Mega Manga is a 50 Book set of manga based off of the Original Megaman Series. (Not Includeing Megaman I-V)


Duo Robot Masters from the Original games

Volumes + Desrciptions

Volume 1: Rise Megaman Rise- Megaman gets created and fights the Moster known as Gutsman Mega. (Who is the Guts Dozer thing from Megaman 2)

Volume 2: Metal Madness/Bubble Trouble- In Part 1 Metal madness Megaman has to stop Matal man from blowing up Metropolis. In Part 2 Bubble Trouble Megaman has to Save Roll from being drowned by Bubble man.

Volume 3: Cutting Edge/Brains over Brones- In Part 2 Mega gets Captured and Forced to fight his way out of the Wiley Arena. he has to defeat Gutsman by useing Brains and not Brones. In Part 1 Cutman creats a Giant Robot that Attacks Metropolis. Megaman Defeats it with a New Weapon.

Volume 4: Proto type Mega- Megaman has to Fight Protoman for his sister roll. but when he fights protoman wiley iterrupts and Proto Escapes.

Volume 5: The Great Tournament- Megaman Enters the Tournament hosted by the Mysterious Mr. X.Can Megaman Figure out the Secret Behind the Mysterious man before it is to late.

Volume 6: Nine Lives- Megaman Battles Flameman in a Desert arena and also has to fend off three Evil Dog machines from killing roll.

Volume 7: Under Cover- Megaman is entered into the Simi-Finals and has to battle against Knightman, Tamohawkman, & Plantman in a fourway battle.

Volume 8: