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Robot Masters

All of the Robot Masters are Based Around Several Different Objects in Everyday Life.

Staplerman- Wiley's Robot that he made in collage to help him with school work. Due to the School's rule on no robots, he had to make it small and hard to find. so when Megaman goes to his stage he gets shrunk down to bit size mode.

Dogman- A Special Robot that Wiley Created one day when he had just moved into his apartment. He Built it so he would have a friend. he now rewired it to make it a Robot Master.

Computerman- Wiley's Super Computer he created to help him with School Work in Collage. When Megaman Goes to his stage he obtains a powerup that let's him become computer Waves.

Pencilman- Wiley's Pencil Robot so that he didn't have to do any work. When Megaman Enters Pencil man's Stage he has to get through 20 waves of Enemies a Mini-boss. and then fight Pencil man.

Glueman- Wiley created glueman so that he would not have to glue anything. Yet the Third of Five Shrinking Stages.

Nailman- Another Shrink Stage. Nailman was Created so that Wiley would not have to work for Shop Class.

Grassman- The Final Shrink Stage. Wiley got this robot as a Pet for his 18th Birthday. He Rewired it to fight as a Killer.

TVman- A Stage where the Computer Powerup is gained if you have not already gained it. TVman was a robot Wiley Created so that he did not nead to Pay for Cable.


Harvard I- This level is one of the many shrink stages which is a trademark of this series. Boss: Staplerman-Weakness: Barker-Weapon: Stapler Gun

The Kennel- This Level is a simple level that is used by wiley to test megaman's power. Boss: Dogman-Weakness: Glue Blaster-Weapon: Braker

Cyberland I- This Level you get the Computer Upgrade and Fight the Hardest robot master in the Game. Boss: Computerman-Weakness: Jammer-Weapon: Wi Fi

Harvard II- This is another Shrink Stage. Boss: Pencilman-Weakness: Nailer-Weapon: Pencil Shot

Harvard III- This is yet another Shrink Stage. Boss: Glueman-Weakness: Wi Fi-Weapon: Glue Blaster

Harvard IV- This is another Shrink Stage. Boss: Nailman-Weakness: Grass Blade-Weapon; Nail gun

Grasslands- This is the final Shrink Stage. Boss: Grassman-Weakness: Pencil Shot-Weapon: Grass Blade

Cyberland II- This is another Cyber Stage. Boss: TVman-Weakness: Stapler Gun-Weapon: Jammer

Wiley's Lair I- Yellow Devil

Wiley's Lair II- First four Robot Masters

Wiley's Lair III- Last four Robot Masters

Wiley's Lair IV- Protoman

Wiley's Lair V- Wiley Machine 1