The words of primus

"Wake up young humman." "Wha!?Who are you!?" "Do not be scared little one I will not harm you.I am Primus creator of the cybertonians I am talking to you in you're dreams I have come to warn you about a war coming to you're world and other dimentions. Now I wish you to tell me you're name. "I-*Gulp* I'm Lan Hikari." "Ah a fine name it is filled with kindness and coruage. Now I know you may be scared about this war but do not worry some will come to defend you they are known as Autobots."


  • The author has stated the villans in megabound movie 2 will be Cobra Commander, Pir'oth Ix, and Galvatron.
  • The author whould be intrested into adding the mini-cons in the sequel along with Star Saber and Victory Leo
  • Peppy Hare,Dr.Tadashi Hikari,and Dr.Gerald Robotnik's discoveries will play a major role in the sequel
  • Lan and company will find a cave at the base of the himilaya moutains and temples in the ruins of pompei Italy, Aztech temple in mexico, and a temple in india full of ancient drawings that tell a story about of ancient mini-cons visiting earth and a "chaos bringer" and a race of humans evolved from reptiles and the cobra commander has a connection with the lizard-human race.