At the end of Megaman (Game) Wiley Escapes and takes over the world weither you beat him or not. Megaman Dr. Light & Roll have gone into hiding. They are now part of the Resurection of Power group of rebles. Together They will work together to defeat wiley and bring the world back to peace.

Robot Masters

Deadman- A Powerful Robot Master that has the power to destroy many things. He rules over the Metropolis Tower.His Stage is ful of Zombies tha can not be destroyed for longer than 10 Seconds (Great for Level Building).

Canisman- A Supercahrged Reincarnation of Dogman from the Previous game. He rules over the Eastern part of Metropolis and is Wiley's Left hand man (Meaning 3rd in control).

Chaosman- A Powerful warrior that wiley created purely to destroy everything. This is by far the hardest Robot Master

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