an energy beam. X and Zero rush of to the location of the reconstructed Sigma and battle him, and although he was not fully complete, he puts up a good fight. In the end, the Hunters prove victorious, defeating Sigma and removing Gate's body from the wreckage of his lab in an act of mercy, as he was Alia's old friend, and he knew what it was like to lose a friend. And so the threat was averted...
Note: It is generally assumed that Isoc, although not directly stated by Capcom, is a reincarnation of Dr. Wily. Many people believe that Dr. Wily had his artificial intelligence somehow put into the "body" of this Reploid, which explains Isoc's obsession with Zero and how Isoc can "stop" Zero from moving when he confronts him and how he claims to "know his systems inside-and-out." Additionally, Zero says that he does not fully understand how he was repaired, but when he talks to Dr. Light's artificial intelligence (via one of the capsules), Light tells him that he does not know who repaired him. However, many believe that either Isoc or Dr. Wily himself in another form repaired Zero. Either way, someone with knowledge of Zero's systems repaired him.
  • ca. 2170: (Mega Man X7) Many years have passed since the Eurasia and Nightmare incidents that left the Earth's surface in ruins and raging with viral outbreaks. Since then, Reploids have worked diligently to clean up the world and make it inhabitable for humans once again. With the Earth cleaned up, humans have repopulated the surface and ushered in a new age of technology. Next Generation Reploids - Reploids which have the ability to copy the DNA of other Reploids and adapt to their environments - are developed. However, Maverick crime is rising because X has grown weary of fighting and chosen to retire from the front lines, severely weakening the Maverick Hunters overall, so a faction called the Red Alert Syndicate is created under the command of a Reploid vigilante named Red. Over time, one of Red Alert's recruits, Axl, becomes dissatisfied with the group's increasingly violent tactics, so he decides to go AWOL, hoping to join the Maverick Hunters instead. This infuriates Red, and he sends some Mechaniloids to retrieve Axl. The Mechaniloids wreak havoc all over the city, and Zero is sent to stop them. He and Axl team up to stop the Mechaniloids, but afterwards Zero takes Axl into custody as the destruction was technically Axl's fault. Once they arrive at Maverick Hunter HQ, Axl meets X and asks to become a Maverick Hunter, but X refuses, believing that Axl is too irresponsible to be a Maverick Hunter. Then, the Maverick Hunters are contacted by Red, who demands the return of Axl. Knowing full well that Axl won't come back on his own, Red issues a challenge: whichever group can defeat the most Mavericks gets to keep Axl. The Maverick Hunters accept the challenge and Axl joins forces with Zero due to feeling personally responsible for the conflict. They go out and discover that Red Alert's members are up to sinister schemes that don't involve hunting Mavericks, so Axl and Zero defeat them. Eventually, X realizes that he just can;t sit around and do nothing, so he joins forces with Axl and Zero too. Along the way, the three of them learn from a few of Red Alert's members that the group is being manipulated by a mysterious stranger known only as "the Professor," (actually Sigma) who has been making Red Alert more and more violent over time and urging Red to make the most of Axl's data-absorbing ability, as Axl happens to be a New Generation Reploid. After all of Red Alert's members are defeated, Red finally realizes that Sigma never actually cared about him or Red Alert and just wanted to use Axl's power for his own nefarious plans. Red tries to cut ties with Sigma, but Sigma blackmails Red - he reveals that he resurrected all of Red's friends but put them into a mind-controlled state, and he tells Red to destroy X and Zero or they'll never go back to normal. So, when X, Zero, and Axl breach the Crimson Palace - Red Alert's HQ - Red reluctantly fights them and loses. Red survives the battle, but he's too weak to move and he'd set the palace to self-destruct earlier, so he urges the trio to leave without him. They do so, though Axl is heartbroken over losing his old friend. X, Zero, and Axl finally discover that "the Professor" is Sigma, and they fight him. They defeat Sigma as per usual, but Sigma survives and tries to attack the Maverick Hunters again. Just then, Red shows up out of nowhere and offers to let Sigma have all his power. However, it's not actually Red - it's Axl, who used his data-copying ability to impersonate Red, and he pushes Sigma out a window, sending him falling to his death. Axl, X, and Zero return to Maverick Hunter HQ and Axl is finally made a Maverick Hunter.
  • ca. 2175: (Mega Man X8) A few years after the Red Alert incident, Next Generation Reploids are being produced in large quantities and technological development has really taken off. One major project is the Jakob Project by which an orbital elevator, called the Jakob's Tower, is created. This elevator/tower stretches from the Earth all the way up to outer-space, making space travel far easier. Next Generation Reploids have been used in the construction of the tower because of their powerful bodies that are able to withstand great pressure and which are considered "maverick proof." However, an explosion at the tower and the appearance of a crab-like mechaniloid brings X, Zero, and Axl to the tower's base where Vile (defeated in Mega Man X and Mega Man X3) appears and kidnaps the program director, Lumine. Who is Vile working for and what's going on? The Hunters don't have time to find out because eight new mavericks appear at various spots around the world to keep them occupied. However, it appears that Sigma is once again up to his "same old tricks-" but is he? This time he plans to use these so-called Next Generation Reploids' abilities against them- he has placed his DNA within their copy chips, meaning that they can go maverick at will. Sigma plans to wipe out the world ("scorch it") and repopulate it with his "children." Of course, the Hunters plan to stop him and a major confrontation results on the Moon where the Hunters defeat Sigma, but Lumine appears, finishes him off, and declares that Sigma's "Purpose has been fulfilled" and reveals himself to be the true mastermind of the events in the game (and that Sigma was nothing more than a puppet). X, Zero, and Axl battle Lumine in an intense fight and in the end prove victorious.

Jakob's Tower, (C) Capcom, Inc.

Note: In light of the fact that Sigma is destroyed on the Moon in Mega Man X8 and there are no Reploids around for his "virus" to infect, it is generally considered that he "dies" at this point. Therefore, most people believe that he will not appear in any other games that take place chronologically after Mega Man X8 (especially since he is not seen in Mega Man X: Command Mission).
  • 2176-2200: Thanks to the Jakob Project, humans and Reploids have been able to develop more efficient space-traveling technology. The rapid population growth on Earth has furthered the need for colonial expansion into space, just as it had earlier in the century, so space technology becomes far more important towards the century's end.

23rd Century

  • 2202: "An unheard-of mineral substance known as Force Metal was extracted from the debris of the small planet 2202XA8" (From the manual of Mega Man X: Command Mission).
  • ca. 2210s: (Mega Man X: Command Mission) Several years after the discovery of Force Metal, technology based on it has revolutionized the field of Reploid Engineering. Giga City, an island in the middle of the ocean, has been built for the sole purpose of mining and smelting the material. Peace had existed for decades and the world was peaceful until a rebellion began to rise on the island. Epsilon, the leader of the revolt, was branded a Maverick by the Government, and Colonel Redips of the Maverick Hunters' Far Eastern Division dispatch X, Zero, and Shadow to investigate. Shadow betrays the team and X and Zero are separated when part of the ruins they enter at collapses. They eventually meet up, come in contact with a group known as the Anti-Rebellion Resistance led by Chief R. X and Zero eventually meet up with Reploids such as Spider (a bounty hunter), Steel Massimo, Cinnamon, and Marino. In the end, X, Zero, and Axl recover the Supra-Force Metal from Epsilon after defeating him and hand it over to Redips, who offers and escort fleet back to Hunter HQ. However, when the fleet arrives at the Resistance HQ, it opens fire and destroys Chief R and others in the process! Then, Redips appears on the monitor and declares them all "traitors." X, Zero, and Axl head over to the Eastern Division HQ where Redips reveals himself to be Spider ("Redips" backwards is "Spider!"). Redips is a Next-Generation Reploid who used his copy-chip to change DNA (the ability was greatly enhanced by the power of force metal). Redips retreats to up the Babel Orbital Elevator and, in the end, despite changing into a large and powerful form using the Supra-Force Metal, X, Zero, and Axl defeat him (one of the previous "Mavericks," Ferham, comes and takes a Supra-Force Metal off of Redips to make him easier for the team to destroy). In the end, Ferham takes the metal and jumps off the elevator, detonating herself and destroying the substance to ensure that it won't ever end up in the wrong hands again...
Zero seals himself up for 102 years (according to Mega Man X6 it was to "cleanse" his Reploid body).


Dr. Weil, (C) Capcom, Inc.

  • ca. 2210s-2220s: The Maverick Wars continue.
  • ca. 2230s:
Dr. Weil is born.
Fefnir, Harpuia, Leviathan, and Phantom (the Guardians).are created
Cyber Elf technology is invented. Cyber Elves are pure energy with artificial intelligence. They were invented for the sole purpose of ending the Maverick Wars. Their creators designed them to amplify the power of Reploids and to combat the effect of the Maverick Virus. Key in this development was the creation of the Mother Elf, which Mega Man X used in order to permanently destroy the effects of the Maverick Virus and thus end the Maverick Wars.
  • ca. 2240s-2250s: Neo Arcadia is built as a major city-state at the end of the Maverick Wars as a place where humans, Reploids, and Cyber Elves can live in peace.

Neo Arcadia, (C) Capcom, Inc.

  • ca. 2260s: The Mother Elf is stolen by Dr. Weil, who turns it into the Dark Elf and instigates the Elf Wars. This four-year period is so violent that it destroys 90% of the planet's Reploids and kills 60% of the planet's humans. During this time Zero's original body is destroyed (though not completely) and his "soul" (Reploid DNA and AI) is transferred into a "copy" body while Dr. Weil uses his "remains" (the original body) to construct Omega. The Dark Elf and its baby elves attempt to control the Reploids, so X and Zero fight against them and, in the end, go up against the powerful Omega, defeating it with the Final Strike attack. Dr. Weil is punished and banished (Weil is given regenerative armor before his exile so that he will survive and "suffer" psychologically; his crimes are downloaded into the armor as data so that he won't forget them) as is Omega, and Zero seals himself away. Zero explains to X that he is trying to help humanity by doing this.

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